How to Recover Deleted Files from Voice Recorder

voice recorder recovery software

If you have accidentally deleted files from your digital voice recorder or lost audio recordings due to low battery issues, it’s possible to recover the lost files provided that you stop recording additional voice memos and your device isn’t physically damaged.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to perform voice recorder data recovery. Hopefully, you’ll see your lost files back alive again.

Things to Prepare:

  • Your voice recorder.
  • A USB cable or a memory card reader (if your files are saved on an SD card).
  • A computer that runs Windows 10 or macOS.
  • Data recovery software.
  • Access to the Internet (to download recovery software).

Why Is It Possible to Retrieve Files Deleted from a Digital Voice Recorder?

No matter what type of voice recorders you use or which brands (e.g. Sony, Olympus), the recordings are saved either on the device’s internal memory or an external memory card. Most modern digital recorders support memory expansion.

For example, a Sony or Olympus recorder usually has a built-in 4GB internal flash memory and a memory slot used to load external microSD. All you have to do is select where to save those newly generated audio files.

Either way, when you accidentally deleted some files, formatted the flashcard, or the device failed to show the files, chances are the real data contained in those files are still saved on the storage memory (either internal or external).

The data can be easily recovered as long as they are not overwritten — meaning occupied by new data you generate.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is — STOP using your voice recorder immediately!

Voice Recorder Recovery Software

Next, you’ll need data recovery software that is capable of recovering audio files in WMA, WAV file format.

We recommend Stellar Photo Recovery (besides photos, it can also retrieve audio and video files) because the program is super easy to use and it supports recovering many types of audio file formats.

You can use it to scan your device memory to see if your items are recoverable or not.

Also, you can preview the found recordings which makes finding your lost files a breeze. You can find other alternatives from our best data recovery software roundup reviews for Windows 10 and Mac.

See below for detailed recovery instructions.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Voice Recorder: A Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Connect your digital voice recorder to a computer.

If your digital voice recorder uses internal flash memory, find a USB cable and connect. If your files are saved on a MicroSD card, load it to a card reader or adapter and then plug it into your computer’s USB port.

Step 2: Get Stellar Photo Recovery and install the program on your computer. Make sure you select the right version that’s compatible with the computer you use.

Step 3: Open the program, select your drive, and click “Scan” to continue. Then follow the rest steps and let it scan your device drive.

Step 4: Preview found items after the scan. Then recover and save your desired files.

That’s it. The whole process usually takes a few minutes to complete, though maybe longer depending on the storage size of your voice recorder.

If The Above Guide Doesn’t Work Out

As I said, the chances of recovering your voice recordings are not 100% due to the nature of data recovery. Theoretically, if part of the data gets written over, then that part will become unrecoverable.

There might be some other reasons that undermine your recovery chances.

If by any means the above guide didn’t work out, and those files are significant to you, your last resort would be asking a data recovery professional or turning to a data recovery center for services.

Beware that such services are usually expensive. Do your own research first before you make phone calls or send over your voice recorder device.

Final Words

Losing audio files you’ve spent hours recording can be upsetting. Fortunately, it’s possible to recover the data from your voice recorder as long as you take action quickly. The recovery process is also relatively easy.

If a voice recorder recovery software can’t help, turn to a professional data recovery service for advice.

Next time make sure you always back up or transfer your recordings on a timely basis. Also, try not to use your device when it’s on low battery.

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  • Eloise Willis

    Hi, I recorded 2 hours of audio on LP on and endeavour voice recorder and now it sounds like everyone is underwater, I can hear a thing. What can I do, it was a very important information and I really need to get it back.

  • barbara huseman

    I have an Olympus voice recorder 541 I accidently deleted my recordings, it has an internal memory. how can I recover them

  • Missy

    Hi I have a have a Sony IC Recorder ICD-BX140 and I accidently deleted a recording. Is there anyway of retrieving a lost recording?

  • Aj

    I have an Olympus recorder and need help retrieving important recordings. What do I do please???

  • L


    I attempted to transfer audio files from a Philips recorder (via USB) to my Surface. The files underwent BitLocker encryption. None of the files were transferred to my tablet and all files were lost from the recorder itself. Is there a chance that these files are still recoverable?

    Thank you.

  • Diana

    Hello, as far as I can see, the system isn’t for free. When I hit “recover”, it opens a tab and gives me options of upgrades – all of them costing money. Am I doing something wrong or did they change their policy and it’s not a free process anymore?

  • Pauline

    Hi Chris
    I am really clutching at straws. I have been trying to get help with an Olympus Digital Recorder VN-5500
    I contacted Olympus, but could only advise contacting a local Data Recovery company, which I did, but said they could not help, to try Olympus.
    This model does not have a usb connectivity.
    I am trying to retrieve the data stored on the flash memory.
    Is this at all possible?
    Many thanks
    Kind regards

  • Kimberly

    I recorded 3 hours of audio, hit the pause button during a break and dropped the recorder. The “door open” came on. I closed the door, hit record to resume and we continued for another 20 minutes. I am assuming I must have hit the retake button, because a few days later I discovered I only had the last 20 minutes and the three hours was gone. When you hit retake, does it automatically delete what was recorded and replace it? I’m hoping I can recover something, even if 20 minutes was written over. If I could restore the other 2 hours 40 mins, it would be a tremendous help. Thank you!

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Kimberly, it’s quite possible that your previous audio (2 hours 40 mins) wasn’t actually saved to your device, thus chance to recover is slim, to be honest. But you could try to give it a scan using the guide we’ve introduced in the article. By the way, since the recording is so important to you, we also advice to contact the support team of your device provider. Maybe they have solutions. Anyway, good luck!

  • Faith

    Hello Chris,is it possible to retrieve files from a damaged voice recorder through the internal memory?thanks

    • Avatar photo

      You may recover your files as long as your device can be recognized by the software.

    • Keith Arendt

      Please Help Me Chris.. I have an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-7200.. I have a Brain injury/Brain Surgery and am 100% dependent on my recorder for everything. I was going through it and just erasing a few files that I didn’t need but my pocket recorder erased all of my voice recordings. Please call me at ASAP because I am in a Panic if I don’t recover my voice files. Thank you so much my brother…