Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi: 3 Causes and Fixes

There are several reasons a Kindle won’t connect to WiFi, including a bad connection, software issues, or mismanaged settings. Luckily, they can all be fixed quickly and efficiently through aspects like reboots, updates, and connection resets.

I have used many generations of Kindles and know the different models quite well. My deep knowledge of the devices, as well as how Amazon operates, allowed me to accurately write out the following sections.

This guide covers, not just Kindles as a whole, but what happens when they can’t get online. It then uses that information to break down the various fixes available.

Key Takeaways

  • Most Kindle connection issues are due to the device being in Airplane Mode, having software conflicts, or not being updated properly.
  • Before trying more elaborate solutions, always reset your Kindle and reboot your internet connection to see if that fixes your issue.
  • If you don’t have any other options, or can’t find a solution, you can always factory reset your device or directly contact Amazon’s customer service.

3 Reasons Why Your Kindle Won’t Connect

It’s incredibly frustrating when devices don’t work when they’re supposed to. That goes double for handheld models. A Kindle is a great product, but its usability becomes severely limited when it won’t get online.

While that situation can be annoying, it’s fixable as long as you know the root cause of the problem. Anytime your Kindle won’t connect to the internet, you first need to identify why it isn’t working. 

First, check the connection itself. See if your Kindle is in Airplane Mode, which would prevent it from connecting, and ensure your internet is running. Hop onto your WiFi with another device like a phone or laptop and check to see if the lights on your router are solid.

Once you know your internet is operating at full capacity and your Kindle is in the right mode, you next want to check for any software or data conflicts. That means you need to make sure if your device is using the current version and is up to date.

Most users don’t have the latest version of their device software. That’s an issue that, when left unchecked, can lead to large WiFi connectivity issues. Always be on the lookout for new software or updates whenever possible.

To update your Kindle, connect to your laptop and go to the software update page. There, look for the latest software for your Kindle model and tap download to kickstart the process. 

Once the download ends, move the file to your Kindle, hit the menu button, and go to “Update your Kindle” in settings. Tap OK to start the update.

Rebooting Your Kindle and WiFi Network

The above problems and solutions are almost always enough to get your Kindle back online, but there will be times where the issue persists. If that’s the case, there are a few steps you need to take in order to get the device back online.

The first step should always be to restart the device. That’s the most basic way to solve any problem, but it’s one that works a good amount of the time.

If you want to restart your Kindle, just hold the power button for 40 seconds until the device shuts off. After the screen goes blank and the power light turns off, turn the machine back on and you should be good to go. It won’t take more than a minute to reboot.

If restarting your Kindle doesn’t work, you can next reboot your home network. This process is similar to how you rebooted the Kindle. All you have to do is press and hold the power button until the system turns off. Then, turn it back on.

You can unplug it from the wall, wait thirty seconds, and then plug it back in as well. Either way, your home connection will go down and then come back on in a minute or so.

Another option to help your Kindle sign onto the web is to forget your WiFi network. This is a reboot of sorts, and one that can be quite effective if your Kindle connects to the internet but doesn’t give you access.

To do that, tap “menu” and go to settings. There, go into All Settings and click on “WiFi & Bluetooth option.” Press the WiFi network and click “forget.” Next, rescan for available networks, select your WiFi and connect to it again.

Repair and Factory Reset

The above solutions should work, but if they don’t you always have the option to reset your Kindle to factory settings. This should be your absolute last resort, as it will completely wipe all of the data, networks, and settings off the device.

If you want to reset, first backup your data. Once that’s done, navigate to settings and then all settings. Click “Device Options” and hit “Reset” or “Reset to Factory Settings” depending on your model. Hit “yes” on the pop up and your Kindle will reset.

If none of those above options work as intended, don’t give up. It can be incredibly disheartening to not be able to get your Kindle on the internet, but you can contact Amazon customer service too.

Representatives will walk you through additional steps and let you know if there are any other options. Your Kindle may need to be repaired. If that’s the case, they can help you with that as well.


Here, I answer some of the biggest questions related to Kindle connection issues.

How Do I Know If My Kindle Needs an Update?

To find out if your Kindle needs a boost, go to the home screen, tap the Menu icon, and then hit settings. Tap the Menu icon again, and then hit “Update Your Kindle.” Press ok to perform the update.

How Long Do Kindles Last?

Kindles, despite their smaller size, are some of the most durable electronic items on the market. They can last anywhere between five and eight years with proper care. Fire tablets only stick around for roughly three, however.

Which Kindles Will Amazon Retire?

The company has decided to completely phase out older Kindle devices, meaning any models that don’t have a fully functional touch screen. Those models, while usable offline, are no longer able to access the Kindle store.

Final Words

Kindles are great devices, but they aren’t perfect. It’s unfortunate if yours is having issues connecting to WiFi. Even so, if you know the issue and follow the above steps it will be fixed in no time.

What generation Kindle do you use? Have you ever had any WiFi issues with it? If so, how did you resolve them? Let us know below!

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