Can You Print Shipping Labels with a Regular Printer?

You can print shipping labels with a regular printer, and you don’t need any special equipment or material to do so. This is a good option for small businesses or anyone who needs to ship packages often. 

This post will look at if you can print shipping labels with a regular printer. I’ll tell you why this is a good option to explore and why you might want to consider it. I’ll also provide you with some other important related information. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can easily print shipping labels with a regular printer, which avoids waiting in line for labels at a post office or other shipping location. 
  • You don’t need a special printer or any specialized materials to print shipping labels at home. 
  • Many printers have settings for printing labels, which you can use to help you print shipping labels. 

Printing Shipping Labels with a Regular Printer

There are many conveniences of the modern world, and printing shipping labels at home is one of these. If you have a printer, you’ll be able to print labels for shipping packages, saving you time and money in the long run. 

So you can print shipping labels with a regular printer, and you don’t need any special equipment to make this happen. That’s good news for small business owners or anyone else who needs to ship things often. 

If you have a really old printer, it might not be capable of printing sticker labels. So you should always check to see what your particular printer can do before assuming it can handle that type of label printing. 

Can You Print Shipping Labels at the Post Office? 

It is possible to print some types of shipping labels at the post office. You can print pre-paid packages and no postage necessary types of labels at most locations. Post Office workers will also print any label you need when you ship an item. 

One of the advantages of using your own printer versus getting labels printed at the post office is that you don’t need to wait in line. Some locations have long lines, which can be a pain if you need to ship packages often. 

How to Print Labels on a Regular Printer

Printing labels on a regular printer is pretty straightforward, and you don’t need special equipment or experience to make it happen. You can print labels if you have a normal printer and regular paper. 

If you want to print sticker labels, like the ones you get at the post office, you’ll need to have those labels and ensure your printer can handle using them. Most Inkjet and Laser printers can use sticker labels with no problem. 

Some printers have a label setting, so check with your particular printer to see if this is the case before you start printing. You might need to position sticker labels or label-sized paper on a certain section of the printer tray. 

From there, just follow the printing instruction from the carrier you are shipping with. You might need to weigh or measure your package and fill in some details to get the proper label generated online that you can then print. 

Once it’s printed, you just need to attach the label to your package and take it somewhere to ship or have it picked up. As you can see, this is a pretty simple solution for anyone who wants convenience or needs to ship things often. 

How to Choose a Printer for Labels

Take the following things into consideration when shopping for a printer for printing labels.

Inkjet vs. Laser

When getting a printer, you first have to decide if you want an inkjet or laser model. While there’s nothing wrong with either option, they both have unique characteristics that you may or may not want.

Inkjets provide better color quality but are also harder to maintain. They tend to cost more down the line as well. In contrast, laser models have a higher page yield and can work faster. The choice is up to you.

Cartridge Cost

No matter how much a printer costs upfront, you’re going to have to buy some sort of cartridge down the line. That can be a pain, especially for certain models that only take extremely specific brands.

Always check what types of ink (and cartridges) your printer takes. In addition, see if they can be refilled manually rather than replaced. While that’s more work on your end, it cuts down on costs as time goes on.

Paper Handling

At its base, every printer will be able to handle regular paper. However, only certain models can go above and beyond that standard.

Check what materials you need to print (labels or otherwise) and then get a machine that can easily pump them out. Many current models have special trays that are able to handle heavier paper, and some even have a second tray for different or unique stock.

What is the Best Printer for Labels?

It all depends on your needs and personal preferences. Here are a few that we like and recommend:

1. Canon PIXMA

The Canon PIXMA is an all-in-one device capable of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. It happens to do a great job of printing labels too.

That multi-functionality then combines with excellent connectivity options (WiFi, AirPrint, and USB) to create one of the most versatile options on the market.

However, this device isn’t just flexible, it also happens to be incredibly easy to set up and use. That makes it perfect for users of all types.

You also get a lot of technological features here. The printer has Wireless Connect and links up to the Canon Print app so you can quickly print anything right from your smartphone or tablet.

There is also an auto power on/off to save you energy and the voice-activated printing works like a dream.

On top of that, it features If This Then That, which means you’ll never get stuck or caught off guard while using the device.

2. OfficeJet 3830

Few label printers give you the power or functionality of the OfficeJet 3830. This device gives you the ability to print, scan, or copy anything you might need through the excellent LCD touchscreen and numerous advanced features.

That makes it perfect for bulk jobs and people who need a lot of different documents in a short period of time.

The number one reason this works so well for labels is that it’s able to print papers on a wide range of different paper stocks, regardless of their thickness or stickiness.

If you can dream it up, the OfficeJet 3830 can print it. As an added bonus, it comes with a quiet mode to give your ears a break when you’re busy cranking out your latest labels.

3. HP DeskJet 2622

If you want a more affordable way to print labels, the HP DeskJet 2622 is your best bet. This will give you great results at a reasonable price, and does so without cutting any corners.

It’s a great all-in-one device that holds 25 sheets and naturally reduces jams. It’s even quite easy to use thanks to the simple control panel. Anyone can set it up without any hassle.

As with other HP models, this works with the strong, effective Smart App feature so you can quickly print from and scan to any of your mobile devices.

It has wireless connectivity, especially for that purpose but also works with a USB cable for a more traditional setup.

The shell is quite compact, which means this can easily fit into any space, and it’s lightweight as well. If you like to take your printer around, this is the way to go.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to printing shipping labels with a regular printer. 

Can I print a shipping label on regular printer paper? 

You can print a shipping label on regular printer paper and don’t need to get specialized paper or ink. You just need to ensure that you securely attach the label to the package you are shipping so it can be properly scanned. 

Can you print sticker labels with a regular printer? 

Most regular printers can print sticker labels, but you should always check the manufacturer’s specifications. Inkjet printers typically can print sticker labels without worry, but older printers might have issues with them. 

Is shipping cheaper if you print your own labels? 

Printing your own labels for shipping can save you time and money, so it can be a little cheaper. The costs for shipping do not change when you ship your own labels, but the time and effort you save do add up. 

How do I set my printer to print labels? 

Setting your printer to print labels is typically very easy, but the process can vary from printer to printer. Some printers only need you to place label paper or sticker paper in the tray, while others might require you to establish settings on a computer. 

Final Thoughts

You can print shipping labels with a regular printer, which is an easy and economical option for anyone with many packages to ship or runs a small business. You don’t need any special equipment or experience to make this happen. 

If you already have a printer, you will most likely have everything needed to print shipping labels. You might want to get sticker label paper, but you can also use regular printer paper and get by just fine. 

Have you ever printed shipping labels at home? What type of printer did you use? Let me know in the comments below. 

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