How to Get Phone Records from T-Mobile

Any T-Mobile user can access their phone records by logging into their account or calling the company and requesting/searching for their past information like text messages, billing records, or call information.

I’m a long-time tech user with plenty of history of using and accessing past phone data. My personal experience, mixed with research on T-Mobile’s various policies, allowed me to write out the following article.

Each of the below sections takes a look at the different ways to access phone records from T-Mobile by breaking down what the company holds onto, how long they hold onto it, and what the recovery process looks like.

Key Takeaways

  • For T-Mobile, phone records refer to all cellular data. That includes everything from billing information and text messages to call logs and specific dates.
  • T-Mobile keeps their phone records for a year before permanently deleting them.
  • Customers are able to access their phone records by either calling T-Mobile directly, accessing them online, or going to the app. They can print them out as well.

T-Mobile’s Phone Records

In today’s world, big tech companies have a lot of data that they need to store. That’s true of giants like Amazon, and it’s true for T-Mobile. The company keeps individual phone records in a few different ways, which means customers are able to access them.

For the mobile world, phone records include calls, text messages, and data usage. T-Mobile holds onto call logs and billing information as well. They have access to the various numbers a phone called, the durations of such calls, as well as the date and time they occurred.

That data also shows text message dates, what type of data was used (and when it was used), on top of any charges the account incurred. If something happens on one of their phones, chances are they know it.

T-Mobile stores the above information in accordance with federal law, which requires all phone companies to retain their customer records for a specific amount of time. Though everyone is different, T-Mobile typically stores their records for one year.

That can change for some special circumstances, such as pending legal investigations, but the 12 month period is a hard deadline for most records. If you want to get anything beyond that, it’s likely gone forever. 

How to Access Your Phone Records

As long as you’re within the correct window, T-Mobile phone records are quite simple to obtain. Just follow these steps.

1. Contact T-Mobile customer service either by phone or by going through the company’s website.

2. Once you get in contact with T-Mobile, give their customer representative your account information (phone number and account number).

3. Request that T-Mobile send you a copy of your phone records by specifying what you want, as well as the time period you want them from.

4. Submit some form of identification (such as an I.D. card) to the company to prove you’re who you say you are.

5. Keep an eye out for T-Mobile’s follow up email, which will include your phone records for call logs, text message logs, and data usage.

If you don’t want to talk to a person, you also have the option to see your phone logs in your T-Mobile app. To do so, log in, select the voice drop down tab, and then look at the billing cycle from that time. You can do that same process from a T-Mobile online account too.

When following the above processes, note that T-Mobile may charge a fee for providing phone records. They may also charge for the process of requesting and obtaining phone records. How much they charge varies based on the situation. Always inquire first.

Printing T-Mobile Phone Records

It’s also possible to print your files to make them easier to read or store, which is a great option for customers who enjoy storing their files. As with requesting your information, it’s a quick process that only consists of a few simple steps.

1. Log onto T-Mobile’s website and sign into your account.

2. Select usage in the top menu.

3. Pick the type of usage to print (data, messages, or calls)

4. Select the line you wish to view.

5. Go to the bottom of the page and select “Download Usage Records.”

6. Save the file to your desktop, then open and print it. 


These are some of the most common questions T-Mobile users ask about recovering call history or other personal phone information.

Can I See My Old Text Messages on T-Mobile?

No. Though some companies store texts for a short period of time, T-Mobile avoids storing them at all. That provides customers with greater privacy, but it also makes it so that past texts are completely unrecoverable.

How Far Back Do My T-Mobile Call Records Go?

The company stores call data for up to a year. Any calls you want to look at or track that occurred further than that date are likely gone for good.

Can You See Deleted Calls on Your Phone?

If you want to access any past calls directly from your device, you need to either restore it to an earlier backup or use third party data recovery software to get it from the storage disk. If those don’t work, it’s unfortunately gone forever.

Final Words

T-Mobile is one of the premier cell carries in the world. They have a long reach, and great policies. Though most users will never need it, they make it quick and easy to access phone records. Just follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be able to view whatever you want.

Have you ever needed to get your records from T-Mobile? How was the process? Let us know in the comments below!

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