How to Draw on Canva

If you want to draw in Canva, you need to open any design file, look at the side menu, find the “Apps” icon and click on the “Draw (Beta)” application. Press the “Use” button in the new window and you will get the “Draw” tool installed on your Canva.

My name is Yana, and I’ve been using Canva for the last six years to create ads, banners, and content for social media. So I know how you can draw in Canva and how to install this tool in your account.

Today I will give you a quick guide on how to find the Draw tool and create your first drawings. Read on to learn how!

Key Takeaways

  • The Draw tool is free and available for both Canva Free and Pro accounts.
  • Even though the Draw tool can be handy for creating some simple drawings; more is needed to create high-fidelity illustrations.
  • You can not draw using the Canva mobile version.

How to Draw on Canva: Step-by-Step Guide

Allow me to be honest – in the beginning, I also didn’t know that you can draw in Canva. This feature is hidden in the menu, so you might need some curiosity and luck to find this tool. 

Step 1: Find the Draw Application

To have a Draw tool you need to open any design file and install the Drawing application. Good news! The Draw tool is free and available for both Canva Free and Pro accounts. To do it, look at the side menu, find the Apps icon and click on the Draw (Beta) application.

Step 2: Install the Draw Application

Simply click on the Use button to install the Beta version of the application. Right after that, the window with brush settings will open automatically. Now you also can find the Draw tool icon in your side menu bar.

Step 3: Choose the Brush Effect and Start Drawing

You can choose from Pen, Marker, Glow Pen, and Highlighter. The Canva Draw tool also has an eraser and options to change the size and transparency of the line. 

This tool works more for creating lines, doodles, and simple elements. I believe it would be hard to create a high-quality illustration since this feature lacks settings.

Step 4: Save and Edit Your Drawings 

After you’ve finished drawing, don’t forget to click on the Done button on the top menu. Otherwise, all your doodles will disappear. 

Once you save the group of your drawings, you would be available to move them, change the size equally or even add some animation.


Here are some of the questions you might also find interesting about drawing on Canva.

Can I Draw in Canva?

Yes, you do. Canva has a Draw tool that can be installed from the Canva Apps collection for free.

Where is the Drawing Tool on Canva?

To find the drawing tool, look at the left-side menu. Find the Apps and click to install the Draw (Beta) application. Once you install the app, you have easy access to it through the side menu bar.

Is There a Free Draw Tool in Canva?

Yes, the Draw tool is free and available for both Canva Free and Pro accounts.

Can I Draw on Canva Mobile?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Canva Draw application is not available for the mobile version.

Final Thoughts

Once the Draw tool is installed, drawing in Canva is quick and easy. The fact that this feature is free and available for Canva Free and Pro accounts is great. The only drawback is that the Draw tool is not available in the mobile version.

Did you know that you can draw in Canva? Do you think is it a great Canva feature or do you have better alternatives? Share your experience in the comments below.

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