How to Add Trusted Sites in Chrome Mac

Security is always important when browsing online. Luckily, Chrome is one of the most secure browsers with tons of features. One particular feature is the trusted sites feature.

With this feature, you can add trusted sites in Chrome on Mac and bypass security checks.  

Hi, I’m Andreas, and I take online safety very seriously. Chrome has plenty of security features that alert you whenever visiting untrusted websites. But you can create your own list of trusted websites and indicate to Chrome that you trust these websites.

This guide will tell you how to create that list and add trusted sites. So, with all that said, let’s start.  

Easy Steps to Add Trusted Sites in Chrome Mac

You will need to change certificate permissions in Chrome on your Mac to add specific websites to the list of trusted websites. Follow these simple steps to do that.

Method 1: Modify Certificate Trust Level

Step 1: Launch Chrome and open a website.

Step 2: Navigate to the address bar and look for a “lock” icon or warning icon. This icon lies just before the website’s URL address. Click on the icon and choose “Connection is secure.” 

Step 4: Click on “Certificate is valid”. 

Step 5: Once Chrome opens the certificate pop-up, select the “Certificate Image“. You will need to drag the image to your Mac desktop and double-click it.

Step 6: Once you double-click the image, the Keychain Access window will open. You will need to input your password. 

Step 7: In the “Keychain” field, click to open the drop-down menu and select “System.” Then, click on “Add” to add the certificate.

Step 8: The system will ask you for your password. After you enter it, press “Modify Keychain”.

Step 9: Now, Locate the certificate in “System” and double-click on it.

Step 10: In the “Trust” field, under “When using this certificate,” select “Always Trust.” The System will need you to confirm this change by asking you for your password. Do it.

This will add the website to your list of trusted websites on Chrome Mac. If the Keychain Access tool asks for your password, add it again. You will be asked to restart Chrome so the new changes can go into effect. 

This is one way to add trusted websites to Chrome on Mac. But there is another one. 

Method 2: Chrome Security and Privacy Settings

The second method is different, as you’ll go into Chrome and modify the security checks for specific websites. Let’s do that.

Step 1: Launch Chrome and click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. Click on “Settings.”

Step 2: In Chrome settings, look for “Privacy and Security.”

Step 3: Click on “Site Settings” and look at the “Content” section.

Step 4: Under “Content,” you will see four options – “Cookies and site data”, “JavaScript”, “Images”, and “Pop-up and redirect”. You can go into each one and add websites to bypass these specific security checks. 

For example, if you click on JavaScript, you can add websites that are and aren’t allowed to use JavaScript.

What’s the Benefit of Adding Trusted Websites on Chrome Mac?

The trusted websites feature works fairly simply. Essentially, you tell Chrome that you trust these websites. So subsequently, Chrome won’t perform standard security checks.

The feature will make the websites load faster and enable plugin-based programs like JavaScript and Flash. The feature comes in handy when you know that a specific website is trustworthy. If you visit it often, you won’t have to wait for Chrome to perform the security checks.

This makes for a better browsing experience.


That concludes this guide on how to add trusted websites to Chrome. I hope I’ve explained the need to add trusted websites and how you benefit from doing so.

However, you should never add websites that Chrome itself flags as security risks.

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