How to Fix Apps Crashing on macOS Monterey

After installing macOS Monterey, some Mac users are encountering a variety of issues affecting performance and accessibility. Minor glitches are relatively common with the early versions of any new macOS, and if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. 

Some Mac users report that apps are crashing after installing macOS Monterey, and they can’t figure out why.

We’ll walk you through some quick fixes to deal with this issue and restore normal performance in this post. 

Why do Some Apps Crash after Installing macOS Monterey?

There are a few different reasons why apps could be crashing on your computer after installing macOS Monterey. Luckily, most of these have a simple solution that you’ll learn how to fix in the steps below.

Early versions of any macOS update will typically have a few minor glitches and bugs that need to be worked out. 

Fix #1: Restart Your Mac Computer

We’ll start with the most basic fix of them all – restarting your computer. This can often fix minor issues that come up for whatever reason, and it’s a recommended place to begin when you are trying to reach a solution. 

To restart your computer, simply click on the Apple icon on the top left of your screen and then select Restart from the drop-down menu. Try to open up the crashing apps after this, and if they still crash, proceed to the next steps. 

Fix #2: Update Apps

Just like an OS, apps need to be updated from time to time. Developers will release new versions of most apps to work with new versions of macOS. If the apps you are trying to use keep crashing after the macOS Monterey install, updating them is another quick fix. 

The easiest way to update apps on your computer is to open the App Store app from the Finder or your Dock. 

Next, click on Updates from the list on the left of the window. This will show you every app on your computer that has an update available. 

You can click on Update All on the upper right side of the window or select the apps you want to update individually. 

Fix #3: Force Quit Apps

Forcing an app to quit is another tactic to use to help fix a crashing issue. By forcing it to close through the Force Quit menu, you’ll essentially be resetting the app, which can often help iron out any glitches. 

To open the Force Quit menu, follow these steps: 

  1. Hold down the Command, Option, and Escape keys at the same time. This will open the Force Quit Menu. 
  2. Select the app or apps you want to force quit (to select multiple apps, hold down the Command key)
  3. Click on Force Quit.
  4. Reopen the apps after force quitting them to see if they operate normally.

Fix #4: Update Incompatibility

This step isn’t as much of a fix as it is a reminder that some apps may not be compatible with the macOS Monterey update. Since it is a new release, developers may not have come up with an update for the app you are trying to use that is crashing. 

Typically, a new app update will be available shortly after a new macOS release. However, sometimes older apps will not get updated and will become incompatible.

Final Thoughts

App crashes can be a frustrating issue, but they happen all of the time. If you are experiencing a problem with crashes after installing macOS Monterey, be sure to walk through all of the fixes mentioned here, and you should see normal performance return quickly.

If your app keeps crashing after all of the tips mentioned here, there is probably an incompatibility issue. You will either need to wait until an app update is available or reinstall a previous macOS version.

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