T2M URL Shortener Review

Does this resonate with you? You want to share a link with your friends or audiences, but you find the URL very complicated. It’s super long with mixing numbers and symbols, and you usually can’t recognize anything from the link.

That’s why we sometimes use a URL shortener to make the long link short and sweet. There are many tools out there that allow you to customize the link with your domain name and even provide you with detailed click data so you know when people click the link, where they come from, how many times the link has been clicked, etc.

These are all the benefits that you can’t get from the original link. It’s also one main reason that more and more people, especially internet marketers and YouTubers start using URL shorteners.

URL Shortener from T2M is one such service, and we found it works amazingly well.

Let’s jump in and see how it works.

What is T2M URL Shortener?

T2M URL Shortener, as its name tells, is a tool that can shorten your URL and best of all, customize your URL with your brand or domain. Besides, T2M can also track every click on the manageable links. It gives you more insights into your campaigns and enables you to analyze your target audience’s behaviors.
How Does It Work?

Transform Your URLs

The first thing that T2M can do for you is make your URL shorter. When you want to share links with your friends, it would be nice to have a shorter and cleaner link. Some social media have limitations on the number of characters that you can post. With the shorter URL, you can write more important text.

In T2M, you can customize the link with your domain. One feature I especially love is that T2M can transform one URL into multiple short URLs. By doing this, you can set up different short URLs for various campaigns and track each one. This brings a lot of conveniences if you are an Internet marketer that often does A/B testings.

Besides, these customized short URLs are accessible anytime. If you want to use this URL for a specific time, you can also set an expired date for it. Plus, the password is available to be set up for limited access. Now that QR codes are wildly used in some countries, T2M can also transform your link to a printable QR code so you can use it anywhere.

Track and Manage Every Click

User behavior is useful information. It gives you direction to improve your products or services and help you find out which campaign is more effective.

A great and useful feature of T2M is that it can track clicks. This way, you get to know more about your audience. What people hit the URL, total click number, where do people come from, whether the click is from mobile or computer, etc. All this information can be tracked by T2M and you can get a graphic report about them.

APIs And Powerful Support

If you need API, T2M offers full access to its REST API for premium users. With API, you can create more personalized branded URLs. T2M has a support team to help you set this up.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, T2M URL Shortener is an online tool. You can access it everywhere by going to its official website.

T2M is not free to use. To prevent spam abuse, T2M charges $5 for starting a new account with its basic plan. They said the cost is one-time, and the purpose is for account verification. You will get some credits, e.g. max 1000 short URLs per month, 5000 clicks, or redirects per month.

There are several other paid plans with different function limits, Standard ($9.99/month), Pro ($29.99/month), Premium(89.99), and Dedicated plan. Each plan shows its features clearly in its pricing sheet. You will easily find out which plan is the best for you.

Is It Worth It?

T2M is not a free tool, but with a basic amount, you can achieve some basic functions like shortening URLs, customizing URLs, and tracking link hits. If you need short and customized links, $9.99 per month is good to start. T2M is also beautifully designed and easy to use, I think it’s fairly priced. Try it out and see how it works for you.

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