9 Best Chairs for Programmers

No matter what type of programming you do, you’ll spend most of your time in a chair. You always want a comfortable and reliable chair to stay productive and focused, and the best chairs will provide this and much more.  

A good chair can be a productivity tool, helping programmers remain on task and finish their work. A bad chair can leave your body feeling terrible and keep you from accomplishing as much as possible with other options. 

This post will explore all of the best chairs for programmers. I’ll explain why each chair is worth getting and how it can help you while you work. I’ll also highlight some other important information to help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Let’s get rolling.

Key Takeaways

  • Which chair you use for programming is an important choice that can affect comfort, productivity, and focus. 
  • Chairs that are both comfortable and ergonomic are a good starting point for which option to choose. 
  • Every programmer has different needs and preferences, so the best chairs for each person can be different. 
  • A good programming chair doesn’t always need to be expensive, but chairs with more features typically cost more. 
  • Style and appearance preferences aren’t as important as comfort, adjustability, and ergonomics when picking the best chair. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to the best chairs for programmers. 

What is the best chair for coding?

What is the best chair to sit in all day?

Are gaming chairs good for programming?

How should I sit as a programmer?

What kind of chair is best for DSE?

Do You Need a Computer Chair At All?

If you’re a programmer and spend much of your day at an office desk, then these recommendations are meant precisely for you.

The chairs here are investments that will help you ease in and out of work, feel comfortable all day, and never cause you trouble.

If you’re currently using a chair that’s old, torn up, or broken, it’s time to upgrade and get something that will help you work more efficiently.

While we’re certainly focusing on programmers who spend the majority of their work time at a desk, you don’t have to work in tech to appreciate a great office chair (nor do you need one if you are used to working on a standing desk).

No matter what kind of desk job you currently work in, these chairs are all great choices and will help you breeze through the day.

What Makes the Best Chair for Programmers? 

Here are a few important factors to remember when choosing the best chair for programming. 


Comfort is a top priority for anyone who spends long periods in a chair, which obviously includes programmers. You always want a chair that is nice to sit in, and various materials or features can help increase how comfortable a programming chair will be. 


Ergonomics are related to comfort but think of it more like what is best for your body rather than simply what is most comfortable. Chairs that help you sit upright with good support features and ergonomic designs that can keep your body feeling good during the workday. 


Being able to adjust your chair allows you to make changes that can impact comfort and productivity. Height adjustments are common on most chairs for programming, but other features like adjustable armrests and reclining are good to look for. 


The design of a chair is another important consideration to think about. You might want a chair with wheels or without wheels, based on your working room or desk setup. Color, size, and shape can also come into play when making design preference choices. 


As with any purchase, cost is another factor. Some of the best chairs for programming can be very expensive, and they might be worth it, depending on your needs. But you can also find more affordable options that will work just as well. 

The 9 Best Chairs for Programmers

Best OverallHerman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair
Best for Long HoursGABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh 
Best Budget Option SMUG Ergonomic Mesh High Back
Best for Programming and GamingHbada Gaming Chair
Best for ComfortSerta Big and Tall Executive
Best ErgonomicsZL Chair Ergonomic Office
Best Office Chair for ProgrammingSIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 
Best Unique DesignDragonn by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Best Adjustability Sytas Ergonomic

1. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair 

  • Solid all-around chair for programming and any other office tasks
  • Excellent construction for long-term use and reliable performance
  • Built for ergonomics and has many adjustments to let you dial in the best fit you can find. 
  • Breathable design that is great for long use
  • 12-year warranty

The best overall chair for programmers is the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair. This great all-around option will work well for programmers or any other type of office work. It’s packed full of features that increase comfort and performance. 

Key to the standout performance of this chair is the special Kinemat tilt design. This is a unique offering from Herman Miller that allows for excellent adjustability. You can make minor tweaks to the fit to get customized use from the chair. 

This chair is also built with ergonomics in mind, so you can trust that it will perform very well no matter how long you need to sit. It was a waterfall-style front seat that helps promote good posture to keep you dialed in and ready for work. 

You also get the benefit of a 12-year warranty. This is an outstanding length of time and proves just how reliable and durable this chair can be. The warranty increases the overall value of the chair and is a great feature. 

There aren’t many downsides to this chair, but it might be slightly overkill if you are looking for something simple and affordable. 

My Verdict: This is an excellent option for just about everyone. From comfort to design to adjustability, you get all the features you need to stay focused and productive while coding. 

2. GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh

  • Ergonomic design makes this a great option for long-period use
  • High-back design and many adjustable features increase comfort
  • Lumbar support feature is excellent for anyone with back issues who needs to be sitting all day
  • Mesh design increases breathability and air circulation

If you need to work for long hours programming, the GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh is a good option to try. This is an extremely comfortable chair that also features many ergonomic aspects providing long-term comfort and support. 

The chair is built with strategically placed support points to give you the necessary padding for your head, back, lower body, and hands. All of this works together to provide you with extended comfort you can count on. 

Another feature that makes this one awesome is the tall design that really supports your head. This extended high-back is easy to get used to and will provide extra support as the day drags on and you need to stay focused. 

If you don’t like all of the bells and whistles that come with fully adjustable chairs, this probably isn’t the option for you. And dialing in the perfect fit can take some time to get used to if you only have experience with simply-designed chairs. 

My Verdict: Awesome option for long hours thanks to a very ergonomic design and many adjustable features. Excellent design for years of long-term use but can take some initial time to get used to.  

3. SMUG Ergonomic Mesh High Back

  • Affordable, making it a solid budget pick 
  • Doesn’t have too many additional features but still a comfortable and reliable option
  • Lumbar support and tilt feature help you dial in the perfect fit
  • Some ergonomic features but not as good for long hours 

If you are looking for an affordable chair for programming, look no further than the SMUG Ergonomic Mesh High Back. This is the best budget pick on the list and a good option for anyone trying to save a few bucks without compromising performance. 

The price tag is the most alluring aspect of this one, but you still get a well-designed chair that offers everything you want and need for staying focused and on task. It comes with an easy-to-use height adjustment and a very sturdy set for extra comfort. 

The back of the chair also has a mesh design to increase airflow and keep the weight down. But you can still take advantage of the lumbar support for lasting comfort. It also has wheels to move around your workspace easily. 

This option isn’t packed with features, but it still does the job. If you want more adjustability, this might not be the chair to go with. And it can also be somewhat challenging to put together if you’re not that handy.

My Verdict: This is a solid budget option that delivers reliable performance and a handful of useful features at a lower price. It’s comfortable and supportive, without breaking the bank, but not as great for all-day use.   

4. Hbada Gaming Chair

  • Great option for programmers who also game
  • Comfortable design with a cushioned backrest and seat
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Many adjustable features to dial in customized comfort
  • Solid construction for reliable use. 

The Hbada Gaming Chair is an option to explore if you are a programmer who loves to game. This is technically a gaming chair, but it has all of the features that programmers want and need to stay productive. 

This comfortable and reliable option delivers support where you need it. It has a thick backrest and seat pad, giving you all-day comfort whether you are sitting for work or play. And this cushioning holds up well over time. 

You can also take advantage of many adjustable features to deliver a customized experience. This means the chair will work well for people of different heights and sizes. An adjustable footrest is nice when switching from programming to gaming. 

This chair is fairly large, so it isn’t the best option if you have a smaller workspace. And it’s also not the best if you don’t have good posture because the added cushioning can make your body really sink in. 

My Verdict: Excellent option if you want one chair for programming and gaming. Very comfortable, with many adjustable features to provide lasting comfort and support for all types of people. Doesn’t have the best ergonomics.   

5. Serta Big and Tall Executive

  • Very comfortable 
  • Plenty of cushioning for lasting support
  • Height and tilt adjustment to allow for a perfect fit
  • Classic faux leather design for added style

If comfort is your most important parameter, the Serta Big and Tall Executive chair is worth looking into. This is one of the most comfortable chairs for programming or any other type of office work you can find. 

Key to all of this comfort is the cushioning that the chair provides. Serta designed a 5-layer cushioning system that’s in play here. It’s highly effective and gives you a soft but supportive seat to work in all day long. 

The chair also comes with height and tilt adjustments to get an ideal fit. This means it will work with short and tall people. It can also accommodate any size of person, thanks to a sturdy and stable design. 

The biggest downside of this chair is its price. It’s one of the most expensive on the list. But if you want an extremely comfortable chair that will keep you pleasantly supported during your work, this is it. 

My Verdict: An extremely comfortable chair with thick padding and plenty of support. It’s expensive but well worth it if you want comfort over any other feature or function. 

