Can I Put a GPS Tracker in My Child?

There currently are no GPS trackers that you can put inside your child. But it is possible to use other types of GPS trackers, such as a bracelet or other devices, for the same purposes. This can be a good safety measure to keep track of your child. 

This post will look at if you can put a GPS tracker in a child. I’ll explain why you can’t and shouldn’t put a tracker inside of a child while highlighting other ways you can use GPS to watch a child. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Most GPS trackers currently available for people are made to be used externally, and there are no readily available options to put in a child. 
  • You can use trackers that a child wears or otherwise has on their person, like a bracelet or other wearable item. 
  • GPS trackers can help prevent your child from getting lost or kidnapped, but you should always use discretion when using one, as privacy issues also come into play. 

GPS Tracking and Children

Every caring parent out there wants to know that their kids are safe and secure. That’s why many parents consider using a GPS tracker of some sort to keep watch on children when they aren’t together. 

Before exploring this in-depth, it’s good to again touch on the fact that internal GPS tracking devices, like a microchip or similar device, are not available to the general public. You probably shouldn’t use them on a child, even if they were. 

So even though you cannot and should not put a tracking device inside your kids, you can still put a similar device on them somehow. And if they have a smartphone, then it’s actually pretty easy to track their whereabouts. I’ll show you how in the section below.

There are some other great options for the type and style of GPS tracking for children. Take some time to explore your options and see which makes the most sense for your situation, budget, or preferences. 

GPS Tracking Bracelet for Children

A GPS tracking bracelet for children is a good option to explore if you want to keep track of where they are at all times. These bracelets are relatively affordable and work quite well at pinpointing a person’s location. 

If you do choose to put a tracking bracelet on your child, you should inform them of what it is and what it’s for. That way, they won’t take off the bracelet and leave it somewhere, which would obviously be an issue if or when you wanted to track them. 

Most GPS-tracking bracelets function in a similar way. The bracelet has a GPS signal that you can track using an app on your phone or software on a computer. Setting them up and putting them into use is very easy and affordable. 

How to Put a GPS Tracker on Your Child’s Phone

Using a smartphone GPS as a tracking device is a simple solution to keeping track of your children. They will obviously need a phone to make this happen, but the rest of the setup is pretty simple, no matter which tracking app you use. 

All you really need to do to put a GPS tracker on your child’s phone is download and install a GPS tracking app on the phone. You can then use your phone or computer to track the child when they are away from you. 

Several different GPS tracking apps are available to choose from, but they all function similarly. The tracking app will function as long as the child has the phone on them and the battery is charged.


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to if you can put a GPS tracker in a child. 

Can you put a tracking chip in a person? 

Hollywood movies might have you believe otherwise, but it’s really not currently possible to put a tracking chip inside of a person. These devices might exist but are not available for commercial use, and there are many issues involved with using one. 

Should I put a tracker on my child? 

Whether or not you should put a tracker on your child is a personal question that will vary from person to person. If you are very worried about your child or they don’t have the means or ability to take care of themselves, you might want to consider a tracker. 

How can I track my child’s whereabouts? 

If your child has a smartphone, you can use GPS tracking apps to track their whereabouts. Wearable GPS devices allow you to track them if they don’t have a phone. Make sure you know how to use these devices properly for best use and application. 

How to Choose a Secure GPS Tracker for Kids

When it comes to a device that has the potential to save a child’s life, you can’t cut corners. There are certain benchmarks that every GPS tracker should meet, and those benchmarks are what you should consider when deciding on the right model.

Real-Time Tracking Capabilities

Is the tracker you put on your child’s bag or clothing going to tell you exactly where they are at the moment you’re checking in or is there a lag between readings?

The distinction between the two could save valuable minutes, or seconds, when you’re trying to locate your kid.

Some models don’t allow you to manually ping the tracker, while others do. You want that feature, especially in the event of an emergency.


We all know how active a child can be. As such, the GPS tracker you get needs to be able to withstand, not just environmental elements, but also the type of wear and tear a child can put on virtually anything they come in contact with.

Will your child’s tracker hold up in water? How reliable are the buttons and functionality if it’s been knocked around? Always answer these questions before purchasing your GPS tracker.

Battery Life

Your GPS tracker should have a minimum battery life of about a week. That gives you a sense of security for an entire week of school or sleepaway camp.

It also helps you stay connected for long periods of time and gives you even more peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Keeping an eye on your children with GPS tracking can bring peace of mind to any worried parents. And even though you can’t put a GPS tracker in your child, you can have them wear a tracking device or use their smartphone as a tracker.

While tracking a child might make a lot of sense when they are young, issues can appear relating to privacy when they grow older. Make sure to talk with your kids about the importance of tracking them for safety and listen to their feelings on the matter. 

Have you ever used a GPS tracker to track a child or person? What type of device did you use, and how did it work? Let me know in the comments below. 

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