How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone

If you have intentionally or accidentally deleted voice memos on your iPhone, there may be a number of different reasons why you would want to recover them.

Maybe you made a note of something important like a great idea for your work or a name for your new cat, dog, or even child. I have made voice memos of everything from a new song idea to a noise my car was making so I could show the mechanic when I brought it to the shop.

Chances are a voice memo might not be as important as a crucial financial or word document, but it might have sentimental value that is also hard to replace. This article is going to how you a few different methods to recover deleted voice memos on an iPhone.

Method 1: Via Recently Deleted

The first option for recovering any deleted voice memos on your iPhone is to check the Recently Deleted feature. This feature is similar to a Trash Bin on a Mac computer.

It is a location that will store files you have deleted for a certain amount of time before they are permanently removed from your phone. If you delete a file from your phone such as a voice memo, it will be stored in the recently deleted folder for 30 days and you can recover it during this timeframe.

To easily recover a deleted voice memo using the recently deleted folder follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Voice Memos app. You will see a screen of all the voice memos you have recorded on your iPhone. Scroll down to the bottom of this list and you will see the Recently Deleted folder.

Step 2: Tap the Recently Deleted folder.

Step 3: Locate the voice memos you wish to recover.

Step 4: Tap on the file in question and hit Recover.

Your voice memo will now be recovered back into the voice memo app.

Method 2: Using iCloud Backup

Another method you can use to recover any deleted voice memos from your iPhone is through an iCloud backup.

If you have recently created an iCloud backup of your iPhone, you can access the backup and restore your phone to the status it was in before the voice memos you are missing were deleted.

In order to accomplish this backup restore, you have to erase all of the content and settings of your phone. This may seem like a drastic measure, but if you really need the missing voice memo for whatever reason, it may be your only real option if it is not in the recently deleted folder.

If you complete backups to the iCloud regularly, this process is pretty easy and you will be able to restore your phone back to how it was very easy.

To restore your phone to an iCloud backup follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Reset
  • Click on Erase All Content and Settings
  • Restart your phone
  • You will go through the welcome screens and navigate through all of that until you see the Apps & Data screen
  • Click on Restore from iCloud Backup on the Apps & Data screen
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
  • Navigate to the Choose backup section and select a backup to use that is near the date of when your voice memo was deleted but at an earlier date
  • Your iPhone will then restore all data and settings to this date and your voice memo should be recovered

Method 3: Using Data Recovery Software

If your missing voice memo is not in the Recently Deleted folder and you do not have an iCloud backup, you do have another option. You can use a third-party iPhone data recovery software to attempt to locate the missing file.

These types of programs are easily available and also to navigate and can offer help in recovering a variety of missing files that you might be looking for in addition to your voice memos. The software can also be used on multiple devices in addition to your iPhone.

Some of these data recovery software programs have an initial fee you have to pay to download them while others offer a free version or at least a free trial period.

If you are simply trying to recover a voice memo or two, you can probably use a free version and it will help you navigate the steps necessary for recovery. Once downloaded, all you need to do is follow the onscreen prompts or instructions to begin the recovery process.

Final Thoughts

Voice memos on iPhone can be really handy and useful and even though they are oftentimes not the most important files you have, if you can easily recover any of these that you might need, you should be able to. Just like any other type of file you have, they can be important for different reasons.

What do you use the Voice Memo app for most often? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Very disappointed

    My kids deleted the Voice memos app. How do I restore the app and old very important recordings on the app?

  • Stevie

    Hi – I have an iPhone 6, but there is no Recently Deleted button on the app. I have no options other than to click on the files in the list of ones I’ve made — PLEASE HELP!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you!!!!

  • MaryE

    Next, the answer to your question about how I mostly use this app – I record in my Community Chorus rehearsals, when our director is demonstrating bits we’re about to learn, for my own practicing later. It’s brilliant!

    And I record songs and rounds I hear amongst friends, so as to learn them myself.

    And finally, I record snippets of thoughts I have when cogitating in the car; Much safer than trying to scribble ideas I don’t want to lose!!!

  • MaryE

    First, a question – I was trying to edit a recording, aiming to delete the last half which was empty, as I’d forgotten to stop recording. Unfortunately the First half Deleted…is there any way short of the icloud erase all to reinstate ( too scary) to restore the original so I could do it properly???

  • Shefali

    Can the option 2 that has been given in the blog be done if you have no SIm in it ?

  • Elisama Gonzalez

    THANK YOU!!!! SO MUCH!!!!! OMG i was trynig for so many hours and i just fount your blog and you just did my day. Thank you and God bless you

  • Franca Gagliano-Atkins

    Please help me recover my voice messages. I bought a new phone and kept the old phone for my voice messages.

    I noticed it said it will delete after 30 days I said no to delete the voice mail but it did anyway. I didn’t think it would do that. I did change the settings but I need my voice messages back.



  • Dopey

    The same is true for voice memos, and not just photos.

    You can actually recover deleted voice memos by scrolling to the bottom of your voice memo list, and click on the folder entitled “Deleted Memos”. There, if you highlight the memo you are looking for, simply click restore and your voice memo will be back where it belongs in the timeline.

    This is only for recently deleted voice memos. I believe they automagically delete themselves once your phone is turned off. But for that accidental click of the trash button – this is an easy solution to restore your deleted memo from an iPhone. This is true for as far back as an iPhone 6, I believe.

    • Debra Stanton

      There is a setting for memos to be deleted “immediately “ from your phone in which case there is no recently deleted to scroll down to, this was the setting I was on. Any way I can get mine back?

  • Rk

    Hi Chris Hwang,

    I recently accidently changed the settings of my iphone Voice Memos from never to 30 days, and lost some precious and timeless recordings of my kids and aging Dad. Is there a way to recover them? I don’t have a backup and never shared those memories with anyone.

    • Vivian

      same my problem

  • Amelia Ellery

    I don’t have a computer but I really need to get the data back from voice memo deleted it by accident it’s very important that I get it back from voice memo it has my late husband voice on it and that is the only thing I have left

  • Tim

    Thanks for your blog but hou should up date this.

    On iOS 10 there is a “Recently Deleted” folder at the bottom of the list of all files (scroll all the way down!!). The file can be recovered from there.

    • Avatar photo
      AnySoftwareTools Team

      Thanks, we’ve updated this post 🙂

  • neha nishan

    I want my old recode which deleted from memo

  • Albert

    On newer iPhones, you can just go into, search bar by swiping left to phone- and then typing in name of accidentally deleted voice memo. It should come up- then simply “ click” on it and it will show up with an option saying to “recover”.

  • Michelle

    My phone has an undelete button in the deleted section of my iPhone voicemails. I hit it and the message disappeared from deleted and was supposed to go into my vm page. But it never went in?
    It’s as if it’s in limbo

  • Drema

    I have an iPhone 8 & recently looked for an important voice memo. I couldn’t find it ,& didn’t see any deleted
    Voice files.???

  • Buster

    I deleted about 20 voice recordings yesterday by mistake. Can i get these back please?

    • Avatar photo
      AnySoftwareTools Team

      It’s possible, follow the methods and steps we’ve shown above.