4 Free Video Stabilization Software

These days, everyone has a smartphone. That’s why so many people capture or take videos in their regular life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the steadiest of hands, which can lead to videos being quite shaky or difficult to watch. To get around that, there are pieces of video stabilization software that can help.

The software can smooth out your shots and make them look like they were taken with a professional gimbal. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking smartphone videos or shooting videos professionally, you want to make sure they are stabilized.

While some of the software comes with hefty costs, there are others that are free to use. Those are the options we’ll break down below.

1. Blender


Blender is an open-source 3D creation tool that can help ensure your videos remain stable. The software lets you use various tracking points to get rid of things like shakiness, bumps, and random movements from your video. It’s also able to identify things like rotation and changes to scale.

While not everything within the interface is user-friendly, it can be completely customized depending on your needs. In addition to being a great tool for stabilizing videos, Blender comes complete with many other features as well.

It can help you edit videos, do animation, complete motion tracking, and model. The software is also used on everything from feature films to animations and shorts.

As it’s fully open source, it has a dedicated team behind it who gives it a lot of support. They have plenty of guides, tutorials, and other helpful documentation available as well.

2. Deshaker


Deshaker is the tool to pick if you want something simple with no frills. This is all about making your video both more stable and more smooth.

It makes everything from panning to rotating and zooming look much better. It has many strong features, including frame-by-frame correction, and it can fill in black areas caused by stabilization.

Deshaker also works in two passes to ensure optimal simulated motion can be achieved. There are also several different settings and features present that are perfect for more advanced users. So whether you’re new to video stabilization or a seasoned veteran, this software can certainly help you out.

3. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

If you want to stabilize and edit videos at the same time, consider HitFilm Express. While this free program only added image stabilization recently, it’s already one of the best tools on the market.

They use an auto stabilization effect that uses intelligent tracking algorithms to identify issues and ensure they’re smoothed out in your final product. Everything works together seamlessly and allows you to spend more time working on other aspects of your video.

This software also comes complete with hundreds of different effects you can use, lets you complete full 2D and 3D compositing, and includes aspects like color correction and extraction. It’s trusted by millions and comes complete with great training tools to hone your filmmaking or content creation skills.

4. Animotica


If you have a Windows computer and are looking for a lightweight and simple method to stabilize your videos, Animotica is a great choice.

Everything is easy here, which is a big bonus for those that don’t know technology. Simply choose the video, select the Stabilize Video option, and the software will handle the rest.

Animotica works quickly, doesn’t take up a ton of resources, and leaves you with great results. Once stabilized, the software also lets you tastefully edit your videos to ensure they look exactly how you want. You can add audio, filters, and effects, and use many other editing techniques as well.

Final Words

Being able to successfully stabilize video is incredibly important. Whether you’re making a movie or just want your simple video to look better, stabilization can go a long way. All of the above software options are the best way to correct even the shakiest of videos.

If you use or know about another free piece of video stabilization software we should have mentioned, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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