Can You Bring an Xbox on a Plane?

You can bring an Xbox on a plane, and it is allowed in your checked bag or carry-on. If you leave it in your carry-on, you’ll need to take it out during security screening. Since an Xbox does not have a lithium-ion battery, it can also go in your checked bag. 

This post will explore if you can bring an Xbox on a plane. I’ll explain why this is allowed in nearly all situations and provide you with some other important and relevant information to keep in mind if you want to travel with your console. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can take an Xbox on a plane, and this console is allowed in your carry-on or checked luggage. 
  • If you bring the Xbox in your carry-on, you’ll want to remove it from your bag during security screening to go through the X-ray machine or other security measures. 
  • Unlike some other gaming consoles, the Xbox does not have a lithium-ion battery, which is why it’s allowed to be packed in your checked bag. 
  • Some Xbox controllers have a lithium battery, so you’ll need to pack these in a carry-on rather than in check bags if you bring them on a plane. 

Can You Bring an Xbox on a Plane? 

You can bring an Xbox on a plane, and the TSA allows you to pack this popular console in both your carry-on or checked luggage. This is good news if you want to travel with your Xbox, making it easy to do so. 

If you want to bring your Xbox in a carry-on, you won’t have any issues. But you should be prepared to take the console out of your bag during security to put it through the X-ray machines or other types of screening. 

This is standard procedure for any type of larger electronic device and doesn’t just pertain to an Xbox. Putting your Xbox through the X-ray machine won’t cause any damage. Security agents might inspect your bag if you don’t take it out. 

But you can also pack an Xbox in your checked luggage with no issues. This is because the console does not contain a lithium-ion battery like some other styles of gaming devices. These batteries are not allowed in checked bags. 

Lithium-ion batteries can potentially catch fire in checked bags. This is very rare, but it has happened, which is why nothing with this type of battery is allowed underneath the plane. It’s a risk for everyone onboard. 

But since your Xbox doesn’t have these batteries, you don’t need to worry about it unless you have controllers with lithium batteries, which I’ll explore in the section below.

Can You Take an Xbox Series X on a Plane? 

You can take an Xbox Series X on a plane. This is true for any version of the Xbox, whether you have a newer or older version. You can bring the Series X in your carry-on or check luggage without any issues. 

Just like with other models of the Xbox, be prepared to take the console out of your bag during the security screening process. But it’s safe to fly on any major airline, whether you are flying near or far.

Can I Take an Xbox Controller on a Plane? 

You can take an Xbox controller on a plane, no matter which type of controller you have or its type of battery. But there are some restrictions in place with controllers that use lithium-ion batteries. 

Most Xbox controllers are designed to run on standard batteries, and if this is what you have in yours, you can pack it in your carry-on or checked bag. But if you have lithium batteries, you’ll need to put the controllers in your carry-on only. 

Any electronic devices with lithium batteries are prohibited from being in your checked bags. This is because they can potentially catch fire, which is an obvious issue on a plane and something that should be avoided at all costs. 

But these controllers are allowed in your carry-on, even if they have a lithium battery. You may need to take them out of your bag during security screening. 

If you aren’t sure what type of battery your Xbox controller has, just assume it is lithium and pack it in your carry-on. This will help you avoid the issue of having your controllers confiscated if they are in your checked bag. 

Can I Take my Xbox Abroad? 

The same rules for traveling with an Xbox domestically apply to traveling abroad in most cases. This means you should be able to bring your Xbox abroad during your international trips without any issues. 

Again, keep in mind that you should pack anything with lithium batteries in your carry-on, which applies to some Xbox controllers. But you can pack the actual Xbox console into either your carry-on or checked bags. 

When traveling with any expensive electronic device, you’ll want to pay extra attention to security. You might consider using a bag lock or something similar to keep your Xbox safe while traveling.

Do I Really Need a Travel Case for Xbox?

If you’re going to invest in expensive electronics for your entertainment, acquiring a suitable case to carry it is also an important investment.

Some might try to get around purchasing a dedicated case by stuffing the console in a backpack surrounded by clothes, as the shape of the Xbox is better suited for travel than the PlayStation.

While wrapping your console in clothes might be a temporary solution, we recommend you find a custom case that carries your console safely and securely.

As an added advantage, a travel case allows you to quickly and easily remove your machine for inspection when going through airport security. You’re not going to want to have to open your suitcase and rummage through all of your items to get to it.

Final Thoughts

You can easily bring an Xbox on a plane, no matter when or where you travel. These consoles are allowed in both your carry-on and checked bags, making it simple to pack effectively for travel. 

If you bring controllers with your Xbox, they will need to be packed in your carry-on luggage only if they have lithium batteries. If they have standard batteries, they can go in your checked bag. 

Have you ever brought an Xbox or other gaming console on a plane? Did you run into any issues? Let me know in the comments below.

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