Is 512GB SSD Enough for a Gaming PC?

For most PC gamers, a 512GB SSD is more than enough if they only want to play or have access to a handful of titles. It will only be a problem for those who switch between a lot of games at once.

I’m a long-time computer user and active gamer. Both of those traits enabled me to cover gaming PC storage space and outline the below topics.

All of the paragraphs in this guide come together to talk about what type of PC gamers can make use of 512GB SSDs, which users want something a bit bigger, and the reasons behind those choices.

Key Takeaways

  • 512GB SSDs are great options for any PC gamer who only needs access to three or four big AAA titles on their system.
  • Heavy gamers who like to switch around to a lot of different titles should get at least a 1TB SSD for their gaming sessions.
  • Budget, free space, the type of computer you have, and the way you play games all impact what type of SSD you need.

The Power of an SSD

Gaming PCs are incredibly powerful devices, but they are only as strong as their components. Even the strongest or best systems in the world need quality parts in order to function properly and play strong games. That’s why their processor matters.

There are many different ways users can power a gaming PC, from HDD to SSDs, and they all do a great job. However, not all processors are created equal. Some have plenty of space for every situation, while others are much more restrictive.

Despite all of those options, many users wonder if a 512GB SSD is enough for serious gamers. The answer is, yes. Even so, it’s not quite so straightforward. While those processors are able to hold a few big titles, they do cap out pretty quickly as well.

In that way, while a 512GB SSD is technically big enough to work for a strong gaming PC that wants to run AAA games, it’s not necessarily the ideal option either. In fact, it’s about as low as any serious gamer would ever want to go. 

That’s because the drive is able to run anywhere between three and five AAA games. It’s plenty enough for online titles and indie games too, but it’s not going to be enough if you want to game a lot of store personal media or raw video editing data. For that, you need to go bigger.

The Multiple Uses for a Gaming Computer

Any hardcore gamer who plays multiple large titles will want an SSD with between 512GB and 1TB of space. How much they go with, however, depends on a wide range of factors.

First, you need to know how many games you want to install on your system. Ideally, an SSD should have roughly 25 percent empty space to run at a perfect level. As most AAA titles take about 93GB per game, a 512 will give you the ability to install between three and five.

That space then gets even more restrictive when you consider other programs and essential apps. Always take those factors into account, and know what you’re going to use your computer for, before deciding what size SSD you need.

If you plan on archiving media files like video or photos, or if you need to edit a lot of data, then there’s a good chance 512 GB won’t be enough. You never want to skimp in this area, as you’ll definitely pay on the back end.

Gaming Style, Power, and Budget

The biggest factor to keep in mind when choosing your SSD is how you like to play games. Everyone enjoys different sized titles, which means users will need different amounts of space based on their preferences.

Someone who spends their time with online and indie games won’t need that much space to enjoy their sessions. The same is true of those who only play a single AAA game every now and then.

If you’re someone who wants to store a lot of games or has plenty of options, you might want to go beyond 512GB. If you’re someone who fully plays through a game before moving on, only having three or so titles on your system shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

The bigger your SSD, the smoother your games will run. That can also be a deciding factor for some users who just want as much power as possible.

Another reason figuring out your SSD size is so important is because of budget. SSDs are quite expensive, and the more space one has, the more it costs. You never want to get caught up spending a ton of money on a processor you’ll never use.


This section covers a few of the most common questions computer users ask about gaming SSDs.

What is the Best Storage Size for a Gaming PC?

Most regard a storage capacity of 1TB as the best possible goal for a good gaming PC. That gives you plenty of space and allows you to save a wide variety of different games.

How Many Games Can You Get with 512GB?

Having access to 512GB is great if you plan on holding three or four large games. You can get more out of it with smaller titles, but even more serious gamers who like expansive worlds will be able to get plenty out of that amount of space.

How Do I Add More Storage to My Gaming PC?

There are a few ways to increase your computer’s capacity, and that includes plugging in an external storage device through a USB port or utilizing a cloud service. Both options give you more space to work with. 

Final Words

A 512GB SSD may be the bottom end for most serious PC gamers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used. There are many out there who won’t ever need more space. In such cases, it’s a great way to enjoy a few larger titles while saving some money on the back end.

How big is your SSD? Have you ever upgraded or changed? Let us know below!

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