zipBoard Review: Free Website Annotation Tool

zipBoard is a solid option for a bug tracking and project management tool that can help software development businesses and freelancers alike improve their workflow and iron out any kinks throughout the design process.

It makes for a great collaboration tool for remote teams that provides an easy platform to mark up webpages, videos, and other types of files to quickly communicate ideas and thoughts on any given project.

The platform is easy to navigate and effective in action, making it a recommended option for any type of web developer, graphic designer, or project manager who wants an innovative and thought-out tool to aid them in the design process – all while offering a means for any clients to be involved during design stages as well.

What is zipBoard?

zipBoard is a software design and development collaboration tool that provides a platform to quickly track feedback and input on a project from everyone involved.

It also functions as a bug-tracking tool to help you work through any issues in real time and can be very beneficial for creating new projects or improving upon existing ones. It can be used in a variety of applications from software development to e-courses to designer/client relations.

How Does It Work?

A key aspect of how zipBoard functions is by allowing you to track each step of the project in question. This allows you to easily keep everything in order and organized while allowing a team or client to stay involved and informed along the way.

After starting a new project, you can keep track of any bugs or issues during the design or creation process by using the intuitive spreadsheet-like layout to manage various projects.

zipBoard also allows you to mark up any development or design projects in progress for quick communication and a means to fix bugs or make improvements. You can add comments directly to a webpage, PDF file, e-course, or whatever other projects might be in the works.

This can be great for collaboration but the platform also allows you to mark up and comment on existing sites to generate ideas or note problems.

Everyone involved in a given project on zipBoard will be notified when a comment or action is made and this makes tracking project activity a breeze. Notifications will appear in the zipBoard app and email for all people involved, making for a great means of internal communication.

Bug tracking is another great feature of the software that utilizes a similar system to project activity tracking. Within zipBoard, you can use such features as assigning priorities, tracking the status of any tasks, and adding tags to specific bugs. This allows for a focused approach to ironing out issues that can be easily shared with others to make quick improvements.

zipBoard also comes with a variety of other features you can use to your benefit. The software can work with other communication and collaboration tools such as Slack and Jira to take project management to another level of efficiency.

You can also download files with zipBoard to share with anyone who isn’t a direct collaborator on the project and easily make CSV files for offline use. The Reviewboards feature is also nice as it allows you to switch between a live site version of the project and a review mode to get a feel for how a project is currently functioning while also allowing for quick markup.

Price and Platform Compatibility

zipBoard is a web-based software that is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.

There is a free version of the program that gives you the basic functions of the software with 1 review/file URL, 1 project, and unlimited collaborators.

If you want more than the basic plan, you’ll need to sign up for one of the subscription plans that are either billed monthly or annually. Each plan comes with a 15-day free trial for you to try out before committing to monthly payments.

  • The Starter plan is $39/month billed annually and gives you 5 review files/URLs, unlimited projects, and unlimited collaborators.
  • The Team plan is $79/month billed annually and gives you 20 review files/URLs, unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators, video recording capabilities, integration, and export to CSV features.
  • The Enterprise plan has custom pricing and unlocks all of the features of the program. If you choose the monthly payment, it will add $10/month to the Team and Starter plans.

Is zipBoard Worth It?

If you are a software developer, zipBoard offers some great solutions for bug tracking and collaboration. Its simple design and effective communication and markup tools make it a recommended option for design companies and freelancers alike.

With a 15-day free trial, zipBoard allows you to explore the excellent features of the program to decide if it meets your needs and is an option well worth exploring.

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