Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It?

Gaming chairs can be a good option for serious or professional gamers who want extra comfort, style, or features. But these chairs aren’t necessary for everyone and don’t make you any better at gaming. Ultimately, using one or not is a personal decision. 

This post will explore if gaming chairs are worth it. I’ll break down some of the pros and cons of buying and using one of the chairs, alongside some other important information. The goal is to help you decide if a gaming chair is good for you. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • A gaming chair can help serious gamers by giving them good support and movement while gaming. 
  • You don’t need a gaming chair to be good at games, and it’s more of a luxury than anything else. 
  • Unless you want the added features, comfort, and style that these chairs can provide, they aren’t really worth it. 
  • Using or not using a gaming chair comes down to the personal preferences of individual gamers. 

Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It? 

Gaming Chair ProsGaming Chair Cons
Look cool and offer style that gamers likeDespite stylish look, gaming chairs aren’t that different from other chairs
Can have increased back support and be more comfortableRegular office chairs can also provide good back support and comfort
Many options to choose from to meet your needs or preferences Can be much more expensive and unnecessary 
More features and functions than other types of chairsDon’t make you better at gaming 
Popular with serious and professional gamersAverage gamers don’t need to spend money on a fancy chair 

Gaming chairs have seen a significant rise in popularity recently that has coincided with more professional gaming opportunities. But does this popularity mean that these chairs are required for gaming or even worth it? Let’s explore all that and more here. 

First, it’s essential to understand that you don’t need a gaming chair to be a good gamer. These chairs don’t offer any magical feature that instantly improves your gaming abilities, despite what you might think by their marketing. 

Gaming chairs are more of a preference than anything else, and deciding if one is worth it depends on your needs and preferences as a gamer. You don’t need one to have a good gaming experience. But you might want one. 

One of the reasons you might want to get a gaming chair is that it can be more comfortable and supportive than other types of chairs. These chairs typically have good back support and can keep you engaged and alert while gaming. 

If you plan on playing games for extended periods, these chairs will help your body feel better while you do so. But again, they don’t hold any magic tricks that make you more comfortable. They are just designed in a way that supports this. 

You can still get good support and comfort from a regular office chair or other types of chair. And you might spend quite a bit less on this than you would on a gaming chair. Think of a gaming chair more as an accessory than a necessity. 

Another reason to get a gaming chair is that they are stylish and popular. Many famous and professional gamers use them, and many regular at-home gamers use them too. This cool factor makes them worth it to some people. 

If you live-stream your games or have friends over often, you might want to get a sweet gaming setup. And a cool gaming chair can enhance this experience. But this style factor has nothing to do with how you’ll perform during gameplay. 

Some gaming chairs come with features that certain gamers want. Things like reclining backrests and other specialized adjustments can be preferred. Gaming chairs typically have more features to offer than standard office chairs. 

But these features aren’t necessary, and you can get by with a standard chair. If the features of a gaming chair appeal to you, then it’s probably worth getting one. You’ll be fine with a regular chair if they seem unnecessary. 

High-end gaming chairs can cost a lot of money, so that’s another factor for everyone to consider. If you have extra money sitting around and want to spend it on a gaming chair, it’s probably worth doing. 

If you are on a budget or don’t want to spend hundreds on a chair when you have something else that can work, a gaming chair probably isn’t worth it. 

You don’t need a gaming chair to have an enjoyable and exciting experience. People were playing video games long before these chairs were invented. 

But you might want one, and that desire could be reason enough for you to get one. It all depends on what you want, so there isn’t one direct answer as to whether these chairs are worth it. 

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back? 

A lot of gaming chairs claim that they are good for your back. While some of them have features that make the chair more comfortable, sitting for long periods can be bad for your back no matter what chair you are sitting in. 

On top of that, how you sit in a chair also affects how your back feels. If you maintain terrible posture the entire time you are gaming, not even a really expensive gaming chair will help you out. 

No matter what type of chair you use for gaming, you should also try to keep good posture and take breaks to stand up from time to time. Sitting down for hours on end every day can lead to back problems down the line.

How to Choose a Good Gaming Chair

Taking the following factors into account, your decision-making will be much easier.


When it comes to gaming chairs, nothing is more important than comfort. Chances are, you’re going to be sitting in your chair for long periods.

