How to Do Split Screen on Windows 11

Spliting screen can increase your productivity as it allows you to view more than one application or document at a time, side by side. And Windows 11 makes it even easier to get the job done with a feature called Snap Layouts. 

In this how-to guide, we’ll show you how to split screen on Windows 11 using Snap Layouts, and two other methods – step by step! Keep reading to learn more.

First Things First: Check and Turn on Split Screen Feature via Settings

Before taking any of the methods below, you’ll need to make sure that the split screen feature is enabled.

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings app. Navigate to the System on the left-side menu and click Multitasking on the right-side pane.

Step 2: Click on the toggle to turn Snap windows on and click the caret icon beside the toggle.

Step 3: Check all the options.

Then you can split your screen using any of the methods below.

Method 1: Split Screen Using the Snap Layouts from Maximum Button

With this method, you have different layout options to snap your screen. Note that the options may vary depending on your screen resolution. You’ll have more options if you have high resolution.

Step 1: Open any folder or browser on your computer, move your mouse cursor to the maximum button, and the snap layouts will appear. Click on the layout type you want.

Step 2: Your screen will snap into the layout that you chose. And now you can see other apps that are currently running on your computer shown on the other side.

(I chose the half-half layout for an example.)

Step 3: Click one of the apps or windows you want to use to fulfill the snapped screen.

When you want to exit the split screen feature, double-click on the title bar of the window or drag it to the middle of the screen. 

Method 2: Split Screen Using Your Cursor

This method can split your screen into half-half or four-quarters snapped screen. If you want more layout options, go back to use Method 1 above.

Step 1: Open any app or browser on your computer, put your cursor on the title bar and drag it to the left or right on your screen until you receive visual feedback that tells that you are able to snap the screen into a half-half layout. Release it to split your screen.

Or put your cursor on the title bar and drag it to the left or right corner of your screen to snap it into quarters.

Step 2: Click one of the apps or windows you want to achieve the snapped screen.

(half-half layout)

(four-quarter layout)

Method 3: Split Screen Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You also can snap the screen into two halves here by using a keyboard shortcut. 

Step 1: Press Windows + Left or Right Arrow keys, and your screen will split into two snapped areas, and your currently opened window will go left or right.

Step 2: Click one of the apps or windows you want to use on the snapped screen.

That’s it, done!

When working on a computer with multiple displays, it’s often eye-friendlier to keep multiple documents and applications in one place. That’s why splitting screens is becoming more popular than ever. 

As introduced above, there are several ways to split screen on a computer that has Windows 11 installed. Let us know which one is your favorite? Or are they are other solutions to get the job done? Either way, share your thoughts below.

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