How to Use Frames in Canva

If you want to use frames in Canva, simply open your design file and find the Elements button on the left side menu. Click on it and scroll down to find the “Frames” tab. If you want to check all the available frames, click on the “See all” button and choose the one that works for you.

Hello, my name is Yana, and I’ve been working with Canva for the past few years. I make banners, feature images, and other content for blogs and social media using frames in Canva. Therefore, I have a good understanding of how to use frames and how they may improve your designs. 

In this article, I will walk you through how to use frames in Canva, step by step. I also will tell you, why using frames might be a good idea and answer some common questions about this Canva feature.

Key Takeaways

  • Frames could be a great way to create a sense of perspective in your design. 
  • The library of frames in Canva is free and includes plenty of great options, such as a smartphone or a polaroid frame.
  • It is important to be careful and not to overuse frames in your design. Too many frames can make a design look busy and disorganized.

Why Use Frames in Canva 

Frames in Canva are a great way to add structure and consistency to a design. Using frames can help the eye catch the most important elements and provide visual interest. 

There are plenty of frames in Canva to choose from. All of them, including laptop and smartphone frames, are free and available for all Canva accounts.

How to Use Frames in Canva

Open a design file that already exists or start from scratch in your Canva account.

Step 1. Find Frames Feature in Canva

Select the design file you are working with and find the Elements button on the left side of the Canva dashboard. Click on it and find a Frames tab in the list of features. Click See all, to see the options available and choose the frame you need. 

Step 2. Add Frame to Your Design 

After you selected the frame, click on it to add it to the design file. Now it is ready for customizing.

Step 3. Add an Image or Video to the Frame 

The next step would be adding an image or video to your frame. You can choose from a Canva photo and video library or go to the Downloads tab, to be able to insert your image or video. 

To place an image or video in the frame, simply drag the file from a side menu panel to the chosen frame.

Step 4. Customize Your Frame

Change the colors, size, or transparency of the frame. Change the image or video for the background color. You can also play with its position, and add some text or new elements to the frame.

Once you are happy with the result, you can save and download your design in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

How to Use Frames in Canva Mobile

You can also add frames in the Canva mobile application, quite similar to the steps above.

Step 1. Add Frame to Your Design

Once you have your design file opened, click on the purple button with a plus icon in the bottom left corner to open the bottom menu bar. Find Elements, and scroll down to see the Frames tab. Tap See all and choose the frame you would like to use. 

Step 2. Add an Image or Video to the Frame

Once you have a new frame in your design, it is time to add some content to it. To do it, tap on the purple bottom with the plus icon on it again. Tap on the Elements button, to find the Canva image content library or Uploads, to select the photo or video you want to use. 

After you add an image or video, tap to drag it and move it into the frame till it will be placed there.

Step 3. Customize Your Frame

All Canva web features are available on Canva mobile application as well. You can change the frame size, and colors, add or remove elements, fill a frame background with colors or place some labels.

You can find all these options in the bottom menu, which appears once you tap on the selected frame.


You may be interested in the following questions related to using frames in Canva.

Are Frames on Canva Free?

Yes, frames on Canva are free to use and this feature is available for all Canva accounts.

How Do I Add a Border to a Frame in Canva?

Unfortunately, you can not add a border to a frame in Canva. But you can select a frame with borders from a collection of existing frames.

How Do You Put a Picture in a Frame?

To put a picture in a frame in Canva, just click and drag the selected image into a frame. Drop it when you see that the picture has been placed inside the frame.

Final Thoughts

Using frames in your design is always a great idea. Frames can make your design pop up and allow you to make more complex and interesting solutions. All the frames are free and available for all Canva users.

Do you often use frames in your design? Do you believe adding frames can help your design stand out? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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