Inkjet vs Laser Printer: Which One is Best for Art Prints?

Laser printers are typically better for art prints because they are more durable than inkjet printers, and you won’t have issues with the ink drying up when not in use. But laser printers are also more expensive than inkjet options

This post will compare and contrast inkjet versus laser printers with art prints in mind. I’ll give you some pros and cons for each type of printer. My goal is to provide you with enough information to help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Let’s get after it. 

Inkjet vs Laser Printer for Art Prints

More affordableMore expensive
Lesser quality Better quality 
Ink can dry up when not in useNo ink issues when not in use
Fewer pages per cartridge More pages per cartridge 

If you are an artist or just want to print a lot of art, you’ll need to have a good printer. But which type of printer should you get? Let’s take a look at the difference between inkjet and laser printers with art prints in mind.


First things first, if you are on a budget and looking for the cheapest options, inkjet printers are typically more affordable than laser printers. You can print art on both, so an inkjet option might be better if your funds are limited. 

There are various makes and models of both styles of printers, so you’ll need to compare models to get an exact difference in the price. But top-of-line laser printers will be considerably more than average inkjet printers.

Number of Prints

But another aspect to keep in mind with affordability is how many prints you get out of an ink cartridge. Laser printers will allow you to get more art prints out of a single cartridge, so you’ll save money on the cost of ink in the long run compared to an inkjet. 

There is a higher upfront cost for a laser printer, but if you plan on using it for many years and have lots of printing to do, those ink savings will add up quickly.

Ink Dry up

Another thing to know about inkjet printers is that the ink cartridges can dry up if you don’t use the printer often. That can be a big issue when you want to start printing art. Dried-up ink won’t print as precisely, and it might not work at all. 

Laser printers don’t have the same issue with ink drying up. This might not be an issue if you use an inkjet printer often. But if you only use it every once in a while, you will probably run into the problem at some point. 


If you are an artist who wants to sell your prints and needs the highest quality possible, you’ll want a laser printer for that. Laser printers have a higher quality than inkjet options. 

This doesn’t mean that inkjet printers will give you poor-quality prints. They just won’t give you the same quality as laser printers. This might not be a big deal for art that isn’t as precise or pieces with less detail. But it’s still good to know about and understand. 

Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer: Which is Best? 

Both of these printers can work well for art printing, and it just depends on your needs, budget, and any other preferences you might have. 

A laser printer is better in terms of quality, which is arguably the most important factor when you want to print art. If your art doesn’t look good, no one will want to purchase it, and your artistic vision will take a hit. 

But inkjet printers are more affordable, and let’s face it; most artists are on a budget. If you have limited funds and still want a printer for art, inkjet is probably the best option. Just don’t let that ink dry out!

I think it’s worth it to save up a bit more and purchase a laser printer for art prints. You might be out some extra cash at first, but in the long run, you’ll get higher-quality prints and won’t have to spend as much on ink. 

How to Choose the Best Printer for Art Prints?

Here are several factors and things that you should consider:

Printing Size

It’s important to consider size when looking at a printer for the arts. While many normal printers use involve the standard paper size, for art you’ll often want to make a print that’s considerably larger.

A quality art printer should allow you to easily print larger sizes pages while also producing them in high resolution and with great detail. You’ll find options here that allow for up to 13X19-inch prints.

Printer Type

There are two common types of printers out there these days: inkjet and laser. For art prints, I would suggest looking into inkjet styles over lasers.

That’s because inkjet printers use liquid ink that usually gives you better saturation. In that way, you’ll have better color quality on your prints. Second, inkjet printers tend to be a little less expensive. Saving money is always nice.


As with any big purchase, the cost is an important consideration. Even if you have extra cash, you don’t want to spend it on something you don’t need.

If you’re looking to buy one of the quality printers listed here as an investment rather than as an expense, a low price tag becomes much more appealing. Most budget options will deliver great results.

What Printer is Best for Art Prints? 

The best printer for digital art comes down to what type of printer you need and how much you can afford. If you can afford a nice laser printer, you’ll be able to print high-quality digital art whenever you need it. 

1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-1500

This is a functional printer with a wide range of great features that make it perfect for artists who have a need to replicate their work. That’s because this printer is capable of making professional-level ultra HD photo-quality prints with ease.

The XP-1500 also excels because it gives you the option to create borderless prints up to 13X19 inches in size. That wide-format capability is awesome and gives you versatility when reproducing your work.

It also features a 50-sheet rear paper tray that can handle a variety of different paperweights and media as well. Other key features include good connectivity, easy-to-use touchscreen controls, and a compact design that will fit just about anywhere.

2. Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer

A key highlight of this printer is its 9600X2400 maximum DPI. That translates into amazing clarity and definition for all of your color prints.

It’s powered by a six-individual ink tank system that can produce exceptional detail in both images and text. The printer can also put out borderless prints up to 13X19 inches in size.

Another key feature here is a ChromeLife100+ system that combines FINE printhead technology with Canon photo paper to create prints that can reportedly last up to 300 years in an archival-quality album.

That’s no joke. It also comes with good connectivity, which enables you to use the printer with a variety of different devices.

3. HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-In-One Printer

If you’re on a budget but are still in need of a quality printer for your art, take a look at the HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-In-One Printer.

This model is packed with features and able to put out high-quality prints at a much more affordable entry price than some other options.

Solid wireless connectivity, borderless printing, fast setup, and a compatible app round out the features that make this a great, and fairly cheap, choice.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to inkjet vs laser printers for art prints. 

Are inkjet printers good for fine art prints? 

You can use inkjet printers for fine art prints. You might not get the best quality possible compared to a laser printer, but inkjet options allow you to print a lot of decent-quality prints quickly and affordably. 

Is inkjet or laser printer better for graphic design? 

The difference between inkjet and laser printers for graphic design is similar to the difference between them for art prints. An inkjet printer will be more affordable, and you can print faster, but you’ll get better overall quality with a laser printer. 

Useful Tips and Resources

Making a living as an artist is never easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you want an extra leg up, the printers here can certainly help your cause.

If you want some tips on how to make great prints of your artwork, check out this video:

Final Thoughts

A laser printer is a better choice for art prints, but it’s also more expensive to get one compared to an inkjet. Inkjet printers will give you lower-quality prints, but you can still achieve decent results and save some money with them. 

Hopefully, the information above helped you figure out which type of printer is best for your art printing needs. And good luck with making and selling your art!

What type of printer do you like to use for art prints and why? Let me know in the comments below.  

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