PomoDoneApp Review

We all want to be productive at work, especially during COVID when working from home becomes more popular than ever. Task management and time tracking are key to improving productivity.

Thankfully, there’s an app for it. Introducing PomoDoneApp, an app that we found super useful in boosting productivity.

Let’s dive in and see what PomoDoneApp has to offer.

What is PomoDoneApp?

PomoDoneApp is a utility tool to track the time you spend on your tasks by using the famous Pomodoro technique.

This app helps you know your workflow better and improve your productivity. Moreover, PromoDoneApp can integrate the Pomodoro timer into your task management services, which makes your workflow seamless.

How Does It Work?

PomoDoneApp is available across different platforms including desktop and mobile. Here we will show you how it works on Mac.

Tasks Management

After you downloaded PomoDoneApp, it will ask you to connect task management services. PomoDoneApp is currently compatible with 29 different task management services (as seen in the screenshot below).

That means if you are using any one of those services, you can add your tasks directly to PomoDoneApp. No need to do the extra work like copying those tasks, and putting in PomoDoneApp one more time.

One thing I like about this feature is you can choose which task to add to PomoDoneApp. Personally, I recommend adding those tasks that you want to track the time you spend on them.

It’s also fine if you are not using any of those task management tools. You can start creating new tasks in PomoDoneApp by simply clicking “+” bottom.

Time Tracking

Talking about time management, many of you know Pomodoro timer. Set 25 minutes to focus on work followed by a 5-minute break. PomoDoneApp is using this Pomodoro technique to do time tracking on your tasks.

In the setting, you can set up the timer and break for each session. When it’s time to start a task, click the task and PomoDoneApp will track your time automatically.

If there’s any interruption that makes you stop during the work, you can pause the timer, and add a note about the interruption. When you look back on those tasks, this record will help you to know your workflow better thus helping build a better working habit with fewer interruptions.

So start the timer on PomoDoneApp, and forget about counting and recording your time. PomoDoneApp has your back.

Advanced Settings

There are many ways to access PomoDoneApp, from the apps you installed on your computer or phone or just your web browser. The data can be synced across different devices.

PomoDoneApp can be used smartly when you know your workflow well. How long you’d like to focus on work? How long do you want to take a break? How many sessions do you plan to take for a period of time? All of these can be set up in the setting.

The time log provides very detailed information about the time you spend on each task. You can filter the data and check the information in different ways.

Price and Platform Compatibility

PomoDoneApp offers free accounts with limited access. The free account can connect 2 task management services from the limited list (Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Microsoft To-Do, Toodledo), 5 projects in total, 1-month log access, default tags only.

There are also paid plans for this app. $27.49 annually for the Lite plan and $48.11 annually for the Ultimate plan. A license package is also available if you buy one for your team.

PomoDoneApp is not only a web app, but also compatible with different systems, macOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Andriod. This brings huge convenience when you work across different platforms. You can sync your task data everywhere.

Is PomoDoneApp Worth It?

PomoDoneApp can be used as a task manager, time tracker, or even a tool for time tracking on your tasks. It depends on how you use it. What I like about PomoDoneApp is that I don’t need to do the extra work of recording time and counting them by myself. Besides, it’s easy to forget. PomoDoneApp does all the work for me.

If you are working on different tasks or projects, and want to know the time you spend on them, PomoDoneApp is super helpful. You won’t need separate apps for task management and time tracking.

One more thing, If you want to optimize your workflow or build a better working habit, then this is the app that’s worth investing.

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