Mango Animation Maker Review

In the ever-expanding world of digital animation, there is a wide variety of tools and programs at your disposal to craft some truly amazing creations. Whether you are making professional-level animations or simply want to explore the realm of digital design, animation makers can give you the tools and platform to do so with ease.

Mango Animation Maker provides an easy-to-use platform that is perfect for many different abilities of animators and will allow you to come up with some seriously solid digital animations for educational, professional, or creative purposes.

The software is a fun and powerful tool that can provide many different animation solutions. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the program and all that it has to offer.

What is Mango Animation Maker?

Mango Animation Maker is a well-designed and easy-to-use animation software that gives you the ability to quickly create unique and interesting video animations.

It’s great for anyone new to animation as it allows you to use hundreds of templates, alongside a large library of other features, to structure your creations any way you choose. Experienced animators will also be able to harness the power of its intuitive interface.

This animation software can help you create videos for educational or training tools, marketing videos, and informational assets or simply provide a great way to practice your digital design skills.

How Does It Work?

Mango Animation can be downloaded directly from the Mango Animate website. There are three different pricing tiers of the software available to match your needs and the free version is a great way to try out all of its useful features.

Once downloaded, you’ll have quick access to all of the program’s features and can take advantage of this to begin the animation process.

You can get started by choosing one of the many different templates that are available within the program.

These templates offer a very intuitive and easy way to start making any sort of animation that you choose and are one of the best features of the software. In addition, you can also have access to a vast library of other assets to help you design and create great animated videos.

The tools available in this library provide you with over 5,000 different options to choose from and add to the ease of use the platform provides. The library is stocked full of images, charts, shapes, SWFs, and a number of other choices – all ready for you to insert into an animation however you’d like.

Mango Animation also has a number of other great tools for you to use while you animate.

Subtitle and Recording features allow you to insert voice narration and captions into your videos. You can record your own voice to add a personalized touch or to get the intended message across effectively.

A Multi-track Timeline gives you amazing control over all aspects of your animations. This feature allows you to visually see all elements of your animation in real-time so you can adjust everything just right and get an animation dialed in perfectly.

In addition to the key features above, Mango Animation also comes with built-in scene transition effects that can help you move between parts of your animation with unique effects that add interest and will help keep viewers engaged.

On top of that, the camera settings feature will give you the ability to zoom in, pan, or rotate within any given section of your animation for additional control and customization.

And once you’ve created an animation, the software allows you to publish it as an online video, offline video, or GIF to make it very easy to share with an audience however you choose.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Mango Animation is currently only available for PC-based systems and has Windows OS compatibility with XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

There is a free version available that gives you the ability to create animations using 8 built-in roles, 5 scenes per project, up to 6 cameras per scene, and around 500 free images.

Two paid options are available as well – Profession and Enterprise.

  • The Professional option costs a one-time payment of $99 and gives you 12 built-in roles, 20 scenes per project, up to 10 cameras per scene, and around 2000 free images.
  • The Enterprise option costs a one-time payment of $299 and gives you unlimited access to all of the Mango Animation features to use as you wish.

Is Mango Animation Maker Worth It?

If you are looking for a great piece of animation software that is very easy to use and comes with a large number of included features to help you create, Mango Animation Maker is an amazing option. Anyone from online educators to small business owners to amateur animators can benefit from all that it has to offer.

And with a free option available, it is definitely a recommended software to try out for any of your animation needs.

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