What is the Difference Between Google And Google Chrome?

For the average person that isn’t into technology, a question that often comes around is, what is the difference between Google and Google Chrome?

To put it simply, Google Chrome is a product made by Google. Google is one of the largest technology giants that offer internet-based services and products. 

My name is Andreas, and I’m here to tell you about the differences between Google and Google Chrome. I’m a software developer and a heavy internet user, and I use Google products constantly – the winning combo :). 

Stick around as I’ll answer this question in the simplest way possible.

Origins of Google and Google Chrome

To get into the differences, I have to explain the origins of both first. 

Google is a technology company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. 

But before that, people in the space knew Google as BackRub. While the name changed, what didn’t change was its mission. Page and Brin envisioned a world on the web. This was at a time when the internet saw limited use. 

Page and Brin were freshly coming out of college, and they wanted to make it easier to browse the World Wide Web. But to browse the web, you need a web browser. So Page and Brin created Google Chrome in 2007. But I’m jumping ahead too fast. If Chrome came in 2007, what did people use to browse the web before that?

There were a few search engines and web browsers before Google Search and Google Chrome. One of the most popular was WebCrawler. You might also recognize others, such as Lycos, AltaVista, Excite, and Yahoo.

Before they created Google Chrome, Page and Brin created PageRank. PageRank was the first algorithm for Google Search. Google still uses PageRank for Google Search today, although a lot has changed since 2007.

Main Differences Between Google and Google Chrome 

Now, let’s jump into the main differences between Google and Google Chrome.

Product vs. Product

While Google is a company, it is also a subsidiary of Alphabet. Alphabet is Google’s parent company and owns all the products under Google’s name. Throughout the years, Alphabet has acquired plenty of companies. These companies range from analytics to search engines and advertising companies. 

The most prominent acquisition Alphabet has made over the years is YouTube in 2006 for $1.6 billion. Nowadays, YouTube is one of the most famous websites on the internet. 

When people talk about Google, most refer to the search engine, while others refer to the company. Both are true as Google is a search engine and a subsidiary of Alphabet. 

However, Google Chrome is a product by Google that is also a web browser. Now, you might be wondering, what’s the difference between a browser and a search engine?

Both terms are quite different. A web browser uses a search engine to browse the web. One can’t work without the other. Think of a browser as a website. You go on Google.com to browse the World Wide Web. 

But Google.com needs a search engine to allow users to find what they’re looking for.

So one of the first differences is that Google is a search engine, while Google Chrome is a web browser. 

A Piece of a Broader Picture

If we look at Google as a company, it’s important to understand that it incorporates plenty of other services. Google isn’t just a company – it’s a platform giant. You use Google to send emails, watch videos, take directions, monitor website analytics, etc. 

It all falls under one big umbrella – the Google umbrella. The Silicone Valley giant offers all kinds of services to its users. These services are standalone platforms that you use every day. Here is a rundown of some of the platforms under the Google umbrella.

  • Gmail

Gmail is Google’s email service. While it isn’t the largest mailing service, that would be Apple, Gmail owns 27% of the market

  • Google Maps

Google Maps is a platform that provides maps for every location. You can use Google Maps for directions or to find businesses, landmarks, etc. 

  • Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Google’s web browser. You use it to browse the internet. That hopefully answers the question of what Google Chrome is used for.

  • Android OS

Android was another company that Google bought in 2005. The company makes operating systems for smartphones and tablets. If you’re not using an Apple iPhone, your smartphone is probably running on the Android OS.

  • Google Drive

Google launched its own storage service in 2012 called Google Drive. The service allows users to store files in the cloud. 

  • Google Cloud Platforms

Google Cloud Platforms is a computer application that incorporates a series of services. Under the name, you can find services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Search.

Similar but Different

With that said, there are many similarities between Google and Google Chrome. But that’s what makes them so different. Hear me out on this one.

Google Chrome is a product of Google, but Google makes other products that cater to the browser. For example, we have the Chromebook. The Chromebook is a laptop that runs on the Chrome OS. Don’t confuse Chrome OS with Google Chrome. 

Think of the Chrome OS like Windows or macOS, and think of Google Chrome like Microsoft Edge or Safari. The laptop isn’t the only service that falls under the Chrome umbrella

Chromecast is another product that is also Chrome’s most used application. Chromecast is a media streaming service with an app that you can download on any Chrome device. 

Unfortunately, these products aren’t as popular as Google would like them to be. So it’s no wonder that these applications and products will soon cease to exist. 


That hopefully answers the question of what’s the difference between Google and Google Chrome. To summarize, Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet, a platform giant, and a search engine. Google Chrome is a product of Google and a web browser.

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