How to Use Figma Mirror

You will need to download the Figma app onto your mobile device from the App Store or Play Store. Next, sign into the mobile app using the credentials you used to log into Figma on your computer. Then, click on the “Mirror” button and open any of the mobile prototypes from the Figma computer app to preview it on your phone.

Hi! My name is Yana, and I’ve been working with Figma for the past year. Having a clear understanding of how your designs appear on mobile devices is essential, and I’ve found the Figma app to be a valuable tool for previewing my mobile prototypes. 

In this article, I’ll guide you through the concept of Figma Mirror and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use it effectively. I will also cover what to do if you experience issues with the Figma Mirror feature.

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • You don’t have to worry about adjusting the settings to mirror your Figma prototypes on your phone. Just make sure both your phone and computer are connected to the internet, and then open the Figma app on your mobile device.
  • The Figma mobile app syncs with the desktop app, allowing you to see the changes reflected immediately on your mobile device.
  • To exit a prototype file, use two fingers and press the screen to open the menu, and then click the “Exit prototype” button.

What Is Figma Mirror?

Figma Mirror is a feature available on the Figma mobile application that helps to mirror your mobile prototypes. It provides you with a real-time preview of how your project will appear on mobile devices.

The best part is that the mobile app syncs to your Figma computer app and responds immediately when you adjust a design file.

How to Preview Your Prototypes with Figma Mirror in 4 Steps

Let’s take a closer look at how you can start using the Figma Mirror feature.

Download the Figma App

Search for the Figma app in the AppStore or Play Store and install it onto your mobile device.

Log In to Your Figma Account

Next, the Figma app will ask you to sign in to your account. Use the same profile credentials you normally use to log in from a computer. You can also log in with a Google account.

Select a Prototype to Preview

Once you’re logged in, you will see all the design projects available for preview. Find the Mirror button in the right-hand corner of the bottom menu. Next, click on the Begin Mirroring button. Now open the Figma app on the computer and select any prototype you want to display.

With Figma Mirror, you not only have the ability to preview your prototype on your mobile device but also to interact with it. To exit the file, tap and hold two fingers to call out the menu and select the Exit prototype button.

You also can preview prototypes right from the main menu. In this case, you will be able to enable the Leave a Comment option, restart the prototype from the beginning, or share your design link with others.

View and Adjust the Prototype on Your Device

Now, here’s the real magic: you can edit your design file on your computer and witness the changes in real-time on your mobile device. This outstanding feature offered by Figma allows for seamless collaboration and instant feedback. 

Whether you’re tweaking the layout, adjusting colors, or refining details, you can see the impact of your changes directly on your mobile device as you work. This real-time synchronization between your computer and mobile device enhances productivity and facilitates efficient design iterations. 

Troubleshooting Tips if Figma Mirror Is Not Working

If something goes wrong and the mirroring is not working, here are some tips that might help: 

  1. Make sure your design file is saved as a prototype. Your design should be saved as a prototype file in order for it to display correctly and allow you to interact with it.
  2. Restart the Figma app on your mobile device and computer. Sometimes there may be an issue on Figma’s app. Try to restart Figma on your computer and mobile app and then restart the prototype again.
  3. Check the internet connection. It sounds obvious, but there can also be an issue if you don’t have a stable internet connection. You can check the speed of your WiFi connection.
  4. Contact Figma Support. If you’ve tried the steps above but still can’t open the file, it’s best to contact the Figma support team for more help.

Final Thoughts

With the Figma Mirror, you can preview and master your mobile design prototypes. Seeing how your design displays and works on a mobile device will help you create more user-friendly and accessible designs. Additionally, the Figma app allows you to share your prototypes with team members or clients for feedback and collaboration.

How often do you use Figma Mirror to preview your designs? Share your thoughts about this feature in the comments section below.

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