How to Enable JavaScript on Mac Chrome

JavaScript, or JS for short, is a programming language that browsers use to display specific functionalities. If disabled, the functionalities will be unavailable. 

All browsers use JavaScript, including Google Chrome. But for some reason, your browser might disable it. So that begs the question, how to enable JavaScript on Mac Chrome?

Hello, my name is Andreas, and I’m a web developer. JavaScript code is something that most web developers, such as myself, use regularly. Some Mac users have reported JS to be disabled by default on their Chrome browsers. 

I’m here to tell you how to enable JavaScript on Mac Chrome and walk you through the process. Stick around as I’ll get into it right now.

Easy Steps to Enable JavaScript on Mac Chrome

To enable JS, you need to go into the settings of your Google Chrome and enable an option. As you’ll see below, the process is straightforward and will take only a minute of your time. Let’s do that.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome. Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner and click on “Settings.”

Step 2: In the settings menu, click on “Privacy Settings” from the list of options on the left side and then click on “Site Settings.”

Step 3: Select “JavaScript” under “Content.”

Step 4: Ensure that the “Sites can use JavaScript” option is enabled. If not, enable it so that your browser can use JS. 

You’ll notice a few other options in this section. For example, you can prevent specific websites from using JS and add websites to always use JS.  

These websites will follow the custom setting regardless if you have JS enabled or disabled. For example, you might have JS enabled, but have prevented a website from running JS on your browser.

In that case, the website will not be allowed to use JS, despite having the option enabled in the settings.

This is the only way to enable JS on Mac Chrome. But why should you have it enabled? Let’s explore that in more depth.

3 Reasons to Enable JavaScript on Chrome

Below I’ll give you a few reasons why you should always enable JavaScript on your Chrome. 

Websites Don’t Show All the Content

With JS disabled, websites that use a ton of JS will naturally lack the ability to present content. Since JS is incorporated in Chrome, you essentially take away Chrome’s ability to display content through JS

With JS disabled, websites will look different. You’d be surprised by the number of websites that heavily rely on JS. Some of the most popular ones are,, and even WordPress. 

If you have a WordPress website, Chrome will not display a lot of functionalities that WordPress builds on JS.

You Lose Access to Graphical Components

The following reason is somewhat similar to the previous one. Websites that use the JS framework will load the framework when you visit the website. 

With JS disabled, the website or web application will not load the framework. Essentially, you’ll lose access to graphical components. Think of graphical components as vector graphics and animations.

Websites use the SVG file format to generate scalable vector graphics. If you take away Chrome’s ability to load JS, you lose the graphics. 

You Will Have Issues Navigating the Website

And lastly, some websites create their menus in JavaScript. With JS disabled, you won’t have a way to navigate the website. In addition, most eCommerce stores, or online stores, automate the buy and sell process through JS. 

So if you want to buy something online, make sure JS is enabled


JavaScript is essential for modern web browsing as they make websites more functional. Most websites use JS, so it makes sense to keep it enabled. I hope this quick guide explains how to enable JavaScript on Mac Chrome and the importance of the programming language in web 2.0.

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