Where to Place a WiFi Extender in a Two-Story House?

WiFi extenders are a great way to expand internet coverage in a two-story house, as long as they are high up, away from clutter, and set on the second story in a spot roughly above the router.

I’m a long-time technology user who’s spent years extending and expanding WiFi networks in a range of different buildings. That experience allowed me to see how they operate in both single and two-story homes.

This guide breaks down how to get the most from your WiFi extender in any setup. It does that by looking at the devices, studying the way they interact with larger houses, and noting the best ways to make them even more effective.

Key Takeaways

  • Set your extender (and router) in clear spots near the center of your home.
  • Always make sure your extender and router are directly above or below each other on different floors.
  • While not always needed, getting two extenders can give a large house even more reliable internet coverage.

The Best Place to Put a WiFi Extender

WiFi extenders, by their nature, increase your internet coverage. However, even the best models have specific limitations. They can be impeded by obstacles, including other electronic devices, furniture, or walls, and they all have a specific range.

That’s why, when setting one up in a two-story house, placement is critical. Even if your router and extender are able to cover all parts of your home, you still might see dead zones or dropped signals if you don’t have it in the correct spot.

The best place to put an extender in any home is halfway between a wireless router and the devices you’re connecting. That will give you great results on both ends of the connection. In a two-story home that holds true as well, but there are a few other factors to keep in mind.

One of the biggest is to try to place your extender somewhere on the first or second story that’s either directly above or directly below your router. That keeps the two devices within range of each other at all times.

On top of that, it’s critical to ensure your extender is in a high, open point with limited obstacles around it no matter what story it’s on. The less interference around it, the better off you’ll be. 

How To Get the Best WiFi In a Two-Story House

While an extender is one of the most effective ways to expand your at-home coverage, it’s far from the only one. There are several different methods available to you that boost your signal and ensure you get great results in any room.

The first is to put your router in the center of your home. Central locations are perfect for any WiFi-spamming device because it enables them to equally disperse their signal to all corners of the house. If they’re tucked away, they will lose efficiency. 

On top of that, as with your extender, it’s a great idea to keep your router in a high space away from any other clutter. Avoiding obstacles is an easy way to boost your WiFi, especially in a two-story home filled with a lot of extra walls or furniture. 

It’s a good idea to put your router near the ceiling of the first floor if possible. That won’t just give you a higher signal on the ground, but it will ensure it reaches up into the second story.

If you want to go beyond the above options, upgrading your router or getting faster internet are both great options too. 

Does a Two-Story House Need Two Extenders?

When it comes to internet coverage, one extender almost always gets the job done. Most models are reliable and have a range that extends from anywhere between 1,000 and 3,000 feet. However, that’s in a perfect world. Reality is rarely that simple.

As mentioned above, there are many outside factors that negatively impact WiFi. Household objects, signals, and even walls are all culprits. Though you want to keep your extender in an open space, that’s not always possible in a two-story home.

There are a few ways to get a better signal in such situations, but getting another extender is one of the most apparent. Though not all houses need to go that route, it’s a good option for those who own exceptionally big two-story homes.

Just be aware that if you get two extenders, they both need to be connected directly to the router rather than to each other. Daisy chaining two devices, even if they’re from the same company, will destroy your bandwidth and cause your whole internet speed to slow down.

Only bring a second extender into your two-story house if you absolutely need more coverage, or if your space is so big that there are still dead spots.


This section covers, and answers, some of the most asked questions regarding WiFi extenders in two-story homes.

What’s the Best Way to Extend WiFi to Another Building?

There are two ways to get a WiFi signal to another residence. A long-range extender with extremely wide coverage, or a burial-grade underground cable. The cable is more effective, but it’s not as easy to set up or use as the extender.

How Do I Get My WiFi Extender to Reach Outside?

If you need to get signal beyond your home, such as in your backyard, placing your extender near the door will do the trick. Simply put it as close to your yard as possible, or plug it into an outdoor outlet.

How Do I Get WiFi Across a Large Property?

An extender is always the best way to expand coverage across a big house. You can even use two if you have enough space. A second router is also a great option, as is setting up a full mesh at-home network.

Final Words

There are several ways to improve your WiFi in a two-story house, and correct extender placement is perhaps the most important. As long as it’s in an open spot with limited interference and directly above the router, you’ll get coverage in any home.

Do you use an extender in a two-story house? Where did you place it, and what steps did you take to increase its efficiency? Let us know in the comments below!

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