Where Does Spotify Store Offline Music on Android?

If you are using an Android device, your offline music can be located on the Spotify homepage under the section “Music Downloads”.  

Hi there! I’m Nancy, and I’ve been a Spotify user since 2017. Spotify offers an offline mode feature that enables you to enjoy downloaded music or podcasts without an active internet connection. This feature is especially valuable as it eliminates the need for continuous data streaming, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted listening experience without any buffering.

In this post, I’ll show you how to find your offline music on the Spotify app from your Android device.

Where is My Offline Music on Spotify?

When you download music from your Spotify playlist, you can access it even without an internet connection. If your Spotify status indicates that you are offline, you’ll notice a section called “Music Downloads” on the Spotify homepage when you open the app on your Android device. This section contains all of your downloaded playlists and podcasts, ready for you to enjoy offline.

Once you’re back online, you’ll notice that the “Music Downloads” section won’t be available anymore. But no worries! If you want to see your downloaded playlists and podcasts, simply switch your Spotify to “Offline Mode,” which you can find in the Settings menu. This way, you can easily check which content you’ve downloaded before going offline or when you don’t have an internet connection. 

Where Are Spotify Files Stored on Android?

You can easily access all your Spotify downloads right within the app. Unlike some other apps, your downloads won’t be saved to an external folder on your Android device. 

No need to worry about where your files are stored, or wasting time trying to locate them. It’s all right there. So, whenever you feel like enjoying your downloaded tracks or episodes, just simply open the Spotify app. 

How to Check Storage Space of Spotify Downloads

To check the storage usage of Spotify, click on the gear icon to access the Settings menu on the homepage. Next, scroll down until you find the section labeled “Storage”. Within this section, you will find detailed information about the usage of other apps, downloads, cache, and the amount of available free space.

If you need to free up additional storage space, you have two options. You can either clear your cache or delete your downloads. By doing so, you’ll create room for more storage space on your Android device.

Final Thoughts

We hope that it was straightforward for you to find your offline content on Spotify. It’s important to note that you can only download content for offline listening if you have a Spotify Premium subscription. 

While you can’t directly save downloaded songs onto your Android device from the app, if your device features an external SD card, you have the option to store your downloads there instead of using the device’s internal memory.

If you have any more questions about Spotify offline downloads, let us know in the comments below.

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