How to Turn Off Hyphenation in Adobe InDesign

You can easily turn off/remove hyphenation in your InDesign project by going to the Paragraph panel and deselecting Hyphenate. Or deselect Hyphenate from the Hyphenation Settings dialog box.

Hi! My name is Liuda. InDesign is my favorite tool for making layouts and publishing designs because there are many sophisticated tools and features that make the process easier and deliver great results. 

I do like to use hyphens when I have long words between lines because the layout of the text looks better. But what if you have to review another author’s design and find narrow columns with hyphens? 

In this article, I will show you where to find a hyphenation panel and how to remove hyphenation in InDesign.

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can open the Paragraph panel from the overhead menu Type > Paragraph.
  • You can find the Hyphenation Settings dialog box by clicking Type > Paragraph > Paragraph Settings > Hyphenation.
  • You can find different hyphenate settings like hyphenate all the text, hyphenate capitalized words, hyphenate last word, and hyphenate across columns in the Paragraph Settings.

Steps to Turn Off/Remove Hyphenation in Adobe InDesign 

Follow these steps to get rid of hyphens in InDesign.

Note: I work with both PC and Mac. The steps to wrap text around an image in Adobe InDesign are the same. 

Step 1: Find the Paragraph panel. The easiest way to open the paragraph panel is from Type > Paragraph

Step 2: Uncheck the Hyphenate option from the Paragraph panel. All you need to do is select all the text and click to deselect the Hyphenate box. 

Alternatively, you can also turn off hyphenation in InDesign from the Hyphenation Settings. Go to Type > Paragraph. 

On the top right corner of the Paragraph panel, click on the more options menu and choose  Hyphenation

Simply uncheck the Hyphenate option from the Hyphenation Settings dialog box and click OK.

That’s it!

Just imagine, 5 min ago you had a hard-to-read column that consisted of a lot of hyphenations. And now, your page looks clear and lovely. 

Final Thoughts

It’s super easy to remove hyphenation in InDesign. All you need to do is open the Paragraph panel and uncheck the Hyphenate option. 

Knowing how to use Paragraph Settings, and Hyphenation Settings in Adobe InDesign is essential to becoming a better designer and editor. This skill will help you arrange different elements of your projects and make adjustments that will help polish things up nicely. 

How do you like to use the Paragraph Settings, and Hyphenation Settings in Adobe InDesign? What is your favorite? Do you have any other tips for designers and writers? Let me know in the comments below.

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