How to Recover Deleted Voice Recordings on Android Phone

The best and easiest way to recover deleted voice recorder files on an Android is to use a backup you created in the past. If you don’t have a backup, you will need to use a data recovery tool to try and restore the files.

Voice recordings can be incredibly useful to record meetings, speeches, lectures, and more. Being able to go back and listen to things can be a great way to ensure nothing is forgotten or missed.

But what can you do if you accidentally deleted some that you need? While you might feel hopeless, there are actually a few options available. Keep reading to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • If you have a backup from when the voice recordings were still on your device, simply restoring them from the backup is an easy method.
  • If there is no backup, your best bet is to download and use some sort of data recovery software. These dig deep into your phone or drive and can recover files you thought were gone forever.
  • Learning more about data recovery (such as how to choose the right tool and how to preserve deleted data as best as possible) can help ensure you have the best chance of successfully recovering data that has been deleted from your device.

Use a Backup

The best way to recover deleted files, audio recordings or otherwise, is to use a backup. If you accidentally delete something, but have a backup with the files on it, you will be able to restore the backup and recover the files in seconds without a lot of effort.

It’s as simple as going to Settings, then the System tab, and then scroll through the menu until you reach Backup. Here, you will be able to restore the device to a previous backup and get the files back.

If your Android is a Samsung and has a backup, you can use the Samsung Cloud to recover these files.

Simply Navigate to Settings > Accounts and backup, and in the Samsung Cloud section, hit Restore data. Next, choose the backup you want, and then select the data you want to restore, and then tap the Restore button.

Unfortunately, creating a backup to save your files isn’t something you can do after the fact, so we recommend you keep a backup and update it often to ensure you are always protected in case of an accident.

Use a Data Recovery Tool

If you don’t have a backup, your only option is to use an Android data recovery tool to bring the files back. There are many tools to choose from (some free and some paid) and once you have found the right one, download and install it to your computer.

The way to use these tools will vary, so these steps are general and the exact process can differ from one tool to the next. After you open the program, you will need to use a cable to connect your phone to a computer.

Next, it is time to run a scan. Many tools will let you choose what you want to recover before you start. If your chosen app does, you can simply choose voice recording/audio files and if not, run a general scan.

Once the scan of your device is done, you will see a list of the results, and will be able to restore them all, or pick and choose which files to bring back to the device. Once you have selected the ones you want, there should be a Restore or Recover button to complete the process.

Some software may give you the option to restore files to the Android device or computer, so feel free to choose which works the best for you.

Tips for Data Recovery

Data recovery is something important to know about, as all of us randomly delete or lose a file we need from time to time. These tips are not only for recovering data on your Android device, but also for other devices like a computer.

First, you need to make sure to choose the right piece of software. Not every tool will be able to recover every kind of data, so do a little research to ensure you choose one that can help you restore the files you need.

Make sure to choose a piece of software that has good reviews and a solid reputation. It should also fit your budget, and be user-friendly.

Next, you want to make sure to try and recover data as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that the data you want to recover is overwritten and actually lost forever. Do your best to not use your device much until you are able to recover the files.

See, when information is deleted, it actually remains on the drive/device, but is just hidden. Over time, it will be overwritten and once this occurs, not even data recovery software can bring it back, so act fast if you want to save your voice recordings.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are recording a lecture, an interview, instructions or something else entirely, losing a voice recording on your Android can be a devastating situation. We hope that this guide has been able to help you learn how to recover these deleted files.

What do you generally like to use the voice recorder Android app for? Let us know in a comment below.

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