How to Get a New Verizon SIM Card?

There are three ways to get a new SIM card from Verizon; buy it online, get it in store, or purchase one from an authorized dealer.

I have spent a lot of time with Verizon phones and greatly understand their SIM card replacement process. That information, backed up by extra research, helped me construct the tips laid out in the following guide.

Each section in this article covers Verizon’s SIM card policy by analyzing the steps towards getting a new one, as well as going over tips for replacement and installation too.

Key Takeaways

  • Getting a new Verizon SIM card, whether online or in person, is a quick process that only takes a few steps to complete.
  • Once you finish getting your new card, you can activate it online or by calling Verizon directly before you install it.
  • Verizon allows all customers to freely switch out their SIM cards or get replacement ones for any device without any additional charges.

The Ways Towards a Verizon SIM Card

SIM cards are an important aspect of modern phones. However, getting a new one isn’t always the clearest process. You need one when you switch carriers, but you also may want to swap out your SIM card when staying with your current carrier as well.

Luckily for all Verizon customers, getting a new or replacement SIM card is a free, painless process. The company tries to make it as easy as possible for everyone, especially those who just need a quick upgrade.

If you need a new one, there are three different ways to make that happen. First, you can always order online. The Verizon Sales website allows you to get a new card, as long as you sign into your account before purchasing.

You can choose either to have the SIM mailed to your, or you can pre-order it and pick it up from any Verizon store/authorized detail. Just be aware that option is only for select stores. Always check first before going that route.

If you prefer operating in person, it’s better to go to a store. Just locate any brick-and-mortar, which you can do by going online and inputting your current location. As long as the account owner is present, you can get your new SIM card on the same day of purchase.

The other option is to go to an authorized dealer. This method is a bit slower, it will take a few days for you to get a new SIM card, but it’s an easy way to get a new card without having to jump through any extra hoops.

Setting Up Your SIM Card

Once you have your new SIM card, it’s important to activate and then install it. As with getting the card, this is a quick process that can be done in a few simple steps.

1. Sign onto your My Verizon account.

2. Go to the “Activate or Switch Device” section. 

3. Enter your SIM card number.

4. You can also call the Verizon hotline to activate the device.

5. Place the card into your phone so that the gold contacts align with the ones on the phone.

6. Turn on your phone and make sure there’s no error message, such as “SIM card failure” or “No SIM card inserted.”

Getting a New SIM Card: Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you don’t need to get a new card, but rather you just want to switch your existing one to a new phone. Verizon allows that if you don’t want to get a new card right away.

Just note that both phones need to be on the Verizon network, and they both need to be smartphones, for that process to work. 

On top of that, not all SIM cards are compatible with all Verizon devices. Make sure the one you have works with both phones. If there’s a compatibility issue, you’ll need to get an entirely new card.

Just be careful when handling a SIM card, as they are quite fragile. Never bend the device in any way. On top of that, avoid touching the contact parts of the SIM and keep it both clean and dry. Stay away from magnets or extreme temperatures as well.

You can also secure your SIM card by creating a SIM PIN to prevent any unauthorized usage. The PIN is disabled by default, but you can re-enable it in settings. That’s a great way to add even more security to your device.


These are some of the most common questions Verizon customers ask about the SIM card process.

How Much Does Verizon Charge for a Replacement SIM Card?

One of the perks of getting a new SIM card with Verizon is that the company doesn’t charge. It doesn’t matter if you’re switching or need a new one, the process is free for all customers.

Can I Get a New SIM Card and Keep My Number?

Yes. Getting a new SIM card comes with various improvements, including better speeds and signals, but it doesn’t change your actual phone. In that way, you don’t need to update or switch your number.

Will I Lose My Data If I Get a New SIM Card?

No. SIM cards contain a lot of information, including personal security keys, location, phone number, and stored text messages. However, photos, videos, and other personal data all stay on your phone.

Final Words

Getting a new SIM card may sound like a daunting process, but with Verizon, it’s quite painless. There are numerous ways to do it, and they can be done quickly. If you need to buy or switch a SIM card for whatever reason, just follow the above steps and you’ll be good to go. 

Have you ever needed a new SIM card? How did you find the process? Let us know in the comments below!

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