How to Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone

I use my iPhone heavily for phone calls; somehow I couldn’t find the call logs I made last week. Maybe I deleted them by mistake. Is there a way to recover deleted calls from an iPhone?

Well, maybe you didn’t delete anything, it’s just that Apple only shows the most recent 100 call history under the Recent tab of the Phone app of an iPhone.

Why is there a 100-recent-calls limit in caller history?​

Well, there’s a reason why Apple designed the limit. According to this Apple discussion, general users rarely scroll down more than 100 items to look for an old call made​, so it’s pointless to show 500 or 1000 columns there.

Since you make lots of calls, it’s very possible that the call logs you generated last week are beyond the 100-item limit, thus you can’t see them now.

Note: this is a standard feature built into the iOS system, and it seems there is no way to adjust it. You may request Apple to provide this feature by filling out this feedback form here.

Now let’s go back to your real question. To retrieve those lost call histories on your iPhone, here are two methods that might help.

1. Request an Itemized Bill from Your Service Carrier

All phone calls you make have to go through the service provider that your SIM card belongs to. The good part is many carriers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, etc.) do offer certain free data access services, one of which is viewing call logs.

AT&T, for example, enables you to see a list of calls made from or to your phone number. Just log in to your myAT&T account on their official website or the mobile app. They even allow you to download the call logs in various formats such as CSV, PDF, XLS, etc.

If you can’t find such a feature from your carrier’s website, contact their customer support to see if you can request the service.

Note: this may be a premium service for many carriers and you may need to pay for it.

2. Try Third-Party iPhone Data Recovery Software

If the above method doesn’t work, you may use a third-party data recovery tool. We’ve reviewed the best iPhone data recovery software in another article. Go check it out.

Most of the recovery software offer standard three recovery modes: direct scan, extract iTunes backup, extract iCloud backup (exact names may differ). Try each of them to see if you can get back your lost call logs.

That’s all that I can think of to deal with your case. Hope I have answered your question and best of luck in recovering your iPhone calls.

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  • Chris

    I cleared my call history and now my ph does not save new calls How do i fix that