Does a Router Make Your Internet Faster?

Though routers don’t directly change internet speed, a weak one can slow your connection down while a strong one can make it much more efficient.

I’m someone who’s spent years working with different routers. My own experience, paired with additional research, allowed me to figure out their internal workings and understand exactly the way they impact a connection. 

This guide will expand on that point by looking at how routers operate. Doing so will shed light on, not just the negative and positive impacts they can have on a network, but how to make your internet stronger as well.

Key Takeaways

  • Where slow routers create chokepoints for your internet connection, high quality ones help everything run smoothly.
  • Moving your router to an open space, upgrading service, getting a better model, or buying a WiFi extender are all ways to increase your personal connection.
  • When getting a new router, always take into account budget, reliability, speed, and extra features.

How Routers Affect Internet Speed

Technically speaking, routers don’t do anything to internet speed. No matter how good or bad a model is, it won’t make your internet any slower or faster. Even so, they can make it much more efficient under the right circumstances.

Routers work as a go between, which means they can bottleneck connections. If a lot of devices are going at once, your connections can slow down. That’s especially true if your router is old or outdated.

Upgrading to a faster internet will give you better speeds on an open network, but it won’t be able to overcome a shoddy router. If the device isn’t up to the job, you have to switch it out.

On the flip side, getting a new or better router can do wonders for your connectivity. While it doesn’t necessarily make your internet speed faster (that’s only based on the plan you have) it can greatly improve your connection. 

Let’s say you have a 300 Mbps internet plan. A router can’t change that number, but it can better make use of that connection. Premium models go a long way in that regard, especially compared to shoddy or more budget options.

Getting a new router is one of the easiest and simplest ways to give your internet a boost. That’s especially true if you live in a large house or a space with a lot of wireless devices.

The Ways to Make Your WiFi Faster

Getting a new and improved router is a great way to increase your internet’s productivity, but there are many other ways to amp up your WiFi. One of the simplest is to move your router to a better location.

Sometimes, the device is simply in a place where it’s too crowded to work properly. Walls, household items, and other electronics can all impact it. Try to set it in a clear place without a ton of interference. 

Another way to increase how well your device works is to change the channel or band. WiFi signals are divided into individual channels, one of which is linked to your WiFi. If your neighbors are using the same channel as you, it can cause slowdowns. A change fixes that.

If that’s not enough, a WiFi extender is a great option as well. The devices, as their name suggests, increase your internet by extending the range. While they also don’t increase speed, the devices cut down on dead zones and greatly expand your coverage.

Something else to keep in mind is to cut off any unused devices. The more things connected to your WiFi, the more stress it’ll put on your router. Only have essentials hooked up to the network and don’t be afraid to trim down anything that you don’t regularly use.

Some routers even offer special control options to help you prioritize a particular device or service. Of course, you can always upgrade your internet as well. A faster plan won’t overcome an old router, but it will perfectly complement a new model.

What Router Should I Get?

A new router can greatly improve your internet quality, but getting one is not always easy. There are many models on the market, and they all come with different pros and cons.

Users who want something that’s incredibly reliable and don’t mind paying a bit more will love both the TP-Link AX3000 and the Asus AX5700. Each one delivers a stable connection with good speeds regardless of how much you use them.

In contrast, the TP-Link AX1800 is a good budget model. It may not have all of the top features as the above two models, but it’s reliable and stable. If you want power, however, it’s hard to go wrong with all of the features packed into the Linksys Mesh.

Just know what you want and go with what suits you the best.


This section answers a few of the biggest questions about routers and internet speed.

Can a Router Affect My Computer Speed?

No. Routers can have an impact on your internet connection, but they don’t do anything to your computer speed or its performance.

How Many Mbps Is Good for a Router?

It completely depends on your individual needs. Most users will never need internet that goes beyond 100 Mbps, but those with heavy usage or an extremely large house can benefit from going up to 200 or 300 Mbps.

Does Having Two Routers Increase Internet Speed?

As with one router, having two won’t directly increase or decrease your base internet speed. However, using two can give you better results and can create a stronger network as long as they don’t interfere with each other.

Final Words

An upgraded router is one of the best ways to improve internet performance, especially if you’re seeing less-than-stellar results. The devices can be expensive, but when it comes to creating a more stable connection it’s hard to find a more reliable upgrade.

Have you upgraded your router recently? If so, why? Did you see any noticeable results? Comment down below!

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