7 Best Python Books for Beginners

Python is a programming language that can be used for a variety of development-related tasks and has a ton of support and users. It is one of the top choices for new programmers as it is in demand in the job market.

For beginners, learning Python online through videos, tutorials or other resources is helpful, but they are far from the only way. Another great option for you is to crack open a good book.

There are several great books that can help beginners learn Python effectively. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best ones available today.

Best Books for Beginners to Learn Python

Here is a list of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each book so you understand its content and whether it fits you or not.

1. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science (3rd Edition)

Originally published in 2004, Python Programming is a very popular book.

However, instead of simply looking at Python by itself, this book acts as an introduction to programming and computer science as a whole. It uses the Python language as a medium for delivering the messages to you.

This means it is a great option for someone brand new to the ideas around computer science and programming, especially if Python is what you want to learn. It is easy to understand for beginners and interesting enough to keep you interested.

The 3rd edition of the book includes many updates and changes such as talking about new technologies, showing new graphics and more.

2. Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well (2nd Edition)

If you want to not only learn Python, but also learn it quickly, consider this book.

The book breaks down potentially confusing and complex subjects into simple concepts that are easy for you to digest and understand. The book even covers things like what Python is, how you can run and code Python programs, and more.

Of course, it goes much deeper than that to give you the necessary knowledge you need to begin experimenting with Python on your own. The book is very to-the-point, but still includes a plentiful amount of important topics.

You’ll learn dozens of things and the examples used are varied to ensure they include all important concepts to give you a full introduction to Python.

Of course, don’t expect this book (or any resource) to make you an expert in a day, but you can certainly gain valuable and usable knowledge on Python rather quickly.

3. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

As we mentioned in the introduction, Python can do a lot of things for a lot of people. One of the most helpful things that Python can do is help improve efficiencies.

This book will teach you how you can use Python to create software programs to handle time-consuming tasks that you would usually need to do manually.

This includes searching text, sending reminders, download content, update and format data and several others. The book includes simple instructions and projects to help you practice throughout the book. The writing is clear and direct throughout the book, which is much appreciated.

Whether you have experience with programming, or are brand new, this book can help you become more efficient. So while this book is quite different than others in the space, it is still incredibly valuable and helpful for learning the true potential of Python.

4. Learn Python the Hard Way (3rd Edition)

This book covers one of the best and most helpful systems for learning Python.

Written by Zed Shaw, this book has helped a ton of people learn Python over the years. The book takes you through a total of 52 exercises aimed at teaching you all aspects of Python from simple to complex.

Going through these various exercises, you will learn how the software and programs work, how to write good code, and how to fix problems and more.

You’ll also learn a number of Python-specific information such as variables, writing and reading the code, strings and text, program design and dozens of other things.

This is a straight-forward book and while some may find it more difficult than others, it is very rewarding and provides you with high-quality knowledge.

5. Python Crash Course (2nd Edition)

Like the title of this book, you will get a crash course in Python when you read it.

The book is one of the best-selling Python-related books of all time, which is a testament to its viability. It focuses on the basics of programming itself, and is focused on getting you access to hands-on projects.

It is a fast-paced book that is aimed at being the best no-nonsense guide to learning Python. The book provides important and foundational concepts with no fluff or unnecessary information to confuse you. Once you learn the knowledge necessary, the latter part of the book has you apply it in three different projects.

You will make a game, create charts and graphs, and even build and deploy an application. The essentials of Python programming will be taught quickly, so you can get on putting your new skills to use.

6. A Smarter Way to Learn Python

This book is all about utilizing a new and unique learning system to help you learn Python. The author, Mark Myers, uses a great method to help transfer confusing and tough information into more consumable and simple material.

It is aimed at not only teaching yout the basic information you need to know, but also attempts to help you remember it. The book is perfect for younger individuals or some with little technical knowledge that want to get into programming.

The chapters are short and exercises are interactive, which all make the difficult idea of programming, seem much more approachable. Actually doing the things you have just read about can help the knowledge stick.

While this book may not turn you into a bonafide Python coding expert, it can provide the important basics and fundamentals to get you well on the way.

7. Learning Python (5th Edition)

Learning Python will give you as a reader an in-depth look and introduction to the Python programming language. You will learn how to write high-quality, maintainable and efficient code in a timely manner.

Whether you are experienced in other coding languages, or have never programmed once, this book can help you succeed. The book includes quizzes, illustrations and other things that help make this tutorial simple to understand and follow.

Also, in addition to learning the basics and being introduced to Python, this book will also help you learn some advanced tools to better your skillset.

Learning Python will teach you a variety of things such as how to create and process objects, how to use functions, how to organize statements and even write programs, just to name a few.

Final Words

Hopefully, this list of beginner books has been able to help you learn the Python programming language. It can be an incredibly beneficial programming language with a wide range of different applications and uses.

Every one of these aforementioned books can provide you with the knowledge needed to improve your Python skills quickly.

Are you aware of another great beginner book to learn Python that isn’t on this list? If so, let us know about it in the comments below.

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