Is it Safe to Leave a 3D Printer on Overnight? 

Some 3D printers are safe to leave on overnight, but not all. It can be risky to leave any device or appliance running for long periods without human supervision, and this includes 3D printers. But people have left 3D printers on overnight without issues.

This post will explore whether leaving a 3D printer on overnight is safe. I’ll tell you why this isn’t a great idea and highlight some of the risks involved. I’ll also explain how 3D printers are becoming safer and why you might want to leave one on overnight. 

Let’s jump in. 

Key Takeaways

  • To play it safe, you shouldn’t leave a 3D printer on overnight. There are risks involved with leaving any machine or device running without supervision. 
  • 3D printers can take a long time to print an item, and people have left them on overnight without issue. 
  • Newer 3D printers are commonly equipped with more safety features that reduce the risks of leaving them on overnight. 

Is it Safe to Leave a 3D Printer on Overnight? 

Generally speaking, leaving a 3D printer on overnight is not safe. While these printers are designed to run for long periods, and a job can take many hours to print, it’s not worth leaving one unattended because of potential risks. 

3D printers use heat to melt materials that can be turned into whatever is intended to be printed. This heating process is typically safe, but accidents and malfunctions can occur, leading to safety issues that no one wants to deal with. 

There is a potential for fire, and that’s probably the worst-case scenario when leaving a 3D printer on overnight. But you also might experience issues with whatever you are printing, which can waste money and resources. 

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your 3D printer whenever it’s in process. You don’t necessarily need to be next to the printer the entire time, but you don’t want to leave it alone for hours on end, either. 

Have people left a 3D printer on overnight? Yes. And many of them haven’t had any issues. But the same can be said for leaving a pot on the stove all night. Is it possible? Sure. But it’s definitely not a safe idea. 

3D printing technology is improving, and with that comes increased safety features that can reduce the chance of malfunction or fire. But the possibility will always remain, so it’s likely always a good idea to turn off or pause the printer when not in use. 

Pausing a 3D Print Overnight

If you are printing something large or complex, it can take many hours to complete the job with a 3D printer. Some large prints can take 24 hours or even more to complete. So how do you deal with that when you don’t want to leave it on overnight? 

You pause your printer. 

Many newer 3D printers have a pause function that allows you to stop printing whenever you want. You can then start printing again without any issues simply by starting things up again. 

This is the ideal situation with safety and productivity in mind. You don’t need to stop your printing job altogether, but you don’t need to leave it running overnight. That’s a win-win and worth investing in a printer with a pause option. 

If your 3D printer can’t pause, you should consider investing in one that does if you plan on printing things that take many hours to complete. That will help you limit the chance of safety issues related to running your printer overnight.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to if it’s safe to leave a 3D printer on overnight. 

How long can you leave a 3D printer running? 

3D printing can take a long time, and it’s generally ok to leave this type of printer running for long periods of time. 10-16 hours is in the ballpark for how long you can leave one running without worry. Longer than that, and you might experience performance issues. 

Can a 3D printer set off a fire alarm? 

A 3D printer certainly presents the possibility for setting off a fire alarm. 3D printers can get very hot, and the materials used in printing might emit fumes. Both of these factors can trigger a fire alarm, depending on the severity and type of alarm. 

Is it safe to have a 3D printer in your room? 

It’s not a good idea to have a 3D printer in your room is not a good idea. There have been some particles released into the air during the printing process. This can have a negative impact on your health, and the effects aren’t totally understood. 

Is it safe to leave a 3D printer unattended?

Just like you shouldn’t leave your 3D printer on overnight, you shouldn’t leave it unattended for long periods. You can leave the printer for short periods, think 30 minutes or less. But you should keep an eye on it to avoid any issues. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not a good idea to leave a 3D printer on overnight, and doing so can cause potential safety issues such as fire and harmful particles in the air. You can pause your print job in most cases and resume it after you wake up. 

Have you ever left a 3D printer unattended or on overnight? Did you run into any issues? Let me know in the comments below.

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