6 Best Games Like Overwatch in 2022

Overwatch took the world by storm with its team-based, objective gameplay. However, even the most hardcore players get burned out from time to time. Luckily, there are quite a few great games out there that feel like Overwatch.

The following titles help scratch the Overwatch itch while offering a distinctly different feel. Let’s take a look and see which games are good alternatives, and what makes each of them a good choice for Overwatch fans.

1. Paladins


If you want to get absolutely as close to Overwatch as you can get, play Paladins. This game is the perfect game for those who don’t want to get too far from the cartoony first person shooter look of Overwatch. The gameplay is very similar as well, though it does have some key differences.

In Paladins, you select from a wide variety of interesting characters, each with their own special moves and abilities. You also have to build out your character with cards, each of which you will level up as the game progresses to make your character more powerful. Overall the game should feel very similar to any Overwatch player. The game is also free-to-play. It won’t cost you a thing to jump in!

2. Team Fortress 2

team fortress

Team Fortress 2 has been a staple in the team-based first person shooter genre for a very long time. While it may not be exactly like Overwatch, the similarities here will please fans of the game. The first thing you will notice is the awesome cartoon player models and environments. They are so well-designed it gives Team Fortress 2 a premium feel you won’t find in most free-to-play games.

The gameplay itself has many different available game modes, ranging from capture the flag to arena and King of the Hill. They all offer great gameplay experiences, but none are exactly like what you get in Overwatch. Don’t let that deter you. They are all fun in their own right and worthy of your play time.

3. Battleborn


What happens when you mix Overwatch with MOBA games such as League of Legends or DOTA? You get Battleborn. You have an awesome cast of characters, amazing abilities, and everything you could ever want from a first person shooter. Battleborn is a game that doesn’t get enough recognition, and it serves as a great alternative to Overwatch.

While the game started off with a good bit of popularity thanks to platforms such as Twitch, it quickly died down and never regained a footing. That said, the game is still out there and still being played by many. Jump in and test the waters.

4. Block N Load

Block N Load

Block N Load is a game based on a simple idea: what if you mash up Minecraft and Overwatch? The answer is hours of fun and laughs with your friends. This 5v5 game has that blocky Minecraft look that many people love, and some fast-paced first person shooter action that will please any Overwatch fan.

Here you pit teams of five against each other, and you can build defenses and blast your way to victory against the opposing team. It’s a nice change from the Overwatch template, but still feels familiar enough that any player can jump in and enjoy their time almost immediately. If you enjoy Minecraft or Overwatch, give this one a try.

5. Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat

The first, and only, third person shooter on the list is the wacky Monday Night Combat. This game will make you laugh out loud, and scream in anger all at the same time as you wage war against the opposing team. If you love intense combat, awesome special moves, and fast-paced gameplay, Monday Night Combat may just be the game for you.

This title comes with stylized cartoon graphics that are reminiscent of Overwatch or Paladins and offers plenty of interesting environments to play in and explore. In addition, there are multiple character classes, weapons, and perks that make the game feel different every time you play. If you love Overwatch, this one is a must try.

6. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends doesn’t need much of an introduction, as it is one of the most popular games out there. This game has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world, and firmly took the title as one of the best new battle royales. While it isn’t super close to the Overwatch formula, there are many things that make it similar.

The first thing that will draw Overwatch fans is the wide roster of characters. They are all very different from one another, and each has a unique and interesting personality. Besides that, the teamwork elements between certain characters and the overall smooth gameplay harken back to Overwatch as well. If you want a game to play alongside Overwatch, or one to take its place entirely, Apex Legends is a good choice.

Final Words

All of the games on this list will give you hours of fun without forcing you to boot up Overwatch a single time. While we suggest going back to Overwatch at some point (it is a great game, after all), jumping outside of the Blizzard space and into these other games can bring you a ton of entertainment you never knew existed.

Have you ever tried any of the games on this list? Which would you say best fills your Overwatch obsession? Let us know in the comments below!

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