How to Choose SD Cards for Your GoPro

Owning a GoPro action camera is awesome, but only as long as you have a proper memory card for the device.

If your speed is too slow, your footage will be clunky and choppy. If you don’t have enough capacity, you won’t be able to record for long periods of time. A good SD card fixes both of those issues.

This article breaks down the process of choosing GoPro SD cards so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

What to Look for When Buying a GoPro SD Card

Picking the right SD card is an important part of getting the most out of your GoPro. Here are a few things that you should consider when selecting:

1. Reliability

If you buy an off-brand or cheap card, chances are your end product will not look as crisp or as clean as you want. You may get lucky and get one that lasts a long time, but why take the chance? Always go with a trusted brand.

2. Capacity

Buying a memory card with decent capacity is important because it ensures it won’t fill up too quickly. We suggest grabbing one that has at least 64GB of space to ensure you don’t run out during your shoot.

3. Speed

Always try to get a memory card that can achieve at least 100 MB per second. That will give you enough speed to record flawless 4K or 5K video. If your speed ever dips too low, your footage will suffer.

4. Durability

GoPro SD cards are frequently exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and shocks. It’s a good idea to choose an SD card that is rated for high durability, such as those that are rated for waterproof and shockproof standards.

5. Compatibility

Ensure that the SD card you choose is compatible with your specific GoPro model and firmware version. Read the manufacturer’s product description and make sure your GoPro model is supported.

We suggest prioritizing reliability here, as it will keep you from buying a memory card that simply doesn’t work. Behind that, you need to make sure the speed allows you to record videos at your camera’s top resolution and frame rate.

Capacity comes in third, as the amount you can record and how much space you need entirely depends on your situation.

Other Useful Tips

If you’re buying an SD card and need to use it with a computer, you may want to pick up a micro SD to USB adapter.

That will allow you to plug your card into the SD reader that comes standard on so many devices and give you a way to transfer your files directly to your computer.

When picking out your SD card, you should also get a memory cardholder. If you plan on doing long shoots or using multiple action cameras, chances are you’ll have multiple cards on hand.

In such cases, it’s always nice to keep them organized.


Here are some other questions you might have about SD cards for GoPro.

What kind of memory card do I need for GoPro?

GoPro cameras use microSD memory cards, and they support both microSD and microSDHC (High Capacity) formats. The newer GoPro models also support microSDXC format, which provides even higher storage capacities.

What SD card does GoPro 11 recommend?

GoPro recommends using SD cards with a minimum of Class 10 or UHS-I rating, and a minimum of 32GB capacity. They also recommend buying from reputable brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, PNY and Lexar, as using a branded SD card will ensure compatibility and proper performance with your GoPro HERO 11.

How many GB should I get for my GoPro?

Choose a storage capacity that meets your needs. For short videos or still photos, a smaller storage capacity like 32GB or 64GB is sufficient. For longer recording or high-resolution (such as 4K or 5K) sessions, you should get at least 128GB or 256GB. The more, the better.

Is 128GB enough for GoPro 11?

In general, 128GB is considered to be a good amount for the newest GoPro, as it can hold a significant amount of footage. However, it all depends on how you plan to use the camera. If you use your GoPro to record in higher resolution or at a higher frame rate, you probably need more storage.

Final Thoughts

Every GoPro owner needs a good SD card. They perfectly complement the device and give you a lot of memory to work with. GoPros cost a lot. Don’t skimp when it comes to getting them support.

When picking an SD card for your GoPro, always check your GoPro’s manual, or visit the GoPro website to find recommended SD card brands and models.

One last tip: always have a backup card with you to avoid missing any memorable shots.

Are you loyal to a certain brand of memory card? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below!

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