How to Change Homepage on Google Chrome Mac

There’s a way to make a specific page your Google Chrome homepage. A homepage is different from a startup page, as the latter opens web pages when you first launch Chrome.

So that begs the question, how do you change the home page on Google Chrome Mac?

I use Chrome for Mac as it helps me with flexibility. The homepage feature lets me open my favorite websites, and it’s one of the many reasons why I prefer Chrome over Safari and other web browsers.

Changing the Google Chrome homepage on Mac is as easy as pie. All it takes is following a few simple steps. I’ll show you how.

Easy Steps to Enable Homepage on Chrome Mac

Before we make a specific web page our homepage on Google Chrome, we must enable the feature first. Doing that requires switching on the “Show Home Button.” 

Here is how to do that.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. Then select “Settings.”

Step 2: Under “Appearance”, you will notice several options on the right side. Look for the “Show Home button,” as shown in the image. Switch it on to enable the homepage feature.

Once the feature is on, you can select a specific web page to be your homepage.

Next, let’s see how to set and change your homepage on Google Chrome Mac.

Easy Steps to Change Homepage on Chrome Mac

Let’s go back to the “Appearance” section in your Google Chrome browser settings. With the “Show Home button” now enabled, here is how to set up and change a specific web page as your homepage.

Step 1: Select “Enter custom web address” from the two available options under the “Show home button.”

Step 2: Enter the website you want to be the new homepage. For example, I am a big sports fan who loves reading ESPN, I copy and paste the official website of ESPN here.

Step 3: A “home” button will appear next to the search bar on Google Chrome. 

Every time you click this button, it will take you to the homepage.

Step 4: To change to a new homepage, type in a different website address in the field.

The feature is so convenient that it allows you to open the homepage with a single click. That way, you always have a shortcut to your favorite website.

Final Tips

As you can see, setting up and changing a homepage for Google Chrome Mac can be done in just a few steps. The “homepage” feature improves your productivity as you have instant access to a specific website.

I should mention that the homepage can be any website you want. It can be your Gmail inbox, your favorite news website, or this website where you get access to all kinds of helpful articles 🙂

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