How to Pin Google Chrome to Taskbar on Windows 11

Pinning Chrome to the taskbar on Windows 11 is super simple. And there are two different ways to do it. You only need to prepare one or two minutes to get the job done.

Hi, I’m Megan. I began to use Windows when I was a student and it’s been 15 years now. I’m also a heavy Google Chrome user and I love exploring tips and tricks to solve various daily PC problems.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to pin Chrome to the taskbar on Windows 11, step-by-step. I’ll also show you how to pin a specific website to taskbar so you can visit your favoriate or hard-to-remember site with one click.

Let’s go!

Method 1: From Desktop Icon

This is the quickest way to pin Chrome to the taskbar. Before you begin the first step, check and make sure the Chrome icon is on your desktop.

Step 1: Find and right-click on the Chrome icon on your desktop, and click Show more options.

Step 2: Find and select Pin to taskbar.

Done. Now you can see the Chrome icon is pinned to taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

If you don’t have the Chrome icon on your desktop, you still can add it to the taskbar. Let’s go to Method 2 and learn how.

Method 2: From Start Menu

In the Start menu, you have three options to launch a program, from the Pinned, from All apps, or by searching. Same with pinning Chrome to the taskbar.

Note: Before you start, check whether your Chrome is pinned to the Start menu. If yes, see option 1; if not, go to option 2; If you don’t bother, go to option 3.

Option 1: Pinned

If Chrome has been pinned to the Start menu previously, do the following two steps to pin it to the taskbar.

Step 1: Select the Windows icon or press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Step 2: In the app list of Pinned. Find Chrome, right-click on the icon, and you’ll see Pin to taskbar in the drop-down menu, click it.

Go to the taskbar and you’ll find Chrome is already there.

Option 2: All apps

If your Chrome is not yet pinned in the Start menu, this is the way to go.

Step 1: Select the Windows icon or press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Click All apps.

Step 3: The All apps list is sorted according in the alphabet order. Scroll down and navigate to the letter G, and find Google Chrome. Right-click the Chrome icon and choose More, then click on Pin to taskbar.

That’s it. The Chrome icon now appears on your taskbar.

Option 3: By searching

Step 1: Click the Windows or Searching icon (shortcut: Windows + S).

Step 2: Type “Chrome” in the search bar, right-click Google Chrome on the left side and choose Pin to taskbar.

Now you’ll see Chrome is already on the taskbar.

How to Pin a Specific Website to Taskbar on Windows 11

Now that you’ve learned how to pin Chrome to the taskbar. What if you want to pin an important website or a website with a URL that’s hard to remember to the taskbar? It’s also doable! 

Simply follow these four steps below.

Step 1: Open the website that you want to pin. Find and click the three vertical dots on the right upper corner of the Chrome window. A drop-down menu will appear, move your cursor and place it over More tools, then select Create shortcut.

Step 2: Now a dialog pops up. Edit the shortcut name if you want from its indicator box or just leave it as it is. Note that this shortcut will be added to your desktop.

(I’m using here as an example.)

Step3: Go to your desktop and navigate to the website’s shortcut. Right-click on its icon and select Show more options.

Step 4: Choose Pin to taskbar in the sub-menu.

You got it! The website is there on your taskbar.

You can follow these steps for any websites that you want to pin to taskbar on Windows 11.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to pin Chrome to the taskbar from the desktop or the Start menu. You can also pin any websites to the task as well. By doing this, you can access Chrome or your favoriate website with one click.

So which method did you use? Are there any other solutions I didn’t cover? Leave a comment below and let me know 😉

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