How to Stop CCleaner Pop-up Ads

We all hate pop-ups, don’t we? Especially those pop-ups that try to sell you something. CCleaner was one of the best PC cleaners on the market and it was completely free.

However, if you just installed CCleaner 5.44 (or a later version) on your Windows PC, you’d probably come across this “CCleaner Summer Sale” pop-up, like this:

ccleaner pop-up

Well, you are not alone. There are many other CCleaner users seeing this same commercial “offer”. Take a look at this thread from the Piriform Forum.

Note: Piriform (the maker of CCleaner) was acquired by Avast back in 2017.

Since then, CCleaner has been through some major changes such as pricing structure. it’s a no-brainer that Avast is trying to monetize this free program, to the best it can.

My gut tells me this somewhat intrusive pop-up is part of their monetization efforts, which is totally fine from a business’s perspective.

However, I have to say it’s not so user-friendly. Luckily, there’s a way to stop this CCleaner pop-up (along with some other pop-ups) and in this article, we’ll show you how.

How to Stop Pop-ups in CCleaner

Step 1: Go to the CCleaner official website and download the latest version of CCleaner.

Step 2: After installing CCleaner on your PC, open it and click Options from the left panel.

Step 3: Switch to the Privacy tab, and uncheck the Show offers for our other products option.

That’s it, now say goodbye to the “summer sale offer” popup on CCleaner, you should not be targeted.

Stop Other Kinds of Pop-ups in CCleaner

CCleaner has also many other kinds of pop-ups which can appear in the lower right corner. If you want to disable all these pop-ups, here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Click the Smart Cleaning tab, and from the right-hand side of the Smart Cleaning tab, uncheck Tell me when there are junk files to clean option.

Step 2: Click the Updates tab and uncheck the following options:

  • Apply these updates automatically
  • Notify me when an update has taken place
  • Show me notifications for these updates

Step 3: Click the Advanced tab and uncheck the following options:

  • Show prompt to backup registry issues
  • Enable Windows Jump List Tasks

That’s it! Now you should stay away from all CCleaner pop-ups.

Final Words

I like CCleaner and its sister program Recuva, they are two of my favorite programs that have been installed on my PC for years. Their maker, Piriform, was a great company. It’s sad to see they were acquired by Avast two years back.

Monetizing a program with intrusive pop-ups seems to be a legit and popular marketing tactic, but it should not hurt user experience.

While I was reading that Piriform thread, many users complained that initially there was no way to close the pop-up unless you click on it. This is definitely a tricky tactic.

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  • JamesM

    I became seriously disenchanted with Avast’s browser trqcking issues on XP and win10 as well as the continuous ipv. ??? CCleaner pop-up cookie two years ago and switched to BitDefender.

    This is after using Avast since AVG had its own serious failures circa 2009.

    And I’m still using CCleaner 5.39 daily and have no plans for updating/upgrading same.

    BTW Ccleaner automatic updates (and any others which annoy) may be disabled in TaskScheduler

  • Rick

    Yes, I am done with this free product. I had considered purchasing until I saw it was a “yearly” license. And now the annoying popup has driven me from Ccleaner for good. Looking elsewhere, even to purchase, but not Ccleaner.

  • Fritz

    I’m going to look for the old version and re-install it. Ads are fair game when you are using the program but not all the time you are using your PC. I uninstalled Avast for the same reason.

  • IlostMyTimeHere

    Useless article! Believe us, if we had the Pro version, we would know how to disable the pop-up! If we are here, is because we want to know how to do it with the FREE version!!

  • lou

    Jessica Carrell,
    Somehow this bad article ends up on top of search results, what gives?
    This is obnoxious waste of time. The worst advice for getting rid of ccleaner pop up spam.
    Please take it down you are embarrassing yourself.
    A little advice next time please write up an article that has some useful advice. There’s a lot of false and fake news out on the net. You are just adding to it.

  • kmo911 martin olsen

    i would remove it if it the nonPRo version. it is annoying. it made too annoy every time you start up browsers and if you got low space on hdd ssd hybrid. get a other free version of a nicer program. thats nøts annoying free foreverr. and so on. i shall try searching for program s that not give a wageling tale. and dissconnect from net.

  • dug

    i dont have them options on this annoying pos software

  • JC

    This no longer works as of Nov 2019.
    The only Privacy option is sharing data

  • Brian

    Reading this article on Sep 24, 2019, there is no longer an option to deselect “Show offers for our other products” anymore under the Privacy tab or anywhere else that I can find. How disappointing!

  • Nas

    The option to remove ads is only available on the PRO version, not the free version.
    I’ve just spent 10 minutes looking for it until I realised the above example is from the PRO version.
    If I had to pay to remove the ads I’d be using a different software altogether!
    Thanks for wasting my time on a useless post…

    • Poncke

      Hang on, so you fail to read this helpful post properly, and then you blame author.