Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay?

Goodwill does take Apple Pay, making it a great way to get any used clothing or household items from the resale chain. You can use Apple Pay in the store at any Goodwill location, and nearly every store has contactless readers for this. 

This post will explore if you can use Apple Pay at Goodwill. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about using Apple Pay here and point you to some other relevant information. My goal is to help you have an easy shopping experience at Goodwill. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Goodwill accepts Apple Pay at nearly all of its locations. 
  • You can use Apple Pay at Goodwill by tapping your iPhone on the digital reader when you check out of the store. 
  • Using Apple Pay at Goodwill can speed up the payment process and add another layer of security to your transaction. 

Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay?

Goodwill does take Apple Pay at nearly all of its locations. This popular thrift store is found in many states across the US, and using Apple Pay to get used clothes, household items, or anything else here is easy and convenient. 

Nearly all Goodwill locations are now set up to accept Apple Pay. A few stores might not have the digital readers necessary to take this payment type. You should call the Goodwill near you to find out for sure if Apple Pay is accepted. 

If you like to shop at thrift stores or just need to find discount everyday items, Goodwill is a great store for this. And when you use Apple Pay here, you can speed up the checkout process while adding another level of security to your shopping. 

Not every thrift store accepts Apple Pay, especially if it’s a smaller store. But since Goodwill is a major name in the thrift store sector, it’s adopted modern payment methods such as Apple Pay. Keep reading to find out how to use Apple Pay here. 

How Do I Use Apple Pay at Goodwill?

If you are familiar with using Apple Pay, you can use it at Goodwill, just like any other store. All you need to do is tap your iPhone on the digital readers at checkout and confirm your purchase. 

If you have never used Apple Pay before, you need to set up your Apple Pay account to use it at Goodwill or any other store where digital payments are accepted. You can start this by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone. 

When you open the Wallet app, you’ll see a + icon on the upper-right-hand side of the screen. Tap this to add a payment method to your wallet. You need to enter a valid credit or debit card, or another type of accepted payment, to get Apple Pay to work. 

After you enter your card details and related personal information, the payment method will need to be verified. This might involve you entering a code received in an email or text message. Just follow the instructions on your iPhone to complete this. 

Once you add and verify a payment method, you can use Apple Pay at Goodwill. You just need to tap your iPhone at the readers at checkout.  

What Forms of Payment Does Goodwill Accept? 

Goodwill accepts several types of payments, allowing you to get anything from the store easily. In addition to Apple Pay, Goodwill also takes Google Pay and several other digital wallets. 

You can also use most major debit and credit cards here, including Visa and MasterCard. But you cannot use American Express cards at all. Cash is also accepted at all Goodwill locations. 

Personal checks are not accepted at Goodwill, even though the store used to allow this. You’ll need cash, a digital wallet, or one of the credit or debit cards that Goodwill accepts. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to if Goodwill takes Apple Pay.

Does Goodwill take Apple Pay in Georgia? 

Goodwill does take Apple Pay in Georgia. Nearly every Goodwill location, including those in this state, now accepts Apple pay. You can use Apple Pay here just like you would at any other store and can tap your iPhone at checkout to complete the transaction. 

Does Goodwill take Apple Pay in Arizona? 

Goodwill does take Apple Pay in Arizona. Virtually all Goodwill locations now take Apple Pay, and you can pay at checkout using your iPhone this way. All of the Arizona Goodwills should have digital readers to accept this form of payment. 

Does Goodwill take Apple Pay in Indiana? 

Yes, Goodwill does take Apple Pay in Indiana. Anywhere you find a Goodwill location, whether it’s in Indiana or any other state, you can use Apple Pay there. Digital payments can be a great way to speed up the checkout process and have a more secure transaction. 

Does Goodwill take Google Pay? 

Goodwill does take Google Pay at nearly all of its locations. Digital payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted at all Goodwills with digital readers. Paying this way is easy, and you can use your iPhone to complete the checkout process. 

Does Goodwill take credit cards? 

Goodwill does take credit cards. You can use most major credit cards at the store, including Visa and MasterCard. American Express is not accepted at any Goodwill location. You can use credit and debit cards easily at checkout there.

Final Thoughts

You can use Apple Pay at nearly all Goodwill locations. Some stores might not have the digital readers necessary to accept this type of payment, but you can find out for sure by calling the Goodwill near you. 

Remember that Goodwill only accepts cash, some cards, and digital wallets. You can’t use checks here or American Express. But if you link your Apple Pay account to a valid debit or credit card, you can get stocked up with all sorts of stuff from this thrift store. 

What is the best thing you’ve ever purchased from Goodwill? Did you use Apple Pay to buy it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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