How to Merge Clips in iMovie on Mac

To merge clips in iMovie, highlight the split clips and click “Modify” in the menu. Select “Join Clips” or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + B to reconnect the split clips. Although iMovie doesn’t have a dedicated tool for merging clips, it will automatically join the clips that are added to the timeline into a single continuous video.

Hi, I’m Nancy and I have been using iMovie for several years to create videos. In this article, I will share some techniques with you on how to join clips in iMovie.

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How to Join Clips in iMovie

When your video clips are added side to side in the project timeline, they will automatically be joined into a single video clip when you export the project. However, if you want to merge split clips back together within iMovie, you can follow the steps below.

Highlight the two split clips you want to merge. Click on the Modify tab and select Join Clips or press Shift + Command + B on your keyboard.

Why Can’t I Join Clips in iMovie?

If you try to join independent clips in iMovie, you’ll find that it’s not possible. The “Join Clips” option will be disabled or grayed out. This is because iMovie only allows you to join clips that have been used with the Split Clip feature and continue to be adjacent in the timeline.

Can I Merge Clips With a Transition?

iMovie provides more than 20 standard transitions to create a seamless merging effect between clips. They help to create a smoother or more blended effect as the video moves from one scene to the next. 

To save time, you can enable automatic transitions in iMovie on your Mac by clicking on the Settings icon located in the upper-right corner of the timeline. Then select the Automatic content checkbox. This will add transitions automatically to your clips as you arrange them on the timeline.

How to Undo Joined Clips?

To reverse the merging of clips in iMovie, you can navigate to the Edit menu and choose the option to Undo Join Clips. Note that this undo function can only be used immediately after utilizing the Join Clips feature. You can use the keyboard shortcut Command + Z to undo any edits made in iMovie.

Tip: The “Join Clip” functionality is closely linked with the Split Clip tool.

Combine Videos With a Split Screen Effect

The split screen effect provides another interesting option for merging multiple clips. This process is called “overlaying” and it allows separate clips to play at the same time. 

To overlay two video clips so that they can play simultaneously in your video, you need to add both clips to the timeline. Then, drag one clip on top of the other one. 

Select the first clip and navigate to the Video Overlay Settings icon in the toolbar. Click on the pop-up menu on the left and choose the Split Screen option. You can also adjust the position of the clips to the “left, right, top or bottom.”

Finally, save the changes by pressing the Apply button.

How to Merge Audio and Video in iMovie

By adding an audio track to the project timeline below the video clips, it will seamlessly merge with the video content. You can add multiple audio files, such as music or sound effects, to the timeline and place them wherever you like.


Here are some frequently asked questions about how to merge clips in iMovie.

How to Merge Clips in iMovie on iPhone?

If you’re using the iMovie app on your iPhone, you can create a movie by opening the app and selecting “Create Movie.” Then, choose the video clips you want to include from your media library and they will be merged to form a complete video. 

Once you’re done editing, tap “Done” at the top, then click “Share,” choose “Save Video”, and it will export to your iPhone’s Photo Library.

How Many Clips Can I Combine?

In iMovie, you can combine an unlimited number of video clips in a single project, as long as you have enough storage capacity on your device.

Final Thoughts

iMovie will create a single continuous video when you add clips to iMovie and export the project. To easily merge split clips back together, select Join Clips in the Modify menu or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + B.

Even though there isn’t a special tool to merge clips, there are other creative ways to combine your video clips by using transitions and video overlay effects. Play around with the different settings and effects to see how they impact your video. Don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun with the process. 

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