FlipHTML5 Review: Free HTML5 Flip Book Maker

With the fast revolution of the Internet, you might find fewer people holding newspapers or magazines on their hands with their coffee, but more with a mobile phone or tablet. Digital publications are trending more than ever before. Most magazines and news companies turned paper publications into digital subscriptions online.

Digital publications have many different formats, one of which is HTML5. HTML is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the Internet. But how to use it to make your publications easily accessible online?

FlipHTML5 is a tool that we found very powerful to make flipbooks and it’s super easy to use. Let’s jump in and see what it is and how it works.

What is FlipHTML5?

FlipHTML5 is a platform for creating and publishing interactive digital publications. It can transfer your PDF or images to a flipbook via its powerful editor.

You can get your publications in the online bookshelf, and customize your unique domain for your readers to access your books. Besides, those flipbooks can be sold and monetized in FlipHTML5.

How Does It Work?

FlipHTML5 can be accessed via its web app online, though some premium features can only be accessed in its standalone software. We recommend you get the free software on your computer because it will be easier for getting the work done.

Note: I’m using the Mac version of the software for writing this review.

Once you open the software of FlipHTML5, it looks like this:

Create and Publish Your Flipbooks

Creating a flipbook in FlipHTML5 is super easy. You can start creating the book by importing your PDF files, images, or even plain texts. If you don’t have those at hand, you can also build a blank page within the software and start to put all of the related elements to make your book alive.

This is what the editing interface looks like after you imported a PDF file.

FlipHTML5 provides many different themes. It helps those who don’t have a specific design for their books. You can quickly get professional book designs by applying any of those themes.

In Design Setting, you can make changes to many parts of the book, such as display setting, book margins, page numbers, logo, buttons, etc. These settings allow you to make lots of customizations for your design.

Table of Contents helps bring your readers to where they want to read easier. Here, you just need to write the title, page number, or the URL that you want to bring your readers to.

Bookmark is a useful feature as well. You can list out some key parts from your content and put the markers in those places. The caption of the bookmark, page number, and color can be customized by yourself. Once you set up the bookmarks, they will be shown at the top of the book edge or by the side of the book edge.

Background and Scenes can be used to make changes to the part behind the book. It brings a different visual experience for your readers.

With powerful plugins within FlipHTML5, you can even insert videos into your book. Readers are allowed to play videos in the book. Besides, adding a news ticker to show readers some important notice, adding texts, links, and images to deliver the information in a better way. The slideshow is an excellent solution to display multiple photos in one place.

After editing, it’s time to publish your book in FlipHTML5 online. A link will be available for you to share the publication with other people.

Monetize Your Content

Besides editing and publishing books, premium users can also rely on FlipHTML5 to generate income. There are three ways of monetizing your content. Selling the flipbooks on its cloud platform, displaying ads in your flipbook, or inserting an advertising banner in the background of the flipbook.

When you sell your books in FlipHTML5, readers can only access a few first pages, and the rest part will be unlocked unless they buy your books. The income will go directly to your Paypal account.

Price and Platform Compatibility

FlipHTML5 is available for both Mac and Windows. It also offers an online platform for some simple editing and publishing.

FlipHTML5 is free to use but with limited features. You’ll need to upgrade to paid plans to unlock premium features.

There are four paid plans as of this writing. Pro and Gold plans are at the expense of $15/month and $29/month. The platinum plan ($299/year) unlocks almost all features, besides making a native flipbook app for Andriod. If you are a frequent user, platinum will be the best option. The last plan is the Enterprise plan, $999/year for professional use.

Is FlipHTML5 Worth It?

If you are using FlipHTML5 to make beautiful ebooks for branding and marketing, make e-catalogs for your products, or make magazines for your subscribers, FlipHTML5 is definitely worth investing in. If you don’t need many editing features, FlipHTML5 is still an excellent tool to convert your PDF files to flipbooks.

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