6. ZL Chair Ergonomic Office

  • Excellent ergonomic design for comfort and productivity 
  • Arched design provides support in key areas 
  • Adjustable backrest and lumbar support
  • Many other adjustable features for increased ergonomics

The ZL Chair Ergonomic Office is one of the best chairs for programmers looking for ergonomic comfort and performance. This one has support and adjustments in all the right places to give you the ideal setup while you work. 

The chair features an arched design that helps fill those empty spaces when your posture is perfect. This includes lumbar support and an adjustable headrest. Even minor tweaks in these can provide a world of difference. 

You also get a reclining system that allows you lay the headrest and backrest back when you want to. You can lock this into place or lean back when you need a break from the action. It also has adjustable armrests. 

This is another expensive option, so it’s not recommended for anyone on a budget. All of the features and adjustability might be overkill if you aren’t concerned with ergonomics. 

My Verdict: Great option to choose if you want the best ergonomic features. Excellent design that supports the body while you work. It’s expensive, but you get a lot of added value if you can afford it.  

7. SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

  • Office chair design that works well for programmers
  • 3-way armrest and adjustable lumbar support
  • Ergonomic design for increased comfort
  • Solid construction without being too heavy

The SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is a good option to choose if you want the simplicity of an office chair while you code. It’s an effective design that works well for many types of programmers and other professionals. 

This chair is simply built but uses solid materials to keep it sturdy without being too heavy. This makes it easy to use in all types of desk setups without getting in the way. The wheels work well to keep you mobile as well. 

I also like the adjustable features on this one. You get 3-way armrests that might not seem like a big deal but will help you find a perfect setup. The chair also comes with backrest adjustments and lumbar support for added comfort. 

All of the adjustments can take some getting used to, so this isn’t the option to go with if you want to keep things simple. But it’s pretty solid all-around other than that. 

My Verdict: This is the chair to choose if you want an excellent all-around office-style option. It has several adjustable features and solid construction that make it worth looking into.  

8. Dragonn by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

  • Unique kneeling chair design
  • Can be good for programmers with back issues
  • Helps promote good posture and ergonomics 
  • Affordable 

If you are looking for a unique design that is different than the standard office or programmers chair, the Dragonn by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is worth checking out. It’s a reliable option that can help keep your back from hurting. 

Kneeling chairs can help promote better posture by keeping you from slouching or rounding your back as you sit. This chair is the standard kneeling design with a few added features that separate it from the competition. 

The chair has extra thick cushioning for increased comfort and is also adjustable to give you the exact fit you are looking for. 

This isn’t a chair for everyone and can take some getting used to. If you have never tried a kneeling chair, you should experiment to see if you like it before buying one. 

My Verdict: An excellent alternative design option for anyone who doesn’t want the standard office-style chair. Comfortable, affordable, and good for your body.  

9. Sytas Ergonomic

  • Many adjustable features to provide customized fit
  • Lumbar support and high-back design provide added comfort
  • Breathable mesh construction 
  • Easy to assemble. 

The Sytas Ergonomic is the best option if you want control over every adjustment of your body while you sit. This is another good all-around option with several features that stand out. 

The chair has an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and armrest that can all be tweaked to your liking. This hands-on adjustability can be a win for anyone looking for slight but important changes in their setup. 

These adjustments can be slightly overwhelming if you are used to simply designed chairs. The headrest and be a bit too supportive for some people as well. 

My Verdict: All of the adjustable features make this a solid chair to explore. It can help you find a customized fit that other chairs don’t allow. 

Other Useful Tips & Resources

When you spend a long time at your desk, proper posture is an absolute must. Without it, you’ll suffer neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, and a dozen other completely avoidable ailments.

A standing desk is the most ideal option, but if this isn’t a possibility, you should be getting up and stretching about every 30 minutes. Extended periods of sitting are extremely bad for one’s health.

How many should you take during coding? Listen to what ForrestKnight has to say in this video:

When you’re sitting, your eyes should have a direct line of sight to your screen. This means without slouching or craning your neck, the screen will be perfectly visible.

The feet should be placed flat on the floor, and your arms should rest at about a 90-degree angle at the elbows. These are just the basics — for more information, check out this Inc article.

Final Thoughts 

All of the chairs listed here can work well for programmers. Take the time to look through all of these options to find one that works best for your needs and preferences. A good chair can go a long way toward increasing productivity and focus. 

Exploring several options with a programming chair is always good because what works for a coworker might not work for you. 

Do you know of any great chairs for programming that I didn’t include here? Let me know in the comments below.

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