It doesn’t do you any good if you don’t get the proper support. You should always try to get models that have extra cushions, as well as ones that prop up your lumbar to cut down on back pain. Adjustable chairs that you can freely shift are great as well.


You also need to pick your chair’s material. There are quite a few out there, and they all give you something different. You can get ones made with leather, PU leather, PVC leather, fabric, and mesh.

Leather options tend to be more durable and will last longer than other materials. However, they can also run hot, while mesh or fabric tends to be much more breathable. They’re softer as well, which can be good or bad depending on your preferences.


Something else to consider when getting a gaming chair is its size. There are two parts to this. First, you want something that fits your body.

You can get a large model, which is perfect for people who like to move around in their seats, or you can go with a smaller option that’s tighter and gives you better support.

In addition, always consider the room you have. A large chair might seem great, but you don’t want something that will hit or bump into your desk.

What’s the Best Budget Gaming Chair?

Here are a few of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each chair.

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair

The GTRACING Gaming Chair is all about providing great support. This model is perfect for gamers who like to sit and play for extended periods of time.

That’s mainly thanks to the high-quality padding, as well as the thick back and seat that offer support for all parts of your body. It also comes with two excellent armrests, and everything’s backed with a strong metal frame.

The other reason this chair kicks off our list is its incredible adjustability. The backrest reclines back 170 degrees, and the entire unit can swivel a full 360 degrees.

In that way, you’re able to always sit or play at the exact angle you want. The chair also gets high marks for the many striking colors it comes in. Being able to get a cool design to add some life to your gaming space is always fun.


If adjustability and versatility matter to you, the OFM ESS is an incredible gaming chair. This model lets you sit exactly how you want in just about any position you can imagine.

It comes fully equipped with height adjustment and center-tilt control. In addition, the chair swivels 360 degrees and has flip-up arms you can freely move in or out depending on if you need them or not.

This chair is also incredibly well-made. It’s sturdy and durable, complete with a powerful design and 275-pound frame.

That means you’re going to get a lot of use out of it and won’t have to replace it due to any dents or dings. Even if something does go wrong, this chair comes with a lifetime frame warranty as well as a 36-month warranty for parts. It has great leather upholstery as well.

3. Wensix Gaming Chair

The Wensix Gaming Chair is an affordable model specifically tailored toward comfort.

This model doesn’t just come with some of the best lumbar support on the market, it also has a sturdy metal frame as well as a headrest pillow that cushions your neck and spine.

There’s even a flip-out footrest if you need to take full advantage of the 180-degree recline while you play.

As with other great models, this chair is fully adjustable and utilizes a 360-degree swivel for maximum versatility. You can move it up or down through the level 3 gas cylinder mechanisms, and you can fully adjust the armrests to your specifications.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about if gaming chairs are really worth it. 

Do gaming chairs actually make you better? 

Gaming chairs don’t actually make you better at gaming. While they can help you stay more comfortable and provide good support, this has nothing to do with how good you are at playing a particular game. That comes down to skill and practice, not a chair. 

How important is a gaming chair? 

Whether or not you need a gaming chair really comes down to your personal preferences. You don’t need one of these chairs to game and game well. But they can offer additional features and comfort that some gamers might want. 

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs? 

Gaming chairs do typically have more features than office chairs. But an office chair can serve as a gaming chair just fine. The benefits of one chair versus the other come down to the individual needs and preferences of whoever is using it. 

How much should I spend on a gaming chair? 

You don’t need to spend a considerable amount of money on a good gaming chair. And if you are on a budget, you don’t need to get a gaming chair at all. You can get a good quality gaming chair for a few hundred dollars, while top-of-the-line models will cost more. 

Other Useful Tips

A good chair is an important piece to any gaming setup, but there are plenty of other ways to enhance your experience. If you’re curious about getting even more out of your sessions, here eare some excellent accessories for your gaming chair.

Gaming chairs, like any piece of equipment, need to be kept up over time. No matter how much you pay for yours, you still want it to stay in great shape. Following the steps in this video will ensure you get the most from yours.

Final Thoughts

Gaming chairs can be worth it for some people and not worth it for others. If you want a gaming chair, feel free to get one, but if you don’t think you need one, then you don’t. 

A gaming chair won’t instantly make you a better gamer. While they can provide some benefits with comfort and style, they aren’t necessary for everyone. 

Do you use a gaming chair? What do you like most about it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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