How to Add Fonts in Adobe InDesign

You can easily install a new font in InDesign, just right-click the font file and click Install (Windows) or if you’re using a Mac, double-click a font to open it in Font Book, then click Install. When you open InDesign, you can search for the font in the Character panel.

Hi! My name is Liuda. InDesign is my favorite tool for making layouts and publishing designs because many sophisticated tools and features make the process easier and deliver outstanding results. 

There are many nice fonts in Adobe InDesign that you can use to create a book or a user guide. But sometimes, I would like to create something different, and that’s when I look for new fonts to use. 

In this article, I will show you where and how to find new fonts, how to install them, and how to use them for your InDesign file on Windows and macOS.

Let’s dive in. 

Where Are the Fonts in InDesign?

It is good to know where to find the ready-to-use fonts available for your InDesign project. So where are they?

Usually, when text is selected, you can find the Character options from the control panel. Or you can open the Character Go to Type > Character and then choose a font from the Font Family drop-down menu. 

You can use the keyboard shortcut Command/Ctrl + T and then click the Font Family drop-down menu to choose a font that you want to use. 

Another option is to go to Type > Font and choose a font from the Font Family drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can also go to Window > Properties and when text is selected, you will see the Character panel under the Properties panel. 

From there you can also click on the Font Family drop-down menu to choose a font.

Where to Find New Fonts?

You can find new fonts online and then download them to your computer. Or you can use Adobe Fonts by simply activating them. 

Note: You do need an Adobe subscription to use Adobe Fonts.

Now if you want to simply search for a font online, you can type in the font style and download the file. 

Usually, you’d get a zip file when one or more font styles are included in the font family you choose. 

Double-click on the package to unzip the folder and access the files.

To install a font in Windows, do a right-click on the font file, after clicking Install. If you are using a Mac, double-click a font file to open it, it’ll open the Font Book automatically, and you can click Install Font to add the font to your computer.

Once you installed the font, open InDesign and you’ll find the installed font is available in your Font Family drop-down. If it isn’t, you should restart your computer and repeat these steps.

You can select text, and choose the font to see how it looks.

Final Thoughts

It is good to know where to find the list of fonts available for InDesign. Basically, you can find all the fonts on the Character panel or the Type > Font menu. If you can’t find a font that you like, you can always download new fonts online or use Adobe Fonts.

What is your favorite method to find and change the font in Adobe InDesign? Do you like using shortcuts? Do you have any other tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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