5 Best Free Drawing Software for Mac

Drawing is a hobby and career for a ton of people all across the globe. While many people still like to use paper, digital drawing has become much more popular in recent years.

Creatives have more freedom now than ever when it comes to not only how they want to draw, but the software they utilize to draw digitally.

Unfortunately, some of the software can come with pretty steep price tags that not everyone may be comfortable paying. Thankfully, there are also many that are available for free.

This article will go over a few of the best free drawing apps for Mac and explain how they will help you create your masterpieces.

1. Inkscape

Despite the fact that it’s completely free, Inkscape offers powerful drawing software to meet even the most demanding needs.

Creating professional vectors within the software is simple and the drawing tools themselves are flexible enough to be used by any sort of artist. Creating the perfect color or shape is effortless, and object manipulation is easy as well.

Path operation, text support, and the ability to edit nodes are just some of the other high-quality features included in this software. It supports many formats and there are several resources provided by Inkscape that allow you to get the most out of it.

2. Krita

Krita is an incredibly professional piece of software that seems much too polished to be free.

The tool, made by artists, is a fantastic resource for everyone from beginners to digital experts. Concept art, painting, comics, and simple drawings. Krita can help you do it all.

This app has been around for quite a while and is only getting better with time. The interface is clean and intuitive, doing its best to stay out of your way when you’re creating new pieces.

Features like vector, text, brush stabilizers, and a range of different brush styles make this a very detailed platform that everyone can enjoy.

3. Pinta

If you’re looking for a free, simple solution that’s incredibly easy to use and doesn’t sacrifice power or features, Pinta is the way to go.

This app lets you draw freehand but also allows you to use shapes and designs in your drawings. There are dozens of effects to customize and adjust, and the software is available in over 50 languages.

In addition to those basic features, Pinta also includes some fairly advanced tools. They let you do things like separate and group elements, as well as customize your workspace the way you like it without losing anything. This app keeps a fully-updated and tracked history as well.

4. GrafX2

Another free and open-source Mac drawing app to consider is GrafX2. It’s a drawing tool with a laundry list of different features that cover everything from pixel art to graphics for games.

Some of the features include image editing, animations, dual-view mode, shading mode, and a variety of helpful shortcuts.

However, there’s a bit of a learning curve when using this app. This goes for both the interface and how your work will flow within the platform. Even so, as you become more familiar with how the software works, it becomes like second nature.

5. FireAlpaca

FireAlpaca is another free Mac drawing software on the market. It is the choice for many artists, including professionals and simple hobbyists.

The reason for that popularity is that FireAlpaca supports many languages and has many amazing tools and brush selections. It also uses a powerful engine that allows for a traditional drawing feel.

The helpful UI can be kept incognito when drawing (as it fades into the background), to reduce your distraction as well. That allows you to truly focus on your art but still enables you to have a helpful interface nearby.

Final Words

In conclusion, all of the previously mentioned apps are great options for your digital drawing journey on Mac computers. Better yet, none of them cost a dime. If you’re an Apple Mac user who likes to draw, it’s hard to do better.

Do you know of some other pieces of free drawing software for Mac that you feel deserved to be mentioned in this article? If so, let us know about them in the comments section.

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  • Mintty AssCrack

    Thanks for sharing!
    I use Krita as a raster painting program, and Inkscape for vector drawing program. and I find that my XP-Pen Artist 12 (2nd Generation) graphic display tablet work great with both. I thin it’s the best free option out there…

  • Jim Reeves

    None of these articles mention that you can print out your drawings. Which ones allow you to,If any.

  • lisa

    Do these apps all rely on drawing with the mouse or touch pad? Is there an attachment or sketch pad accessory that is used with a mac? (trying to outfit a creative teenager who owns a mac with a good creative outlet using a pencil/drawing object not just a screen)

  • Bob

    I’d love to see these put in a grid with relative scores for things like learning curve, flexibility, vector, bitmap or both, etc.