Are iPad Cases with Pencil Holder Really Worth It?

The Apple pencil is a marvel of engineering. It’s sleek, easy to use, and perfect for the new iPad. It also seems to go missing as soon as you blink.

Whether it’s because you’re someone who has a hard time keeping track of small items, or simply because the stylus frequently rolls off a table whenever you turn your back no matter what you do, there’s an easy solution — an iPad case with a pencil holder.

But is it really worth it? Here’s the quick answer:

It depends. If you plan to use your iPad and the Apple Pencil frequently, and you value the convenience and protection that a case with a pencil holder can provide, then it is definitely an investment. If you don’t use the pencil holder frequently, or if you’re short on budget, then don’t buy it.

Keep reading to learn more about the reason why!

Do I Really Need an iPad Case with Pencil Holder?

Like I said in the beginning, it all depends on your personal needs and budget. Here are a few detailed factors to consider when it comes to deciding whether a case with a pencil holder is the right choice for you.


Many cases with pencil holders offer additional protection for your iPad, including a built-in stand or reinforced edges to protect against drops or scratches.

If you are looking for a way to protect your iPad and Apple Pencil together in one case, then a case with pencil holder would be the way to go.


Having a pencil holder built into your iPad case can be very convenient because it allows you to keep the Apple Pencil with your iPad at all times.

This can be especially useful if you plan to use the Apple Pencil on a daily basis, as it eliminates the need to search for the pencil separately.


There are some cases with pencil holder on the market that are specifically designed to provide additional portability, for example, you can fold it into a stand, or turn it into a carrying case. This way it can be a good option for you if you plan to take your iPad on the go.


Pretty obvious, right? Some iPad cases with pencil holders are quite expensive. If you are on a budget, it may not be a wise choice to buy one. Or you can opt for a more affordable case, or even consider a pencil holder that can be attached to your existing case.

How to Choose an iPad Case with Pencil Holder

So you’ve decided to get one. Now what? Make sure to take the following things into consideration when shopping for an iPad case with pencil holder.

Case Material

If you’re looking to protect your iPad and Apple Pencil from big drops, you’re going to have very different requirements than someone who just needs to prevent the occasional scratch.

From hardshell to leather to fabric or plastic cases, there are a lot of options available. You should think about how strong you need the case to be before purchasing.

Case Style

Should your case be able to convert into a stand? Does it need extra padding around the corners because your child drops the device frequently?

You should examine the daily use of your iPad to determine what kind of case you need, whether its a portfolio style, bulky Otterbox, has a keyboard, or anything in between.

Apple Pencil Security

Sure, a loop will attach your Apple Pencil to the case. But will that slippery pencil stay there? It might be if you mostly store your iPad on tabletops, while transporting it around campus in a backpack may pose an issue.

Make sure the case you pick is as secure as you need it to be.

Useful Tips and Resources

The Apple Pencil is an incredible tool, but are you getting the most out of it?

For instance, if it’s not responding as well lately, you can actually get the tip replaced instead of the whole pen. Or, you can make use of pressure sensitivity in your favorite drawing or notes apps!

Check out some of the cool things you didn’t know you could do with Apple Pencil in this article from iMore.

Your iPad is also full of features you may or may be familiar with. Even experienced Apple users may get a new iOS update and miss some of the more hidden or low-key features that are included.

This video does a great job of summing up some of them!


When the 12.9″ iPad Pro first came out, it was basically a really big iPhone. But those days are gone – now with tools like the Apple Pencil and new versions of iPadOS, it really is its own type of productivity machine.

It’s important to protect those delicate parts, so make sure to consider if a case with pencil holder is a good fit for you as Apple’s screens are notoriously delicate, and especially with the larger model, it’s easy to lose your grip or accidentally bump it against something. It’s even more important for this case to hold the Apple Pencil if you have one.

These pencils are expensive to replace, and yet seem to go missing whenever you need them most. It’s frustrating, and the best way to avoid the whole situation is to simply get a case that keeps the pencil with your device at all times.

So, let us know how the iPad and Apple Pencil fit into your workflow by leaving a comment below.

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