How to Fix iPhone Won’t Charge Past 80%

Does your iPhone only charge until 80% and then stop charging? Charging issues are some of the most common problems for iPhone users around the world. There can be many reasons why your iPhone refuses to charge beyond 80%. In many cases, a simple fix might be all you need.

I am a tech enthusiast and engineer. The iPhone has been my device of daily use for many years. Over this time, I have successfully dealt with several problems with multiple versions of the device and completely understand how nagging charging issues can ruin the user experience for many. With my experience dealing with these issues, I can help you diagnose and apply the right fix.

In this article, you’ll learn why iPhone batteries sometimes do not charge beyond 80%. With the possible causes explored, I will also offer solutions and quick fixes you can employ. This can help you avoid a trip to the repair store and make the most of your prized device.

1. Not a Bug, But a Feature!

If your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later, an included feature Optimized Battery Charging might be the culprit if you find your device not charging beyond 80%. This is usually enabled by default.

For this reason, your phone might charge only up to 80% even when it is brand-new.

This feature can make a difference in your battery performance and longevity in the long run, as it is not recommended to completely charge or discharge a phone battery. 

Phone batteries can only take a limited number of full charge-and-discharge cycles before they start to lose performance and capacity. However, if you want your iPhone battery to charge fully, you can disable this feature.

To do this, go to the Settings menu of your phone, and navigate to Battery settings. There, you will find a setting for Battery Health. Inside this menu, you will be able to see detailed health data for your battery, including maximum charging capacity and peak performance data. 

This is where you can disable optimized charging. Just set the toggle to “off” and your iPhone will start charging up to 100%.

2. Beat the Heat

Another reason why iPhone batteries stop charging after a certain point is battery temperature. Batteries have an optimum range of operating temperatures. 

Going close to or beyond that upper limit can result in serious performance issues or even worse, damage your battery. For this reason, it is not prudent to charge your phone when it is hot.

Apple included a clever feature in iOS that prevents exactly such damage by stopping the charging of the phone if the battery temperature is too high. 

If you live in an area with very hot weather or charge your device in a particularly warm place with no circulation or ventilation, you might be experiencing this issue due to your phone battery running too hot.

The fix is simple. Wait for the battery to cool down and move your iPhone to a well-ventilated place for charging. Avoid charging the phone in direct sunlight. Use only the company-provided charger and cable. 

The quickest way to cool your phone down is to turn it off for a while. As the temperature comes back within optimum levels, you should see your iPhone starting to charge to its full capacity again.

3. Damaged Charger or Battery

Finally, one of the most likely reasons why your iPhone battery is not charging beyond 80% is a faulty charger or a damaged battery. 

Apple has several safeguards in place to keep battery incidents to a minimum and these can sometimes trigger if either of these two conditions is true. 

In most cases, this can happen if you are using a third-party charger that is not rated for use with an iPhone. 

Of course, you can use Apple’s own chargers at any time without cause for concern. If you are certain you want a third-party charger, start by looking at product reviews from existing users to know if there is a pattern of charging issues with a particular product.

Once you are satisfied that your preferred brand and model of the charger will work with your iPhone without issues, you can go ahead and use it. 

Also, pay special attention to the cable. Cables can degrade over time and even if your charging brick is working OK, a bad cable can be as much of a culprit when your phone doesn’t charge fully.

Finally, access your battery health screen and take a look at the condition of your battery. If the battery has already degraded to a significant level, the software might prevent it from charging fully to avoid safety issues. In cases of this type, getting a battery replacement is a good move.

4. Visit the Apple Store

If none of the above fixes work and your iPhone is still not charging beyond 80%, it is time to let the experts take over and get your phone to an Apple store. 

Usually, repairs involving phone batteries are best left to the pros. The skilled staff at your nearby Apple store would be able to properly diagnose and solve your problem. 

However, make sure to try all the tips listed above before you finally take the plunge and go to the store.

Proper Battery Care for Your iPhone

In closing, I would like to stress the importance of proper battery care. Phone batteries are delicate and their performance can depend, to a significant degree, on how well you take care of them. 

If you are consistent with your charging and keep your phone in the ideal conditions while charging, you should have a much easier time.

Also, it is a good idea to use approved charging bricks and cables at all times. Another prudent way to preserve the life of your iPhone battery is to avoid getting the battery completely depleted. 

Ideally, your battery should stay within a minimum charge of 15-20% and a maximum charge of 85-90%. It might seem daunting at first, but imbibing this good charging habit can extend the lifespan of your battery and help avoid issues.

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