4 Free Software to Remove Background from Photo

We’ve all been there. You take what you think is the perfect photo only to find out that something you don’t like is in the background. Even worse, you look great in a photo but the background is incredibly dull.

While most people would simply take the photo again, that’s not always an option. If that’s the case, you need background removal software.

Remove Backgrounds from Photos

Whether you need to remove the background to edit the photo, or if you’d just prefer no background in your photo at all, the following software can certainly help you out.

In this roundup, we’ll go over the best ones and explain what traits they have that set them apart from similar programs.

1. Remove.BG

With artificial intelligence at its core, remove.bg certainly deserves a place on this list.

The AI was trained on millions of different photos, which is why it’s so useful for both simple and complex backgrounds. It’s automatic but also comes with a smart tool to always give you the final say on what should and shouldn’t be cut.

Adjusting the image after the removal is incredibly easy with this technology, and the best part is that it can be done in seconds. Whether you want to create studio-quality portraits, product pictures, digital stamps, or countless other projects, this tool is for you.

The team is also always working on adding new features, such as color correction and bulk cropping. That ensures the product is constantly improving and you know you’ll have even more great traits later on.

All in all, this free background removal tool can save you a ton of time and energy. The best choice for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time removing the background from their photos.

2. Adobe Express

One of the most popular options these days is Adobe Express. As the name indicates, this software can completely transform the look of your photos within minutes.

It also gives you complete control over what parts of the photo and background are kept and which are eliminated. While you do need a bit of experience or technological expertise to be able to precisely remove the background, doing so is simple and clear.

Adobe Express can do a lot more than remove backgrounds. It can essentially turn any photo or image into an incredible work of art if you know how to use the in-depth interface.

Between editing, drawing, distorting, and various other features, Adobe Express gives users a ton of options. It’s great for logos, for preparing posters, or simply for having fun and expressing yourself creatively.

3. PhotoScissors


If simplicity is the most important thing to you, PhotoScissors is the way to go. It’s an online software tool that makes it incredibly easy to remove backgrounds from a variety of different photos.

It can easily handle semi-transparent things like hair and removes items much faster than other popular programs. The background you remove can also be easily replaced with a solid color, or a different picture, or they can simply be left transparent.

You don’t need any specific skills to have professional quality background removal right at your fingertips either. The PhotoScissors algorithm will work hard to accurately and precisely remove the background for you.

As an added bonus, the software also supports the popular image formats on the market, so getting started is easy.

4. MediaModifier


As you might imagine, MediaModifier is all about modifying your media. The free design editor makes it incredibly easy to remove the background from your photos.

Once you upload your image, simply select the background color you want and then use the distance slider to decide how much of the background you want to be removed.

If your background contains many different colors, the process might take a bit longer. However, it can certainly be done if you put in the time.

Beyond that, MediaModifier is great for creating all different types of stunning digital art and graphics. It’s especially popular amongst marketers and users who want their content to be dialed in.

The drag-and-drop tool is extremely intuitive. So much so that it’s a joy to use from the start of your project all the way to the finish. The layout within the software is also perfectly designed and allows anyone to create beautiful pieces without a lot of wasted time.

Final Words

Sometimes, a great photo can be ruined by a dull background. Other times, the background of a photo can ruin an otherwise solid edit.

No matter why you want to get rid of a backdrop, the above options will make it happen. Each one works quickly, is easy to use, and gives you great results in no time at all. Just be sure to do your research and pick the one that meets your needs.

If you use or know of any other software or tools to remove backgrounds from photos that you would have included in this list, we’d love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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