nTask Review: Smart Project Management Software

As the working world around us leans ever more towards remote, professionals of all types need to stay productive and efficient. Whether you run a small business, work for a larger one or freelance, project management software can keep you organized and on task no matter how far away from your team or client you are.

This software can assist in several convenient ways, including daily to-dos, internal communications, project organization, and time tracking – to name just a few.

nTask is one such project management software platform gaining popularity with remote workers of many types. It provides an easy-to-use interface with many tools that can be of benefit.

Let’s take a closer look at this smart software to see how it might help your individual situation or business.

What is nTask?

nTask is an online, cloud-based project management software platform that provides tools and resources to aid and assist businesses and professional individuals in many industries.

The software can significantly benefit the management of a remote team or any other modern enterprise by providing convenient solutions to help with task and project management while also providing a means to conduct meetings, track time, and assist with scheduling.

How Does nTask Work?

nTask can be used by signing up for the software to access all that it offers through a web-based interface. There is a free version that individuals and freelancers can take advantage of, but larger businesses will need to select a subscription plan based on their needs.

After you sign up for the software, you’ll have access to all of its features and tools through the online dashboard.

From here, you can get started with all of your desired organizational or management tasks.

Project Management

The project manager will provide you with a ton of useful options to get started, track progress, and work towards any project’s end goal. You can utilize different charts to visually interpret a project’s progress while also setting important milestones along the way as things get worked on and develop.

The project manager will also allow you to build a budget within each project as well as assign and link various tasks that need to get done to work towards completion. All of these abilities will give you the upper hand on organization while providing an in-depth means to measure progress as you go.


nTask also provides a great meeting tool that will let you quickly and easily set up a meeting with your team or a client.

Within this section of the software, you can set the date and time of a meeting and set up recurring events. You will also have the ability to develop an agenda, make key focus points, and include any necessary follow-up actions.


The Timesheet window within the platform is excellent for small businesses that need to keep track of employee hours to stay on top of payroll and gives every team member easy access to an organized location where hours and dates can be stored.

Other Features

Several other features are built within nTask that can be of use, depending on your business or individual needs. A Task Management feature gives you the ability to create to-do lists, add comments and attachments, and make time estimates on tasks.

You can also set up different roles and permissions in dedicated workspaces to be used for collaborations between certain team members.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Being a cloud-based software, nTask has no compatibility issues and can be accessed from any device with the ability to get online. You’ll just need to enter a username and password to get access to a registered account.

The basic version of the software is free to use and is ideal for freelancers, virtual assistants, and small businesses. It will allow for 100MB of storage and five members per team with unlimited Workspaces and Tasks.

There are three different paid versions of nTask as well.

  • The Premium version costs $2.99/month per user and gives you everything in the free version plus 5GB storage with access to the Projects, Gantt, Bulk Actions, and Custom Filters features.
  • The Business version costs $7.99/user per month and provides everything in the two cheaper versions plus 10GB storage with access to the Risk Management and Custom Roles & Permissions features.

For very demanding needs there is an Enterprise version available as well that allows for custom onboarding, a dedicated account manager, and a dedicated cloud. This version comes with a custom price tag as well, which you will have to work out with nTask depending on your needs.

Is nTask Worth It?

If you need a project management solution or are exploring this type of software for the first time, nTask is a great option. It provides a substantial number of tools that both businesses and freelancers can utilize to stay organized and effective while taking on new projects and completing anything in the pipeline.

With affordable pricing and an easy-to-use interface, nTask is a cloud-based smart software that can genuinely help grow and expand your team or get an existing small business in line to take the next steps toward ongoing success.

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