How to Go Incognito on Google Chrome Mac

Have you ever wondered how to go incognito on Google Chrome Mac? Incognito, or incognito mode, is Google Chrome’s version of browsing the internet anonymously.

There are benefits to doing this, which I will explain later. Incognito mode is one way to protect your data from big corporations and cybercriminals.

Hello, my name is Andreas. I’m a software engineer who understands the importance of protecting your data. They say data is more valuable than money. After all, how else are you getting targeted ads while browsing Facebook or Instagram?

If you want to protect your data and minimize the risk of any cyber threat, you should “go incognito.”

Stick around, as I’ll explain how to do that.

How to Go Incognito Mode on Google Chrome Mac

Google Chrome is one of the most secure web browsers. It comes with advanced security features that flag unsafe websites and alert you whenever visiting one.

So, right off the bat, Chrome has a few capabilities that make web browsing safer for the user. However, one criticism labeled at Chrome is that it likes to take your data.

So that’s why we can enter incognito mode to stop that. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome

Step 2: Click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on “New Incognito Window.”

It’s that easy. Alternatively, you can use the incognito shortcut to enter incognito mode by pressing Command + Shift + N. The shortcut will automatically open a new incognito window.

Now, let’s look at how to go Incognito mode on other browsers.

Three Reasons You Should Browse Incognito

Below are the three main reasons that, in my opinion, everyone should take with great importance. Since the goal is to browse safely, these three reasons are everything you need to convince you to switch to incognito browsing.

Reason 1: Avoiding Cookies

Websites use cookies for lots of things. They streamline the browsing process and help websites remember your information.

Next time you visit the website, the cookies will remember your information and help you enter without logging in. But what you should know is that cookies are essentially a security risk if not handled properly. If a website suffers a cyberattack, your personal data will be compromised. 

Since cookies track you and store detailed information about your browsing habit, many websites use them for ads.

Cookies are the reason why you’re getting targeted advertisements on social media and other websites.

When you enter private browsing mode, the browser will automatically delete the cookies and protect your personal data.

Reason 2: Browsing Privately

Incogonito mode doesn’t keep track of the websites you’ve visited. This feature enables you to browse privately and securely, especially if you’re using a Mac that doesn’t belong to you.

For clarity purposes, let’s say you’re in an internet cafe and need to check your email. If you’re not browsing in private mode, someone else can see the websites you’ve visited and potentially gain access to personal information.

Incognito mode prevents this as it automatically erases all browsing history.

Reason 3: Signing in to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Since incognito mode doesn’t record history and data, you can sign in to multiple accounts from the same websites without logging out first.

For example, you are logged in to your work email account on Google Chrome. You can open incognito mode and sign in to your personal account, open a new private window, and sign in to a third account.

Private browsing makes it possible to run multiple sessions simultaneously. Just open a new incognito tab and log in without having to log off completely.


That concludes this short guide on how to go incognito on Chrome Mac. I’ve also added instructions on how to do it on Safari and Firefox.

With that said, private browsing is something that not everyone pays attention to. But with big companies desperate to get a hold of your data, it becomes your responsibility to protect your personal data.

One way to do that without needing to use third-party services such as VPNs (virtual private networks) is to go incognito mode.

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