6 Free Writing Apps for Android

It does not matter if you want to write your next essay for class, or pen the next great novel you’ve had on your mind, you have to start with a writing program.

Though many people see those as computer-only programs, there are many solid writing apps for Android devices as well.

In this guide, we will break down the best free Android writing apps in order to explain their features, benefits, and what makes each one so unique.

Let’s get started.

1. Microsoft Word

  • Write and edit in a familiar layout
  • Tons of templates to choose from
  • Easily share files right from the app

If you’ve ever written something on a computer, chances are you’re familiar with Microsoft Word.

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has made their great word processing software now available as an app on the Play Store! That means you get the same old familiar format on a mobile device.

This app comes with everything you get on any mobile or desktop version. That includes templates for resumes and essays, in addition to the familiar formatting options. Microsoft has also made sharing files extremely simple. Once you write something, you can send it to anyone you want.

2. Google Docs

  • Write your documents with our without an internet connection
  • Easily edit and add notes to your documents
  • Research topics right inside the app

Google’s answer to Microsoft Word is their Docs app. It is extremely similar in operation to Word but has an even more simplistic user interface. While it doesn’t have many of the features that Word does, it does 90 percent of it better than Microsoft.

Google Docs is great if you just want to open the app and type up a quick document. It makes it really easy to change different aspects (like font style and format) which is a real-time saver.

You can also add notes and edits to remember what needs to be changed in the future. The research function also works well, allowing you to research certain subjects right in the app.

3. JotterPad

  • Distraction-free writing environment
  • Easily sync to the cloud
  • Export to multiple formats

JotterPad may not be a household name like the previous two apps, but don’t let that put you off from giving it a try.

This app is fantastic in terms of versatility. It also has some incredibly handy features similar apps lack, such as the ability to change the app’s look and design. That enables you to work in the way you want.

JotterPad is extremely minimalistic, giving you a nice way to write distraction-free. You can take your writing and export it to multiple different file types, including PDF, Word, RTF, and more.

Once you have your file saved, all you need to do is upload it to the cloud and you’re ready to go.

4. Pure Writer

  • Security saving means never losing your work
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to edit the text as you go

If you’re looking for a simplistic writing app, look no further than Pure Writer.

Here, there’s nothing but you and an empty screen waiting to be filled. The main feature they tout is the “never lose your work again” mechanic. They say even if your device shuts down unexpectedly, you will be able to resume writing right where you left off.

You can customize the look and feel of this app quite a bit, which allows you to work without as many distractions. You can edit the line, paragraph spacing, and margins on the fly to make your document easier to read.

Overall, Pure Writer is one of the better writing apps in the Play Store.

5. iA Writer

  • Focus mode dims everything but the text you’re currently working on
  • Has a “light on dark” mode to ease eye strain
  • Writes in plain text for maximum compatibility

iA Writer has been praised across print and online media as an easy way to write on the go. It is extremely simplistic, and it focuses on that. However, there’s much more going on than there first might seem.

We love the focus mode, which will dim out your document except for the sentence you’re currently writing. The light on dark mode is also great for taking the strain off your eyes after long writing sessions. This is a plain text editor, so don’t expect to have a ton of different file formats.

Even so, it is one of the least distracting Android writing apps and delivers exceptional performance.

6. Monospace

  • Unique hashtag storage feature
  • Supports copy and paste from a variety of sources
  • Simple and straightforward

If you want a writing app with just the bare essentials, Monospace is a great choice.

It doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles that you’ll find in more premium apps, but the simple interface creates a strong focus on writing. It’s all about removing distractions and letting creativity flow.

The most unique feature of Monospace is that there is no storage system. Rather, it’s all about hashtags. That makes it easy to find and navigate your files without having to jump through unnecessary hoops.

The plain text style allows you to copy and paste to your heart’s content, a feature that makes research papers a breeze.

Final Words

All of the above apps are great choices for your writing and they are all free to use. While they are all word processors, they each have their own unique flair.

Pick the one that meets your needs and that has the features that will help you get your work done. No matter which you choose, they are all extremely well-made and fun to use.

What are you using an Android writing app for? Let us know in the comments below!

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