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Videos are great to watch, but it’s never that easy to make great videos. If you are a beginner video editor, you will find there are so many things to learn. How to shoot the raw clips, select the right video editing software, figure out the best resolutions for different platforms, etc.

Great videos just take time to make!

However, video templates make it easier for beginners to get started. Just upload your clips, slightly edit it, and that’s it. The best part? You don’t need to download any third-party video editing tools at all.

Enter InVideo, one of the best online video editors out there that offers hundreds of well-designed templates for making beautiful videos.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online video editor for everyone. With it, you can easily create beautiful videos for different social platforms.

InVideo is more than just an editor but offers hundreds of beautiful video templates that can be used directly for your videos. Thanks to the excellent design of those templates, you’ll save tons of minutes if not hours tweaking the video to a point that’s satisfying.

How Does It Work?

InVideo is an online tool, so you can go to its official website and start creating your videos there. Let’s dive in and see how it works for you.

After creating your account, go to choose the templates.

1. Video Templates

The template is one thing that enables you to be “lazy” in your work. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to do anything but it helps you to focus your precious time and energy on some key tasks, such as choosing good clips or writing excellent content. There are hundreds of video templates for you to use in the library of InVideo.

With those well-designed templates, you don’t have to spend endless hours on visual design, find perfect fonts, or learn amazing effects. Once you choose a template, your clips can be turned into beautiful and professional videos for marketing, social, and promotions with just a few clicks.

The templates are different in design and are developed for different uses on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat. Those social platforms require different video ratios for different purposes like stories, posts, and feeds.

In InVideo, you can choose the video template in the right ratios for each use, which will bring the best visual effects for your readers.

2. Video Editor

InVideo is also a video editor for your videos. After you find the right template, you will come to the editing interface.

Compared to professional video editing software, InVideo is sleek and simple. On the left side, different elements can be used in your video, adding background music, text, stickers, etc. Just choose the elements that you need here.

On the right side, it’s an editing area for active elements. If you choose the text, you can then change the text size, color, and style in this area.

In the middle, it’s the video preview area and timeline. You can add and adjust clips and audio. Click the play button, and you can check how your video looks.

After editing, you can export your video and save it to your computer.

3. Video Converter

InVideo is not only a video editor, but a Youtube converter as well. You can use it to convert Youtube videos to MP3 or MP4 in a simple way. Paste the link of Youtube video, then InVideo can do the rest work for you.

This feature enables you to download videos from Youtube or convert them into MP3 audio. It’s a small feature but brings huge convenience if you are a YouTuber.

Price and Platform Compatibility

InVideo is an online video editor. There’s no need to download the software. So it’s accessible for any computer and mobile device.

You can get a free account in InVideo, but there are some limited features like watermarking. The free plan of InVideo offers full editing features and exports up to 60 videos per month, but your videos will be watermarked.

If watermarking bothers you, InVideo offers paid plans, i,e. Business plan, and Unlimited plan. The differences between the two plans are the number of premium photos and videos you can directly use from InVideo and the number of videos you can export from it.

The cost of the Business plan is $10/month (pay annually), and the Unlimited plan is $30/month (pay annually). You can also pay monthly, but the cost will double, i.e. $20 for the Business plan and $60 for the Unlimited plan per month.

Is InVideo Worth It?

InVideo is a great solution for making beautiful videos for beginners. It doesn’t need you to master design, collect different materials from the Internet, or equip yourself with professional editing skills. Making a fantastic video becomes an easy task with InVideo.

For me, InVideo is worth it. It enables me to focus more on content creation, not the editing part.


For most people, you are probably not a video editing professional. With the video templates within InVideo, your clips can be turned into amazing videos quickly. Therefore, we think InVideo is a great and useful tool for making beautiful videos for different social platforms. Start creating your videos today!

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