Do I Need a Lens Protector for iPhone?

A lens protector for your iPhone is unnecessary as the lenses are made from a very strong and scratch-resistant material. If you treat your phone very roughly or use it in harsh conditions, a lens protector might help prevent damage. 

This post will examine whether you need a lens protector for an iPhone. I’ll explain why most people probably don’t need one and also provide some examples of when using a lens protector is a good idea. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • The lenses on iPhones are made of a very tough and scratch-resistant material, so you don’t need a protector on them. 
  • Most iPhone cases don’t cover the lenses because there is no need to, and some lens protectors can affect the image quality of photos. 
  • If you use your phone in really harsh conditions or mistreat your iPhone, you might want to consider a lens protector. 

Do I Need a Lens Protector for iPhone? 

Lens protectors for your iPhone are not needed because the lenses are made of a very tough and durable material. This is especially true with newer model iPhones, but a lens protector might be a good idea if you have an older one. 

The camera lenses on newer iPhones are made out of sapphire. This is a type of crystal that is super strong and scratch-resistant. Apple engineered the lenses with this material to prevent damage, so you don’t need to go overboard with additional protection. 

Whether you have an iPhone X or iPhone 14, the lenses are tough and durable and can withstand regular use without worry. Everyday phone use, like taking it outside and putting it in your pocket, won’t cause any damage to the lenses. 

Even though these lenses are tough, they aren’t invincible. If you treat your iPhone roughly or use it in very harsh conditions, you might want to consider using a lens protector. But those conditions would need to be extremely harsh to even worry about it. 

If you are an outdoor photographer or live in a place with a lot of blowing sand or other things in the air, you might want to consider using a lens protector. But even in these conditions, there’s a good chance the lenses will be just fine without any protection. 

I’ve never used a lens protector on any of my iPhones, and I’ve been using various models of the phone for over a decade. I’ve been in pretty rough conditions and used the camera in many outdoor locations. 

And I’ve never had issues with the lenses getting scratched or damaged. That’s proof enough that I don’t need to use a lens protector. Even when I dropped my phone and damaged the screen, the lenses were fine. 

There’s a reason why nearly every iPhone case that you buy doesn’t cover the lenses. It’s because there’s no need. If the lenses were super fragile, then the case manufacturers would ensure they had added coverage.  

Is the iPhone Camera Lens Scratch Proof? 

The iPhone camera lens is super scratch resistant, but I wouldn’t say it’s scratch-proof. There are harder materials than the lens that could potentially scratch it. But you’re not likely to encounter those materials during everyday use. 

Even if the lenses were scratch-proof, I doubt Apple would market the phone that way. Someone would try to debunk this claim by scratching up an iPhone to see if they could damage the lenses. 

But even if you tried to scratch the camera lens, I don’t think you’d have much luck. You’d need to use a harder crystal than sapphire, like a diamond, to pull this off. I don’t think anyone with diamonds around would want to do this!


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to if you need a lens protector for an iPhone. 

Does iPhone lens protector affect image quality? 

A good lens protector should not affect image quality. But if the protector is not installed correctly or gets damaged, that may affect image quality. You don’t need a lens protector unless you use your phone in very harsh conditions. 

Should I put a lens protector on my iPhone 13? 

The iPhone 13 features camera lenses made of sapphire, a very strong material that doesn’t get scratched easily. That makes using a lens protector unnecessary, and you don’t need one. This is true for most iPhone models. 

Do I need a lens protector for iPhone 14? 

No, you don’t need a lens protector for an iPhone 14. This iPhone version offers one of the most impressive cameras for a smartphone to date and also features tough and durable lenses that hold up very well without additional protection. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no need to get a lens protector for your iPhone, and the lenses are made of a super strong material that is very scratch resistant. Getting a protector for your screen is a good idea, but the screen is made of much more breakable materials. 

If you want to be super safe and not risk it, iPhone lens protectors are available. You can get these that cover the circular lenses or a case that encases the entire phone, including the lenses. 

Have you ever used a lens protector for an iPhone? Have you ever scratched an iPhone lens? Let me know in the comments below.

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